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In the Name of God بسم الله

Favourite Fruit?

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lychees are grown on farms? :o

Yeah, on trees, like this. I have them.


can i have sum lychees then :unsure: free fresh from farm ( 4 f's ) :D

Yeah sure. Jahaz te beh ke aa ja. Fer lychiyan hi lychiyan :angel:

No one likes dates? o.o

I do, both the fruit and other kind. I just had a couple of massive Ajwa dates that my friend brought from Saudia.

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These are also delicious tropical fruits. Haven't eaten them for a long time.







Mangosteens are also delightful. I find these in the same store in Montreal China Town where I find durians.

Only problem is they go for about $15 a pound - about $1 each for a fruit a small child can eat in one bite. Yikes! My daughter, in particular, the last time I bought a bag, would scarf one down and immediately ask for another. A tad rich for my blood except as a rare treat.

But my oh my, wonderful.

Was finally able to find guavas in a Montreal supermarket after a few years looking. (Had been fascinated by the flavor from Rubicon juice boxes) Very fragrant, very full of flavor.

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