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In the Name of God بسم الله

Terrorism In Islam

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this issue has been bugging me for quite some time and it makes me so angry when muslims are depicted as terrorists even though it quite the opposite, that is, that we are getting terrorised. it just made me realise how stupid people are to believe that!

you see, if they would stop and think for one second that how can muslims be terrorists when the bombs and attacks are all occuring in muslim countries such as iraq, pakistan etc. and that muslims are the target, specifically shias???

furthermore, the only event that was a major attach against non muslims was 9/11, and even then, muslims also died in that event. but why cant people SEE that? its so obvious and it just makes me wonder why the non-muslims hate us when we are the ones getting killed?!

somebody please enlighten me because i dont understand, i dont understand what America and Israel have against muslims, i dont understand what the Wahabis have against shias! why are they trying to create hate between the sunnis and shias, and between the muslims and non muslims? its not like there is a great war coming up and they are trying to weaken the enemy or that there is a prize for the most powerful or most conniving force! plus, the world was pretty stable before the terrorism issue come up after 9/11, the muslims werent seeking power so America had nothing to fear, so why strike all of a sudden?

everyone knows the 9/11 was just a ploy that America pulled so that they have something to pin on the muslims. AS IF some random idiot could out-smart American security and hijack a plane!

but the question remains - why?

why all of a sudden the muslims were depicted as a threat?

i hate politics, but this issue really bugged me!


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I don't think you get it bro.

Muslims are the new Communists.

Anytime there is competition against a certain group or entity, you always have to throw the scapegoat card.

When they couldn't fight communist intellectuals and their working peasants, they tried to use violence and force to terminate them.

We saw what they did to Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East to those people.

So today, Islam is no different from Communism.

Muslim nations produce a lot of brilliant minds, look at Iran and the nuclear situation. Iran produces thousands of scientists.

Why not destroy Iran?? There would be no competition between the Western World and Iran and other rival nations.

It is toward the benefit of fascist form of capitalism that DOESN'T want friendly competition.

Some like Jimmy Carter era U.S. and I believe Grover Cleveland, want friendly clean competition among the nations, we can say the same about Turkey, Iran, and other nations, that want friendly competition through hard work and intelligence.

Others like U.S. Israel, Western Europe etc. do not want that. They want to hold all the power and wealth of the world for themselves.

So they want to give Muslims a hard time.

The past's communism is today's terrorism.

I suggest you ignore these intolerant elements of society.

Best wishes.

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