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In the Name of God بسم الله

How Many Daughters Did The Prophet Have?

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I really appreciate @Nader Zaveri 's effort..and i consider it disrepectful to Rasool e akram(saww) by rejecting his three daughters.

I dont know why Hazrat Umama (ra) is neglected today..She was the second wife of Hazrat ALi(as), He married her according to Hazrat Fatima(sa)'s will...

I read in some book that after shahadat of Imam Ali(as), Mughaira bin Nofal bin HAris bin ABdulmuttalib married her. SHe bore a son to him too..IS this authentic? and can a widow of an imam remarry..? as it is famous that Umme Ishaq binte talha taimi , wife of Ima Hasan(as) , got married to Imam HUsain(as) after his death? @Nader Zaveri and @Haydar Husayn please shed some light on this issue..

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