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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Cary Grant

Arizona State Uni, Tempe

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Hey guys,

Im wanting to do a bit of research about Arizona Sate Uni at Tempe. Is there anyone here that is/has going/gone there? Or know much about the uni and surrounding areas?

If you know of halal food joints and stuff that would be helpful too.


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I LOVE ASU!!!!!! I lived in Tempe for 3yrs and a half, and I went to that uni.. it's like my true home there!!!

what major r u gona study there?


I really enjoyed it while I was there.. it's the typical American uni system, but there r so many options for classes well unless u r in the design skol! :P

u can get info abt most professors on rate my professor . com, but don't take it 2 seriously.. u can just register for classes, and check em out the 1st week, and if u hate em u can just drop em in the 1st week

the shia community in Tempe

is AMAZING! they r so sweet, so kind, so loving.. Almahdi center in particular..and they finally renovated the center.. too bad I missed the new one!

there r a good # of halal places there

they used to serve the best shwaram and princess in Mesa which is like 5mints drive from tempe

they had this YUMMMMY kabab place I don't remember its name

of course bazz.. a bit gehto but good for shopping and getting halal meats.. it's in phoenix.. close to it as well..

u can find em all in zabiha website not sure of it, but yah it's halal zbiha or something


is mainly HOT HOT HOT! like u'd feel ur flesh melting in the summer days, but the life there is so refreshing! :D

winter is SOOO LOVELY there.. the weather is just perfect!


u get the weirdos sometimes.. BUT mainly ppl r smiling and happy.. altho am not 2 sure how happy after that stupid law abt Mexicans.


there r sooo many options.. u can live in the dorms, but OMG the rooms r so tiny.. never lived there but seen em :wacko:

you can get a nice studio or whatever size flat u want.. u can just search online in rent.com or go there and check things out..


getting a car will be expensive, esp with the limited ASU parking..

ASU has these free blue free buses and the bigger white and pink buses (maybe they changed the colors now :P ) so u can live an area with the free buses.. ALSO! all students get a free pass for the city buses

they have this new almost like a tram system, but it passes a limited area

for fun u can do many things!! :D


the malls r nice.. Arizona mills is a BIIIIG outlet for cheaper stuff, but yah a bit gheto, but nice :D

Chandler and Scottsdale malls r fancier and more expensive

there is the BIG one.. market place, which is an open mall.. they have a HUGE cinema there


they have few nice places, and they also have a small game room in ASU that has boweling in the MU (memorial union) >> it should be there still :P


in ASU there is the Muslim student association MSA>> it's mainly sunnies, but the shia kids participate in it

and I think the shia kids started a group 2 called it humanity or something


ASU is big on all these groups there.. and there r soooo many causes group, and u can find loads them on FB.. and some do really coooool events.


AZ has sooo many volunteering activities in ASU, in AlMahdi center, and in the city itself (project CURE and much more)


they have a big student gym in ASU, and it was cheap as I remember.. there r so many gyms all over AZ, but the cheapest would be the ASU one

Extra Extra classes

there r free or supper cheap classes in Tempe's public library, and they have SO many really cool classes abt almost everything!

Sight seeing

OMG SEDONA is so beautiful, and it's 2hrs drive ;) plus yah the grand canyon

oh how I miss it there.. oh well maybe I'll get to go bk one day! :)

I think I kinda covered it all :P feel free to ask me if u have any questions! :yaali:

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Wa alikum alsalam,

I found two masijds and an islamic center in Arizona state, here is their addresses:

Alrasool Mosque

5302 N. 35th Ave. Phoenix AZ 85017

Telephone: (623) 882-5390

Masjid Jauharatul-Islam

102 West S. Mountain Ave. Phoenix AZ 85041

Telephone: (602) 268-6151

Al-Mahdi Center

1016 S. River Dr. Tempe, AZ 85281

Telephone: (480) 557-9699

Website: www.almehdi.net

I don't know if any of these mosques near Arizona State University, but you can make sure of this.

I hope this helps.

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Is there a Shia organization or a club at ASU? and if not, do you encourage us to start one? My main purpose is to get people to know Ahlulbayt more, and prove some misconceptions about islam, especially since the world has an unpleasant view on islam. I want to know what you guys think, and if you think its a great idea id surely need help starting this organization/club. My best friend's dad is the owner of Alanwar tv and hussainiat Alkarbaliya in Kuwait, and my family would be more than happy to fund us. By we don't have to worry about the financials and would have more options on the events.  

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On 8/23/2017 at 6:46 AM, Ammar Alansari said:

Is there a Shia organization or a club at ASU?

Salam. Yes, there is a Shia organization at Arizona State University. They have a facebook group. 


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