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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Whatever Sahaba Asked/said Went Into Quran !?

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I was watching this YouTube video and an Arabic priest was citing numerous Hadiths which said that whenever the companians put forth an opinion of something or asked about something or said something ... It would go into the quran .. And the priest was like this is very peculiar .. :/

for example, he said, when a companian said "tabarakallaho ahsanul khaliqeen" It went into the Quran chapter 23

also he quotes a Hadith which had a companian putting for an opinion concerning the Prophets wives and this apparently went into surah tahrim verse 5 ...

I'll try find the hadiths but please do tell me how authenticate these hadiths are and does this priest have any validity in what he says?.....

W salam

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No way.

Qu'ran, from cover to cover is the word of God and God alone. What you might be confusing yourself with is, that when certain incidents occured when his sahabah r.a came to to him s.a.w and asked him about an issue, verses may have been revealed because as you know, the qu'ran was revealed to the people part by part during the life time of the prophet s.a.w - otherwise, the verses are none other than Allah s.w.t's words

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those kind of hadiths do exists , are false hadiths and meant only to rais up the status of that sahabi for some sociopolitical purposes

fabrikated hadiths


Funny how even insulting Allah and the Prophet (pbuh) is ok if it means elevating the sahaba.

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According to the Sunni version of history you would think Umar should have been the last messenger, such were the number of times he preempted a revelation or corrected the Prophet (pbuh). And then you have Abu Bakr who supposedly only just lost a footrace to the prophethood, or however that story is supposed to go. But Imam Ali (as), born and raised in Islam, with the best possible teacher and with the best possible wife, is even inferior to someone like Uthman.

Amazing how history can be rewritten in this way.

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