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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Wahabi/shia Black Magic

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Salaam Brothers and Sisters Inshallah you are all in the best of health and imaan in this blessed month of ramathan.

I am very new to this site and actually only joined about an hour ago after reading the reviews.

I am hoping that somebody will be able to help me with a situation/topic that has arisen.

Basically i have been brought up as a shia muslimah with strong values and an amazing family mashallah and i grew up in a very cohesive setting with regular attendances to masjid and a vried circle of friends/peers of all sects and creeds.

Recently for work and study commitments i have had to relocate and am living alone temporarily away from my family. I have moved to a small asian community which is the complete oposite of where i am used to. There are no arabs and no shia people there and i have even been prevented from attending masjids as apparantly in these areas it is not acceptable for women to enter.

I had not settled in properly however i had made a few close friends however these friendships were suddenly broken when the girls found out i was shia.

A very worrying situation has now developed, one of the people i was onece friends with has now got in touch with a 'spiritual healer' and made certain requests about me. I have been forwared emails of this and was completely shocked. The emails request that i be changed from a shia to a sunni and also that i turn my back on my family and also that i fall in love and become obsessed with this persons brother (whom i have only met on a few occasions and never alone). I am from an islamic upbringing and have quite conservative morals so this whole concept disgusted and baffled me aside from the boy/girl issue i have never doubted my beliefs and i ove my family more than anything mashallah.

The response of the 'spiritual healer' was that upon reciept of £700 into his account he would ensure that an object of some sort was posted out to her address that had been in contact with these 'strong spirits', when she recieved this she should throw it into the sea whilst repeating my name 3 times followed by the requests she wants to happen (this also included thing for herself) and apparntly these strong spirits will then get to work on making this all happen. The guy was so certain he even said pay £500 initially and once the girl sees the results she could complete the rest of the payment.

I ma just completely gobsmacked and shocked as well as extremely scared and worried as i have never come across this type of behaviour before alhamdulilah. I actually feel quite embarrased that i do not have an answer for myself and that i am letting myself get so worried. The thing is as i am away from my family at the moment i do feel very worried and concerned about whether to take this seriously i am only 23 years old and am unable to seek advice or opinions from elsewhere at the moment so i guess this is really a plea. I am just wanting anybody if they know what the shia opinion or perspective is on black magic and these 'spiritual healers' in general and also if the things can actually happen and if there is anything i can or should do?? i just want to be able to relax an not have to worry about these little things especially in this holy month and whilst i am away from my family. I have a feeling that these things cannot just happen like that but would like some confirmation or information/advice or experience of anyone PLEASE

this would be greatly appreciated and would set my mind at eaze

sorry for writing so much and Jazakallah khayr brothers and sisters

hope to hear from anyone soon Inshallah

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salaam and welcome to the forum,

You've nothing to worry about, the one here who will be harmed would be the idiot emptying his pocket book for such nonsense. Iman is a gift from Allah, it's not something that some witch doctor can remove from you by milking money out of a fool and saying your name three times and throwing something in the sea.

Read here what one of the great, early scholars of our sect, Ibn Idris al-Hilli in his Kitab as-Sara'ir, has written on the subject:

ومن قامت عليه البينة بالسحر، وكان مسلما وجب عليه القتل، فإن كان كافرا لم يكن عليه إلا التأديب والعقوبة المردعة، لأن ما هو عليه من الكفر أعظم من السحر. ولا حقيقة للسحر، وإنما هو تخيل وشعبذة، وعند بعض المخالفين إن له حقيقة، ولا خلاف بينهم إن تعليمه وتعلمه وفعله محرم، لقوله تعالى: " ولكن الشياطين كفروا يعلمون الناس السحر " (5) فذم على تعليم السحر. وروى ابن عباس أنه قال: ليس منا من سحر أو سحر له، وليس منا من تكهن أو تكهن له، وليس منا من تطير أو تطير له. والرسول عليه السلام ما سحر (1) عندنا بلا خلاف، لقوله تعالى " والله يعصمك من الناس " (2) وعند بعض المخالفين إنه سحر، وذلك بخلاف التنزيل المجيد.

And whoso upon the evidence has been established of sorcery (sihr), and he is a Muslim, his execution is wajib. And if he is a kafir, then there is not upon him but punishment and deterring retribution, for what he is upon of kufr is greater than sorcery. And there is no reality to sorcery, and it is only imagination and sleight of hand. And amongst some of the opponents (i.e. Sunnis) it has a reality. And there is no difference (of opinion) between them that its instruction, and its learning, and its act is forbidden, due to His, ta`ala, saying “but the Satans disbelieved, teaching the people sorcery” so He censured the teaching of sorcery. And Ibn `Abbas narrated that he said “Not from us is one who does sorcery or has sorcery done for him, and not from us is one who does divination or has divination done for him, and not from us is one who augurs or has (an omen) augured for him.” And the Messenger was not bewitched (i.e. had sihr done upon him) according to us with no difference (of opinion), due to His, ta`ala, saying “And Allah will protect you from mankind”. And according to some of the opponents he was bewitched. And that is in opposition to the glorious revelation.

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I agree with Macisaac, fools to have done this. I'ts more psych warfare than anything else. Stay strong and pray lots, keep your faith strong. There are many ways for you to stay in contact with your family, try skype, msn and keep them close always. I have had similar reactions when people have known im interested in the Shi'a faith and not the sunni side, just brush them off and you are way better off without those negative persons around you. Personally i dont believe that such things can harm you if you hold fast to your faith and to God. If possible change your emails and contact information and cut ALL ties with these "people".

Use the internet to find good shia sisters, even if you cant meet for coffee, at least you can chat and find assurance and comfort in them. Pray for your enemies, even if you have done nothing to merit it.

Keep us posted

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JazakAllah! thank you so much to everyone that has responded it has been such a great comfort not only to get that assurance socialyy but also islamically! Allah Kareem! InshAllah if anything this will just strengthen my imaan! again i am so sorry for disturbing everyone with this i know it may of seemed so trivial but it was one of those things that alhamdulilah shukr i had not had to come across until now!

Anyway hopefully i can try to get over this and MashAllah cannot say enough positive things about this site so refreshing and also a bit of a comfort!

Alhamdulilah i am in constant touch with my family but as i come from a big fam even one night apart feels like 100! lol (sad i know) and LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL for the iphone 4 and black magic app!!! yalla it wouldnt surprise me though!

Once again shukran jazeelan!

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Honestly, sounds like you are living in the UK, I suggest you go to the local police station and tell them you are being blackmailed. That should soon sort out the bogus spiritual leader once he gets a visit from the local bobbies.

Don't worry about being alienated as its sounds like you already have been due to your beliefs. Just try and ride out your time where you are till you get back home, Inshallah. These so called 'spiritual leaders' need a good dose of english justice as they are living in a land that has laws and not some lawless village back home.

But as already recommended read the Quran and stay strong in your beliefs sister.

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IT seems to be a prominent thing amongst south Asians.

But sorcery and black magic are not the same thing.

The former is like magicians and birthday parties while the later invokes the aid of jinn.

Either way Nass, falaq, kursi (all three verses) and yaseen are your protection.

And there is no power or strength except in Allah.

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Salam sister..

First of all i wanted to state that i have heard from my elder's, they used to say " People who DO or LET IT BE DONE (Black magic) is a sinner and it's not permisible even for a good sake in our Deen". They used to explaine the reasons as follows. Allah (swt) created human beens and gave them their life. Allah has stated his/hers birth and death dates. But then again has given every human ability to think with mind, and act with heart. Basically we human's are responsible with our thoughts (intentions) and acts (amal's.) By doing a black magic it sounds like (the ones who do it) are measuring their power's againts Allah (swt)'s powers. (auzubillah). The ones who goes and seeks for black magic is "EXPECTING SOMETHING FROM" the black magic do'ers or jinns. (We only have to seek refuge from Allah (swt). When it comes to the white magic. i.e Good magic. Still we are seeking for someone else's help and the person who does white/black magic is just being a big headed trying to act behalf of Allah (swt) (auzubillah). There for if you are a good Muslim (Insh'Allah) and have a strong iman sister. Don't bother your mind with peoples who are dealing with magic and call them self a Muslim. You focus on your own life. (Me personally will suggest that you dont even need friends who are not accepting you as a friend for who you are, Not for what you are). Pray to Allah (swt) for your guidiance, proctection for evil's and evil minded people's bestows. And May Allah (swt) guide all of us Muslim's Ameen.

Note: Every thing is done with Allah's (swt) will. Without Allah's will no human nor magic can harm you sister.

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