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In the Name of God بسم الله

What Did You Have For Sehri...

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Asad Ali Haidry

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OK, Since Ramadhan has begun, I thought we could have a thread and put down what we ate to keep us going for the next 18 Hrs or so:

I had three cheese and toast with Heinz baked Beans, a chappati with some butter on it and I might just sneak in a bowl of Corn flakes and plenty of water :D



What I usually have: plenty of water, cheese sandwhich (with brown bread as it's more filling), bananna, dates, milk and leftover food LOL. Just a reminder to people: don't eat any fish or salty cheese as it will make you extremely thirsty :) By salty cheese I think Iranian cheese fits that category :lol:

Im going to have crisps now... and will have milk later LOL i know its junk food, but oh welll, inshAllah wanna get married by next ramadhan, so my wife can cook sehri for me.

lool Hawraa!! ahem.. I just read that fish thing.. too late nw :P

I had a tuna sandwich.. it didn't even taste like fish.. did it with my special way ;)

then some cake :D


and lool SS.. u want to get married so ur wife makes u shoor! tut tut!

inshallah by next Ramadan, I save enough money to hire a chef!!!! :P

LOOL.. ooh I had cake after Iftar, it was delicious, although I felt sick afterwards :( What is your special way? Share the secret... isit with mayo and sweetcorn LOL

Good old Timman and Marga always does the trick. :D

Some traditional Pakis food...paratha, potatoes and jame shireen...smile.gif

Sweet corn, slice of brown bread, juice, tea, water oh and a paracetamol.

Hmmm...sounds interesting...whats that?

^ awww...why'd you have a paracetamol...feeling well i hope...smile.gif

Jamee shireen is a sherbat sold in Pakistan...see the image below...its like the most refreshing thing ever...


I decided to go a bit healthy! i had 2 toast, a cup of tea, a glass of water, a glass of milk, 2 bananas, and some nuts :D

chocolate orange flavoured protein milkshake, weetabix and 2 bananas, and about a pint of water lol


well im getting myself geared up for 4 slices of wholemeal toast with low fat butter, i'm going to be a bit adventurous and go for a bowl of rice crispies and an orange, apple, grapes and loads of water...

All of you are lucky .. ive got nothing 2 eat for sehri :cry:

Either the food makes me pass wind or its najis or its not even halal !!! :no:

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today I had a sorta healthy shoor! :) apple to get me hungry! coz I was still full.. seriously u can't feel hungry after just like 4hrs! then ate a cream cheese bagel MMMM, a banana AND my yummy berries white tea :) hopefully, I don't starve 2mrw! :!!!:

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I hear honey is good to stop you from feeling thirsty. On Sunday morning, I had soupy noodles and a bottle of water. This morning, I had sushi and a slice of brown toast with margarine and honey and 3/4 of a bottle of water.


I heard the same about yoghurt. :unsure:

Half Paratha with Achaar :wub:

So typically Punjabi :dry:

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