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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Has Any Miracle (mojeza) Happened With Quran N U ?

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ok the reason I ask this is because I can recount so many miracles that I have witnessed with Ahlul Bayt (as) , .... And I'm not talking about YouTube mojezas yh ... In Pakistan this lady I know had her small livingroom dedicated to the ahlul bayt and imams and she had a 'Alam' for each imam , and panjatan pak names and everything was so colourful and beautifully decorated ,

.....on the day of arbaeen last year and after that ...Many Extraordinary things happened which , unfortunately, most of you will not believe even if I swear to Allah (swt) that it really did happen , for example:

1. The Walls leaked of water , the smell of musk ( this has happened in many places, I'm sure you've seen that)

2. Pink petals were suddenly scattered all over the floor , nobody did that , and there's no window in the living room.

3. The alams leaked with honey and musky water .

4. A tasbeeh with the name of Allah and the names of ahlul bayt written in black, suddenly appeared inside a sealed glass ..

5. The portrait of the Kaaba also leaked of musk water and , the portrait shrine of imam Reza (as) leaked too but ALSO a frame suddenly appeared on the picture , which no one could reach .

6. This is the biggest thing ... Suddenly one morning ,Written in sand/mud type on the floor was written in urdu ( I can't remember what it exactly says , but I've got a pic of it , which I'll get) , it said " we are present in this house , hussain, um kulthum , Fatima , MEHDI , (and other blessed members of the ahl bayt, I'll find out) do not move from this house ( can't remeber all of it ) jaferi JINN is doing work for us "

7. The ahlul bayt has been in constant contact ever since , but my heart literally tears apart that nobody will believe, I know how the Prophets felt :/

This is ^^ the greatest thing I've seen in my life and I swear I even got to drink the musky water that was leaking from the alam and the wall ... oh And by the way the room has such a strong beautiful smell that even your clothes get stained with it !

So , has anything miraculous happens with between you and the Quran ? Any physical miracle like above ?

W Salam

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Masha Allah..

Allahumma Salle Ala Mohammad wa Aale Mohammad wa Ajil Farajahum.........

This house is certainly inhabited by awliya Allah and the truest Muhibb of Ahl Al Bayt (as)

its the first for me ....always heard many stories about miracles in the Holy shrines but never before in a house....

I was in Iraq and ALHAMDULILLAH visited all the Holy Shrines and places in the country but never actually witnessed anything as such...

Very hard to believe ...and very unlikely in this day and age where evil has clouded every thing ...

but perhaps its the good people of the world that make it go round day in day out...otherwise it would have stopped all along..

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As far as I know all of the above would be classified as Karamat and not Moajzat(miracle).

A masoom is required for a moajza to take place.

I am sure most of you would have heard about it, and to me it is always the most surreal thing. It is the appearance of blood stains on the tasbih made from the clay of Karbala.

The khak e shifa tasbih that we have in our house every year on ashura near the time of asr the stains start to appear and then they fade away slowly.

To me these are the just small reminders of how mazloom our Imamas.gif was.

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The OP started a new topic called "Ahlul Bayt Mojeza In A House ! Plz Read !"

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