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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Improving My Wife's Hijaab

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Asalam e ilikum,

I believe that gifting her with the attire that you appreciate with a note stating, 'let's go for a change as it'll add spice and variety to the way you dress up' MIGHT work.. Also, giving her subtle hints like , 'you look more beautiful when simple' or ' oh, I really like this hejab of yours..It looks even more nice than glitter or sparkly ones.' ..or maybe, get her a pair of heels that do not make noise [yes, look them up.. im certain u'll find them..] or get her some really smart flats..

Get close to her in her dressing sense.. Compliment her and make her feel comfortable and when u've gained her confidence, maybe u can even tell her straight away that ' I don't wish to sound conservative and I love your modesty and dressing but would appreciate it more if u don't wear sparkly hejab often coz it just attracts attention from other men.. and I wouldn't want anyone to eye my lady. :) ..' .. I'm sure she'll understand.. Pray to Allah that she reacts in a positive way when u tell her so.. I hope it helps.. InshAllah.

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Every woman is different. For me, I told my husband from the onset of our marriage that if I do anything that he does not like or anything to harm my religion then I expect him to tell me. Once in a while he will point out things to me and those times I am glad he did. My hijab, alhumdulillah, is good so I never had to hear about it from him but if he had to tell me to improve it, I would prefer for him to be direct. This is my hereafter that is at stake, so I don't see it as offensive.

So, brother, it all depends on your wife and how she is, whether or not she can receive your advice as sincere advice and not an attack or criticism, or if she needs you to be subtle.

I hope this helps. May Allah make it easy for you both.

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I am a new hijabi and still kinda getting used to it, so I admit I do still wear high heels occasionally, and I don't usually wear flashy hijabs, but I don't wear boring ones either...If my husband suddenly started sayin something about the way I'm wearing it , I admit I'd probably be offended...but that's just because I may feel a little overwhelmed with having to take that extra step so quickly, etc...but I am guessing your wife is not in the same situation as I am, so she may not take it as personally. Just pay attention to her, use your best judgement and approach her about it with LOTS of sensitivity. Explain to her that you feel like maybe she's drawing certain attention to her that makes you uncomfortable or that you feel is innapropriate. Good luck :)

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