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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Quality Of Life List: Baghadad At Bottom

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London outside of 'top 30 cities'

London is the only UK city to have been ranked in a global top 50 for quality of living, but comes in at a lowly 39th spot, a new survey has suggested.

The study was based on factors including crime, political stability, hospitals, transport, food and drink, leisure, climate and personal freedom.

The Mercer Quality Of Living ranking assesses 221 cities to help governments and firms place staff on assignments.

Vienna was ranked at the top of the list for the second year running.

London was followed by Aberdeen at 53rd position, Birmingham at 55, Glasgow at 57 and Belfast at number 63.

Mercer carries out the study to help governments and companies compensate employees fairly when sending them on international assignments.

Baghdad at bottom

The least desirable city of the 221 in the study was the Iraqi capital Baghdad, placed at the bottom of the list due to its lack of safety and stability.

European cities dominated the spots in the index, with Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland in second and third place and the German cities of Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich in sixth and joint seventh place.

Dublin was ranked in 26th place.


# 1. Vienna, Austria

# 2. Zurich, Switzerland

# 3. Geneva, Switzerland

# 4. Vancouver, Canada

# 4. Auckland, New Zealand

# 6. Dusseldorf, Germany

# 7. Frankfurt, Germany

# 7. Munich, Germany

# 9. Bern, Switzerland

# 10. Sydney, Australia Source: Mercer 2010 Quality of Living Survey

Slagin Parakatil, senior researcher at Mercer, said: "As the world economy becomes more globalised, cities beyond the traditional financial centres are emerging as attractive places in which to expand or establish a business.

"Cities in many emerging markets, such as in the Middle East or Asia, have seen a significant influx of foreign companies and their expatriate employees in recent years.

"To ensure their expatriates are compensated appropriately and an adequate hardship allowance is included in their benefits package, companies seek a clear picture of the quality of living in these cities.

"We have reviewed our index to reflect these developments and it now better represents the cities that most interest our clients."

Story from BBC NEWS:


Published: 2010/05/25 23:55:47 GMT


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Thanks a lot. I am not surprised at Baghdad being way at the bottom. It's very difficult living there with no electricity, water and the daily bombings and killing happening everyday. Inshallah it will make its way to the top in the upcoming years.

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I don't think anywhere in Iraq would even be good to live, let's say all the violence ends, the Americans get out...American bombed Iraq with 2000 tons of depleted uranium, the life of depleted uranium is 4.5 billion years, and only becomes more radio active through out the years, 50 000 cases of birth deformations in the 1st year it was used. Cancer rates are increasing in Iraq, DU is contaminating soil, so so food will be very contaminated so will animals, let alone general pollution it causes in the air/ atmosphere, possible bodies of water. I don't think Iraq will ever be a good place to live in not with all that radioactive contamination.

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Did anyone notice the main Germanic nations within that top 10 list?? I think that says a lot about German culture when it comes to the quality of life. Apparently they have something in their culture that adds benefits toward their lifestyle. I do know the areas there are pretty stable and very quiet, so that can play a role, a reduction in stress, noise, crowding etc.

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