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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

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Read this instead. Will be much more beneficial. 


I appreciate it brother, but I will not stop listening to lectures if that is what you meant. May Allah bless their souls, they are guiding hundreds of our youth.

Another tought: Islam is a religion, not Shia or Sunni. I see that most of the people put Shia when asked about religion. How come ?  


For me it is because I want the whole world to know I follow and love the prophet and his holy household. That I follow the true Al-Islam. Islam is as much as a religion as being a shia or sunni. Those are terms that identify your theological position within this religion called Islam.

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Urdu nohas are hypnotic.


I am probably one of the few non-Pakis who really appreciates them.


My favorite is "mera ghar jalay" by Shaheed Ladak.


If you are talking about this noha, it is in Punjabi (of central and northern Punjab).


Although the title of the noha (mera ghar jalaya) is an Urdu phrase, what follows is not.


But I had not heard it before. And it's beautiful. Thanks!




Here is one in Urdu which I love for its poetry, pace and pain. In this the Imam is advising Bibi Zainab on the perilous path that lies ahead.


There is not a noha in Urdu that's so effective, so emotional and so painful. The topic itself, apart from the episode of Bibi Sakina, is the most emotional, for me.




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Peace be upon you oh Abu Abdullilah.

Peace Be upon you oh son of the prophet.

May Allah not make this the last time of our ziarah of you.

Peace be upon you, a master of martyrs, upon the "aqilatu Bani Hashem" (oppressed lady of Bani Hashim) Sayyida Zainab (as) . 

Peace be upon the brother, the sons, the companions and family of the master of martyrs, whose blood was shed for the son of the lady fatima.

Whose broken rib was not what she was crying for on the day when the enemies of God approached the Imam (as) .

Her tears fell for the one whom the Prophet: "Hussain is from me, as I am of Hussain"

Peace be upon Ummal Banneen, the lady who raised her children for the servitude to the Imam of their time

May God eternally curse your enemies, oh family of the prophet.


This beautiful day is nearly upon us. Though it breaks our hearts, we eagerly wait for the whole year. We await this great day with an eagerness that we can never match at any other time of year. Every sincere tear that falls, every sincere piercing wail, every inner movement within our hearts when we hear the poetry and tragedy being recited, is among the best of worships.


May we be like Ummal Banneen (as) who raised her children to sacrifice themselves for the Imam of the time (as)- may we sacrifice ourselves for his movement, and for the sake of our tears, be safe from falling into satan's traps.


Please keep all mumin brs. and sis. in your duas when you raise your hands with your eyes tearful. Remember the oppressed of Bahrain, "Saudi" Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Afganistan, Pakistan- wherever there is a Muslim oppressed, let us pray for them. Let us pray for God to cure the sick, help those in need. To bless all of our maraji, especially the Leader (ha), and protect them. And to free our dear Ayatollah al Nimr, and all other imprisoned mumineen.


By the right of Ali Asghar's blood- oh Allah, accept our duas.




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Here's a speech of a famous Wahhabi scholar from Pakistan who converted to Shia Islam a long time ago. He died in 2009. This is an old video in which he discusses the issue of succession and Imamate, and how Sunni view is so inadequate and contradictory. Good listening for those who can understand it.


Language: Punjabi


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Bismehe Ta3ala,

Assalam Alikum

Yesterday, today, tommorow, and until our dying breath:



Tommorow we renew our alligence to you. In front of our enemies and in front of all the challenges that face us, ya Imam Hussayn we will not bow to oppression, tyranny and injustice. Ya Sayyid As Shuhada2 in the face of all that oppose us we will continue our procession, to show you our love and devotion to what you sacrificed everything for the religion of Rasoul Allah deen al haqq to prevail.


M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah

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