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In the Name of God بسم الله

Why Does Allah Occurred?

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Guest Jebreil



If I ask you the following questions and you answer them, you will find that you already know the answer to your question:

Is Allah (swt) Just or Unjust? -He is Just.

Would the Just God tell all his people about Himself or only some people? - He (swt) will tell everyone.

Would Allah (swt) tell people about Himself in their language and time or someone else's language and time? - He (swt) will talk to them in their own language and appropriate to their time.

In the past, were the nations in close communication or far from each other? - They were far from each other. (NOTE: Today, we are close, due to the internert, transport, etc)

Would Allah (swt) send each nation different Messengers or will He (swt) send only to one nation? - He would send to each nation.

<< This is why the Qur'an says, "and for each people/generation there is a guide." >>

This is the response to your first question - I'm not sure I understood this first question though.

Now, second question:

If Allah (swt) wants to send the Final and Complete Message, does he send it in different languages with different interpretations via different leaders (which may cause disunity), or does he send it on one language, with one interpretation and one leader (which is a unifying factor)? - He (swt) will send it in one language and through one leader.

Will Allah (swt) send it to a place where there is more of a chance of victory or a place where there is less of a chance? - He will send it to a place where there is more of a chance.

Does Allah (swt) know which part of history is best for short-term and long-term victory, or humans? - Allah (swt) knows best.

When we look at history, has Allah (swt)'s choice of place and time been successful or not? (Take a look at the success of Islam despite the many attempts of the enemies) - Allah (Swt) chose wisely to place His religion among the Arabs who were situated between the 2 superpowers, and they quickly took over a lot of land and they have affected history and are continuingto affect civilisation, and is the fastest growing religion.

Now, final question:

Can Allah (swt) force everyone to become Muslim or not? - Yes, He can.

Does Allah (swt) want Man to have Free Will or be Forced without choice? - He (swt) wants them to choose freely.

Therefore, He has sent His messengers to persuade the Free-Will of humans to incline towards Him. He has chosen the best instruments to do this in the best time and place. When people were far from each other, He sent them many messengers, and as they came together in a more globalised connected world, He sent His Final Messenger just before this globalisation so that Islam became ready for the Globalised World. He sent the Qur'an in one place, but He chose Arabia. Why? Because there was more of a chance of spread and victory from there.

Insha'Allah that has been adequate.


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