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In the Name of God بسم الله

Female Support?

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I have a question to ask. You how there is a hadith that says that we should reach the Khurasani or Al-Yamani even if we have to crawl on ice, so does this count for women too? I mean can we leave our houses to join them without telling or seeking approval of our fathers/husbands???

Thank you,

Please do reply.

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Great question. I have also heard such hadith, but I thought it was referring to Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance), but I doubt I am right.

This question, of getting ready for the call is something I struggle with many times. I keep thinking, what if I live too far? what if I am not good enough (meaning I am too attached to dunya)? what if, what if?

My only advice besides seeking advice through a professional (i.e. Shiek!), is to make sure you resemble everything a true believer is. In Speech AND Action. In Appearance AND Heart. In Hardship AND in EASE. Especially in EASE. Now is easy compared to the testing at the time of the coming Imam (as).


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As brother AbdAllah said, please ask your reference point (Marja3).

If I were a wife and my husband is not interested in applying sharee3a (which this one is as it is an authentic hadith and Allah swt orders us to obey the Prophet (pbuh+f), I would ask for divorce.

But as long as you are still married you must never leave the house without permission from your husband explicit or implicit. In this case of not going shopping but leaving maybe for good, the permission must be explicit.

May Allah bless us with the re-apperance soon soon soon soon soon, in sha Allah.



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on the other hand, the 313 will be automatically transported from their beds to the ka'bah (that is, they will not move of their own choice). so perhaps the mahdi will do the asking for them.

islamically, i am not aware of any difference between boys and girls requiring parents permission to go places. as far as i know, neither requires the permission according to sharia. of course, it is morally good to get it and it is respectful to get it, especially if they are dependents.

the marriage issue is about something else

btw if the mahdi comes i would obey his command above anyone else first and i would not bother to ask a marja!

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Salam sister BintAlHoda,

Not if, but when the Imam comes in sha Allah :)

And Imam Al-Mehdi (3Afs) would never contradict Allah's swt orders through the Prophet (pbuh+f) hadith unless the hadith is false.

So please check for us the authenticity of two hadiths.

1) Answer the call of the Imam even if crawling on snow, and

2) If Allah swt allowed someting else to be worshipped beside him (istaghfur Allah) He would have ordered wives to worship their husbands. ?????

I also remeber a hadith about a daughter wants to go to her father's funeral but couldn't get permission from her husband and she was advised to stay at home is better for her Next life.

Sorry I am not a hadith specialist and only hear them from other trustworthy people like you and remember the ones that suits me :)


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