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In the Name of God بسم الله

Islam spread by sword (jihaad)

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So to you Imam Ali did not say "I will establish peace as long as the affairs of the Muslims are at peace"?

I said : Muslims engage in peace when we have to and engage in war when we have to. Where am I contradicting Ali ? They are both general and true statements.

And sure anyone can lead war, that was not my point. But STARTING, meaning, being the cause for the beginning, of a war is not something normal people do. So if I punch you, just like that for no reason, I am now a saint? No.

Horrible example. You assume starting a war is always starting without a good reason. You further prove it by saying " If I punch you like that for no reason ".

Never did I say we have to start wars without reason. Please know the difference between warfare and religion.

Religion is about intent and the reason of the war. Warfare is about strategy, about starting a war first or waiting for the ennemy attack first.

Where in your understanding of Islam is it OKAY to initiate aggression?

The Quran isn't a book on war strategy. Read the Art of War by Sun Tzu to understand when it is okay to initiate aggression.

Is your idea of Islam and the Holy Prophet a man whom sends hordes of followers to attack people for simply not believing what he does? Is this the kind of Prophet you have? That is not the Prophet I was guided to believe in. The Holy Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is much more nobel than you attribute.

My idea of the Holy Prophet is a man who attacked people when it was necessary and who did not attack people when it was not necessary.

This is exactly why you need a Prophet or an Imam. Unless you can be %100 sure they are in attack mode, can you truly attack?

No. You need a good leader, good spies and truthful information.

Let us take your example and give it life. I am gathering my buddies in my house, they each are bringing buddies and are armed. Someone gives you information I am about to attack YOU. You ask me, I say we are not going to attack, this is a private matter. You talk to your source again, he assures you that I am going to attack you. What will you do?

You think I'm stupid enough to ask you and trust you ? I trust my source and my spies in your village, not you.

If I was in your shoes, I would not attack first. but if you were a Prophet, and Allah let you know what is in my heart, and that I intended to attack you, then if you attack first it would be in retaliation NOT in beginning.

Being a Prophet or an Imam does not guarantee victory. Allah did not reveal to the Prophet the truth about the enemy's plan everytime before a battle. Muslims lost battles aswell.

The Quran is a book for mankind, it allowed war for mankind, not just for Prophets.

Inshallah my example is clear


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