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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Nabiyon ki zindagi hey paseena Husain ka

Zulm-o-sitam ki mout hey jeena Husain ka

Keh do yazeediyon se kay ab apnay din ginein

Aghaz ho raha hey maheena-e-Husain ka


Mujhay agar koi gham hey tou bas yehi gham hey

Gham-e-Husain ziyada hey aur zindagi kam hey


Aaya idhar yeh naam udhar aankh tar hui

Paani ko abhi bhi pyar hey kitna Husain se


Muharram ki soghat phir rulanay aai hey

Palkon per rukay aansu phir bahanay aai hey

Kitni chahat hey dil mein Karbala ki

Lo azadaron ye tumhein phir azmanay aai hey


Barish na samajh is ko aey banda-e-momin

Arsh ko maloom hey gham-e-Husain qareeb hey


Waqar-e-Deen-e-Khuda hey Husain ka matam

Paygambaron ne kiya hey Husain ka matam

Zamana laakh mukhalif ho ruk nahi sakta

Kay Fatema ki Dua hey Husain ka matam

Yazeed is se bari aur kiya hey teri shikast

Key teray ghar mein bapa hey Husain ka matam

Khuda Rasool Farishtay Imam sab hain wahan

Jahan kaheen bhi bapa hey Husain ka matam

Khabar nahi hey ye fatwa farosh mufti ko

Ali kay ghar se chala hey Husain ka matam


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