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best islamic clothing webstore

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Hi friends, this is Zaramalik from the Gulf. I would like to provide a valuable piece of information that would be beneficial to the modern day Muslim woman who loves to dress in style. The traditional blacks and browns were really getting to me and my decision to go in for a change of wardrobe is what got me online. Most sites however, provide only for traditional colors and designs which did not appeal to me. I feel a young girl with a mind of her own, needs clothes that reflect her personality. That is when I came upon the site, a blessing in disguise, this was recommended by a close friend of mind who had made a purchase from here and is a satisfied customer. Deciding to check this one out too, I was in for a surprise when I found so many vibrant bold colors and beautiful work to add to its beauty. I got myself two dresses, one for regular wear and the other a party wear Abaya that I have saved for a special occasion

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I found a post of hers similar to this on another forum where she links to this: http://www.islamic-attire.com/prod_page.php?prod_id=1247993963 . so that is probably the store.

Also i am not a stalker, i thought maybe her name was the name of the store and she was here to advertise so i googled and stumbled across that.. lol.

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A bit expensive, though nowadays this is considered "cheap". I just want to say that is incorrect to sell anything charging 100% more than the original price. There was a hadith about this. Imam Ali gave 1000 coins to someone and told him to make some business with them. That guy returned and said: I won the 1000 with the 1000. Imam Ali told him it was a shame to charge the 100% of the price to the muslim ummah. I'm not saying you are charging 100%, but it seems probable.

And as a note: this is a store for muslim people.



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Thanks for the information.

My review - not my style, however prices are fairly average for an online shop. Not too keen on the non-hijabi model. If you're selling Islamically appropriate clothing, surely a hijabi or a mannequin would be better suited. Anyway, check it out for yourself and form your own opinions. These are just mine.

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