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In the Name of God بسم الله

He became only 30 years, killed by a motorcycle.

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Sad story.

It is weird though. Their parents spent half their lives raising him up, feeding him, expecting him to become successful in life, earn money. Then wham, he is dead and back to wherever God sent us here from.

Is life really worth all the effort?

Getting up every day, and performing daily tasks just seems incredibly pointless to me, I hate what the world has come to, I think it's safe to say that I've completely lost faith in humanity, people are so incredibly stupid, what's the point in living if you're just going to be working your whole life? what makes it worth all the hard work? so far the world sucks, I don't think it's going to get any better.

I think that 30 year old person is now in a better place, the sooner we leave this place the better. only the good die young and [Edited Out]s live on forever.

May Allah grant him heaven.

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(bismillah) (salam)

He got killed in an traffic-accident in Iran.

He became only 30 years.

Please pray for my "sisters" son,

and for their family, Inshallah

Tasliat arz mikonam

I will pray for him. I am going to be praying tahajjud tonight (namaz e shab) i will remember him and his family. If you want to you can tell me his name and i will recite Surah Yaseen for him as well.

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sorry to hear that. inna lillah wa inna ilayhi rajioun.

Sad story.

It is weird though. Their parents spent half their lives raising him up, feeding him, expecting him to become successful in life, earn money. Then wham, he is dead and back to wherever God sent us here from.

Is life really worth all the effort?

whether we die at 30 or 90 or 120, our life is short. the purpose of life isn't to be successful and earn money, the purpose of life is to educate and purify our soul and everything else we do is part of that goal. if we see the goal of life as material (money, fame, etc) then there will seem to be no purpose in life because it does not follow us to the next world. it may go to our descendants or family but they will die too. this is why some people who live only for material things get very depressed, because they wake up one day and realize it was a fallacy and they were living for nothing.

however if we see the purpose of life as a training ground to prepare ourselves for the next life then it is much more purposeful.

a child is an amanah from god, parents raise them no matter what but god decides how long we stay here.

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Kullo Nafsin Zaikatul Mout…..Every soul must taste death.....Sura-e-Ankaboot 29:57

Inna Lillahey Wa Inna Elaihey Rajioon…..Indeed we are from Allah and indeed to Him we will return…..Sura-e-Baqara 2:156

Maula Rasoolallah SAWAW says:

You have not been created to perish, but to remain forever. You only transfer from one home to another when you die.

Maula Rasoolallah SAWAW says:

One of the qualities that purify the heart is to acquire a kafan.

Maula Ali ASWS says:

Death will defeat you in life, and you will defeat life through death.

Maula Husain ASWS said to his companions on the day of Ashura:

Death is nothing but a bridge over which you pass from this world of distress and affliction towards a vast heaven of eternal bliss. Who amongst you does not like to migrate from the (worldly) prison to the (heavenly) palace? And as for your enemies, it is like migrating from the palace towards the prison.

Maula Sajjad ASWS says:

Allah has said - I do not hesitate in any order except the death of a believer. He/she dislikes death and I do not like displeasing him/her. Therefore, when the time of death comes, Allah sends two angels to the believer - one is called Muskhiya and the other Munsiyya. Muskhiya makes the person generous (encouraging him/her to leave everything behind) and Munsiyya makes him/her forget the world. The angel of death (Izraeel) then arrives to remove the soul.

Maula Jafar-e-Sadiq ASWS says:

Death is like a fragrant breeze. However, if the sins have not been cleansed then death is painful.

Whatever a Momin suffers at the time of death, it is for the purpose of cleansing him/her from sins so that he would come into the hereafter pure and unblemished deserving the eternal reward of Allah without any obstacle between him/her and the reward.

Who so ever is subjected to the questioning in the grave, is also squeezed in the grave.

Almighty Allah bless the departed soul and grant eternal peace in Heaven, and give courage to the family to bear this irreparable loss, in sadqa of Muhammad-o-Aal-e-Muhammad ASWS, Aameen.

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Ina lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon...May Allah give his family members the strength and patience, to bear this difficult time BTW, can I know his father's name?

To Abdullah:

586. It is not permissible to give a Kafan which is najis, or which is made of pure silk, or which is woven with gold, except in the situation of helplessness, when no alternative is to be found.

587. It is not permissible to give Kafan made of hide or skin of a dead Najis animal, in normal circumstances. In fact, even the skin of a dead Pak animal, or Kafan made of wool or fur from the animal whose meat is haraam to eat should not be used in normal circumstances. (By the term 'dead' is meant an animal who has not been slaughtered according to Shariah). But Kafan made of wool, fur or skin of a slaughtered halal animal can be used for the purpose. However, it is a recommended precaution to avoid them.


576. The body of a dead Muslim should be given Kafan with three pieces of cloth: a loin cloth, a shirt or tunic, and a full cover.

577. * As a precaution, the loin cloth should be long enough to cover the body from the navel up to the knees, better still if it covers the body from the chest up to the feet. As a precaution, the shirt should be long enough to cover the entire body from the top of the shoulders up to the middle of the calf, and better still if it reaches the feet. As a precaution, the sheet cover should be long enough to conceal the whole body, so that both its ends could be tied. It's breadth should be enough to allow one side to overlap the other.

578. The wajib portion of the loin cloth is that which covers from navel up to the knees and wajib portion of a shirt is that which covers from the shoulders up to the middle of the calf of the legs. Whatever has been mentioned over and above this is the Mustahab part of the Kafan.



Basim Ali Jafri

Edited by Basim Ali
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