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In the Name of God بسم الله

Anyone a fan of Apple? like Mac, iPhone, iPod?

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I have loved the iPhone since it was released. What a great piece of hardware. That was my very first exposure to Apple products. Recently I started looking into the Macs and the OSX Operating system and I was sold. They are expensive new but I was able to get a great deal on a used Macbook (a laptop).

Ever since then I am really in love. This is SO much better than Windows and the hassle of PCs! Hahaha now I sound like am I trying to sell you a product :P

But PCs are still much cheaper, more compatible, and better for Gaming. I have found some Islamic software on the OSX, but nothing really special. But I can run Windows as a virtual machine inside the Mac using a free open-source app called Virtual Box. Which not has me focusing on programming Islamic software for the Mac OSX after I get a good grip on the iPhone.

Anyone else here got an opinion to share?

Btw, if you live in the US or Canada and would like to know how you can get an iPhone for very little money, let me know.

Note: I am now working on a iPhone app that will use the accelerometer to figure out where you are in Salat. The App will speak at check points to let you know how far you are in prayer. I think it is a great idea, but can you give me feedback?


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Brother AbdAllah,

The Application may sound exciting at first but when you think about it it actually interferes with the communication you trying to establish with Allah (remember waq3 al-layl ashed) because it is very quite and brings you nearer to Allah swt.

I once saw in Lebanon my father-in-law using a Turba with mechanical counter inside as you do sijood it increments its counter so you would know where you are and the funny thing it was made in China :) Needless to say the whole thing was distruction to his prayers.

This is the same kind of facility that mobile phones do to society but in fact the purpose is to disintegrate it and make us individuals not groups.

Think of the social effects before commencing... and may Allah guide us all to His Light in sha Allah.


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I like Apple a lot. I got a black 30 GB iPod for my 13th bday and my sis came home a few weeks after my 16th bday (with my present) and goes "SURPRISE!" and sticks a metallic red, 16 GB nano in front of my face.

I was like, holy freaking cow. :o This is the NEW nano. Wow (I kept saying that a lot after I saw it). I was amazed to see it had a video cam, FM radio, a fitness thing, etc...

Anyways, Apple is really good in their technology - the iPods run nicely/efficiently, and I've never had any problems except for the one time my black iPod 'froze' but that was easy to fix - I just 'toggled' the switch as instructed and it went back to normal in a few seconds.

And by the way, I had no idea there was a company called Banana. :huh:

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