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Four attacks in a single day

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LAHORE: Terrorists attacked three buildings across Lahore, leaving 20 people, including five attackers, dead and 29 injured, officials told DawnNews.

A group of terrorists attacked the Manawan Police Academy, a building of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Elite Police Academy almost simultaneously.


Thirteen terrorists attacked the Elite Police Academy in Bedian, near Lahore, Police Commissioner Khusro Parvez told DawnNews. Seven people were critically injured, as security forces were engaged in exchange of fire with the attackers for over four hours.

After attacking the building, the terrorists took an unknown number of people hostage but they have now been released. According to SSP Operations Shafique Gujjar, five militants were killed in the commando operation, which has now ended and security officials are clearing the building.

Seven people were injured in the Bedian attack. out of the 13 terrorists involved, three were females, said an official.


Police officials told DawnNews that the attack on the FIA building killed seven people, four of whom were government employees while one was a police soldier. The operation has now been called off and security officials are clearing out the building. An unconfirmed number of injured people have been shifted to nearby hospitals. A suicide jacket was also recovered from the FIA building.


At the Manawan Police Academy, a number of terrorists entered the building and launched grenade and suicide attacks. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up while five police soldiers were also killed and over a dozen of them were injured. A gun-battle between security officials and terrorists went on for almost two hours as two blasts went off. Police officials say that the operation is now over and security officials are clearing out the building.

Hospital sources told DawnNews that seven dead bodies were brought to the Ganga Ram hospital, of which one was of the suicide bomber. Names of those killed in the FIA attack are, Zaheer Afzal, Syed Iqramul Haq, Mubashir Siddique and Rana Farooq and Shahzain Younus (police inspectors).

While speaking to reporters Interior Minister Rehman Malik said the militants came from Punjab. ‘They are involved in guerrilla war. First they were active in NWFP, now they are engaged in Punjab. They are terrorists paid to destabilise Pakistan,' Malik said.

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PESHAWAR, Pakistan: At least ten people were killed and several others wounded when a car bomb exploded near the Cantt Police Station in the northwestern Pakistani town of Kohat, police officials said.

'It was a suicide attack,' district police chief Dilawar Bangash said.

The bomber ploughed his car into the outer wall of the police station in the town of Kohat, he said, adding that the building was badly damaged. 'Some school children are among the dead,' another policeman at the scene added. Some 20 others have also been wounded. The toll may go up, another police official, Fazle Naeem, added.

Kohat is an area close to the militant-riddled tribal regions.

Pakistan has suffered a string of suicide attacks in the past two weeks that have killed more than 100 people. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for most of the assaults and warned of more if the army proceeds with an offensive in their main stronghold in South Waziristan tribal region. –Agencies

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4:15PST Just another Blast in Gulshan Rehman Colony, Peshawar, casualties feared

The Pakistani army cannot surrender to the Taliban due to these attacks, or else the Taliban can use the further threat of violence to get what they want. Best thing its to hit back hard against the Taliban.

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The Pakistani army cannot surrender to the Taliban due to these attacks, or else the Taliban can use the further threat of violence to get what they want. Best thing its to hit back hard against the Taliban.

The government is not going to put up with this terrorism anymore. They have booted terrorists out of Swat. Now the army is preparing to launch a full scale ground offensive in South Waziristan, another stronghold of Taliban. The Talibran have their supply networks stretching down to places in Southern Punjab, including D.G.Khan, Rajanpur, Bahawalpur etc. A clean up operation there is also much needed. This isn't going to go on forever. We have had enough of this in the last few years.

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The chain of terrorism by Taliban will not remain in particular areas.Now they are every where and can start their activities any moment.Law enforcing agencies should have to plan more than putting barriers on doors.When there are homes in every city and every town of those whose atleast one member has been to Jihad in Afghanistan so how long will you wait for them to start gorrilla jang for sake of jannat for which they were trained .Let's hope for good.

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Pakistan needs to get rid of these terrorist, these people have damaged Pakistan a lot. The problem is whenever any operation against terrorists is started, the political parties start to take advantage from the situation and start talking against the operation, turn peoples minds against the government. Well..let's hope that soon Pakistan gets rid of these terrorists.

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Blast at CIA police station in Peshawar Friday, 16 Oct, 2009 1:50 pm 357_news_image.jpg PESHAWAR : 12 people including a woman and a child have been killed and 15 injured when a bomber rammed an explosive laden car into CIA police station near Swati Phatak in Peshawar on Friday, Aaj News reported. DSP Pervez Khatak is also among the injured.

Helicopters are hovering over the affected area.

The dead bodies and injured are being shifted to nearby Lady Reading hospital.

According to Edhi sources 16 people died in the blast.

IG NWFP Malik Naveed said that police was chasing the car when the bomber rammed it into the CIA building.

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Well that was wrong and this is wrong as well.

Waziristan operation is on.

ISLAMABAD: More than 30,000 Pakistani soldiers launched a much-awaited ground offensive in an al-Qaeda and Taliban stronghold along the Afghan border early Saturday, officials told The Associated Press.

Four soldiers were killed and 12 others wounded during clashes in Waziristan the army said. Meanwhile nine militants have so far been killed in the operation.

'The army has launched an operation after receiving orders from the government. The operation was launched early in the morning. Both air and ground troops are taking part,' Major General Athar Abbas told AFP.

The offensive in South Waziristan follows months of air strikes intended to soften up militant defences that have also forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee.

South Waziristan is a key base for foreign and national militant groups planning attacks on American and Nato targets in Afghanistan and beyond. The US is racing to send in night-vision goggles and other equipment to aid the latest operation.

The region is remote and mountainous. It has a leaky border with Afghanistan and fiercely independent tribes who have long resisted government interference. With winter snows just weeks away, the army has limited time to pursue a major ground attack there, and even if it does manage to wipe out its intended targets, it’s unclear whether troops will occupy the area or for how long.

The officials Saturday – two with intelligence, three with the government and one senior army official – gave few details but said the troops were pursuing militants holed up in the region, including in major trouble spots such as Ladha and Makeen towns.

The army has sent more than 30,000 troops to the region to participate in the combat, said one of the intelligence officials. He said the ground forces were attacking from different directions while helicopter gunships and other aircraft also were bombing various sites.

The military already has said it already has sealed off many supply and escape routes.

All the officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information or because they did not have authority to release it to media on the record.

In a previous interview with AP, army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said the assault would be limited to slain Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud’s holdings – a swath of territory that stretches roughly 3,310 square kilometres.

The plan is to capture and hold the area where Abbas estimates 10,000 insurgents are headquartered and reinforced with about 1,500 foreign fighters, most of them of Central Asian origin. ‘There are Arabs, but the Arabs are basically in the leadership, providing resources and expertise and in the role of trainers,’ he said.

Taliban spokesmen could not immediately be reached for comment Saturday.

Communications in and around the region appeared jammed, making it difficult to reach local residents or other witnesses.

The army expects the militants to use guerrilla tactics including ambushes, suicide attacks and roadside bombs.

Despite sometimes rocky relations with the Pakistani military, the US is trying to rush in equipment that would help with mobility, night fighting and precision bombing, a US Embassy official told The Associated Press in a recent interview, speaking on condition of anonymity because the issue is politically sensitive.

In addition to night-vision devices, the Pakistan military has said it is seeking additional Cobra helicopter gunships, heliborne lift capability, laser-guided munitions and intelligence equipment to monitor cell and satellite telephones.

The army has considered the weather in the timing the offensive. Snows in the region could block major roads. At the same time, a harsh winter could work to the army’s advantage by driving fighters out of their unheated mountain hideouts.


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It's really good that the people of Pakistan are, overall, against the Taliban and their ridiculous ideologies. That alone is the reason why Pakistan will win this battle against those barbarians.

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