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Stop Target killing of Shiite Community

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"And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah: 'They aredead.' Nay, they are living, though ye perceive (it) not. (The NobleQuran, 2:154)"

"Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way asdead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of theirLord. They rejoice in the Bounty provided by Allah: And with regard tothose left behind, who have not yet joined them (in their bliss), the(Martyrs) glory in the fact that on them is no fear, nor have they(cause to) grieve. They glory in the Grace and Bounty from Allah, andin the fact that Allah suffereth not the reward of the faithful to belost (in the least). (The Noble Quran, 3:169-171)"

Year 2009

Apr 05, CHAKWAL: Suicide bomber killed 26, injured 40 in Chakwal

Feb 20, DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Suicide attack on Shia funeral procession, 30 Shia dead

Feb 19, DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Imambargah caretaker Sher Zaman shot dead

Feb 05, DERA GHAZI KHAN: Suicide attack on Al-Hussainia mosque, 30 Shia dead

Year 2008

Jan 17, PESHAWAR: Suicide attack during Majlis killed 12 Shia dead and injured 25 in Mirza Qasim Baig

Year 2007

Apr 18, FAISALABAD: Religious scholar Fazal Alvi and driver killed on Jail Rd

Apr 11, KARACHI: Top leadership of Sunni Tehrik among 50 killed by suicide bomber in Nishtar Park

Apr 06, KARACHI: Allama Hasan Turabi escapes bid on life in a bomb blast

Feb 09, HANGU: 41 died in two bomb blasts on Ashura mourners, violence

Feb 05, TANK: Bomb blast in procession injured seven

Year 2005

Sep 14, QUETTA: Ejaz Hasan and Ayaz Ali shot dead in Sariab area

May 30, KARACHI: 2 terrorists among 5 killed in attack on Imambargah Madinatul Ilm in Gulshan-i-Iqbal

May 27, ISLAMABAD: Suicide blast at Bari Imam shrine killed 20

March 19, FATEHPUR: 45 killed in blast at shrine of Pir Syed Rakheel Shah in Gandava

March 15, LAHORE: Mufti of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi arrested in plot to kill President Gen Musharraf

March 8, KARACHI: Excise official Naqi Abbas Naqvi shot dead in Gulbahar

February 18, QUETTA: Two 'suicide bombers' of Lashkar-i-Jhangvi killed near Ashura procession

January 8, GILGIT: Shia leader Agha Ziauddin and 2 bodyguards killed

Year 2004

December 29, DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Afeef Abbas Shah advocate shot dead near Court

December 26, CHIRTAL: Two killed and 5 vehicles set on fire at Agha Khan Health Service

October 10, LAHORE: Suicide bomber killed 3 Shias at Jamia Masjid Kashmirian in Mochi Gate

October 1, SIALKOT: 31 Shias killed, 50 wounded in Zainabia mosque blast

September 25, QUETTA:DSP Nisar Kazmi and 3 others shot dead in Wahdat Colony

September 11, QUETTA: Educationist Prof Syed Attique Hassan Naqvi shot dead

June 26, LAHORE: Pir Binyamin Rizvi, driver and body guard shot dead near Punjab University New Campus

June 14, QUETTA: LJ/SSP activist, involved in attacks on Shias in Quetta, Dawood Badini arrested

June 14, KARACHI: Mastermind of attacks on Ali Raza/Haydri Mosques, LJ/SSP activist, Gul Hasan arrested in Karachi

June 6, MULTAN: Shia Gynaecologist Dr Suraiya Nisar shot dead in DG Khan

May 31, KARACHI: 25 Shias died in Ali Raza mosque bombing: 38 injured

May 24, MULTAN: Shia activist Haji Nazir Hussain Magsi killed in Muzaffargarh

May 20, JHANG: Attempt to burn a Shia Imambargah by a mob of 40 near Jhang in Kotwali

May 14, LAHORE: Shia family of 6 shot dead in Mughalpura

May 7, KARACHI: 26 Shias died in Sindh Madressatul Islam mosque bombing: 98 injured

April 16, LAHORE: Lashkar-i-Jhangvi militant wanted in Daniel Pearl murder case arrested

March 2, QUETTA: 48 Shias Killed 140 injured in suicide attacks on religious procession

March 2, MANDI BAHAUDDIN: 2 Shias killed and 53 injured in Phalia clash

March 2, MAILSI & GILGIT: Imambargah attacked, mourning procession stopped, Arms seized

February 28, RAWALPINDI: Suicide Bomber dies in suicide attack on imambargah in Satellite Town

February 16, GILGIT: 3 Shias injured in blast at Imambargah

January 15, KARACHI: 14 injured in bomb attack on Holy Trinity Church

Year 2003

December 21, DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Rajab Ali Shah, SP of NWFP, and son shot dead near DI Khan

October 7, ISLAMABAD: Two Imambargahs set on fire, Shia citizens killed and injured in attacks

October 3, KARACHI: 7 Shia Suparco employees shot dead on Hub River Road

September 5, LAHORE: Shia leader Javed Hussain Dogar gunned down in Peoples Colony

August 16, KARACHI: Dr. Ibn-e-Hassan and shopkeeper Syed Wajeeh Haider shot dead

July 5, OKARA: Father George Ibrahim shot dead at the Mitchell's Fruit Farms

July 4, QUETTA: Attack on imambargah leaves 55 dead and 54 injured on MeCongy Road

June 8, QUETTA: 11 Shia police recruits gunned down on Sariab Road

June 6, QUETTA: GSP superintendent Syed Niaz Hussain Kazmi shot dead at Sariab Road

May 31, SIBI: Shia scholar Dr. Syed Suqalain Naqvi injured in Sibi firing

March 15, VEHARI: Tractor ran over Muharram procession, girl killed & 10 injured

February 27, KARACHI: Bakery owner and his nephew shot dead at M. A. Jinnah Road

February 22, KARACHI: Nine shot dead outside Imambargah Muntazirul Mehdi in Malir

February 20, KARACHI: Journalist Saghir Husain Kazmi shot dead in Korangi

February 3, KARACHI: One dies in blast at head office of PSO

Year 2002

November 13, KARACHI: Jhangvi man nabbed with arms and explosives from Karachi

November 01, LAHORE: Doctor Capt. Syed Imran Zaidi (retired) shot dead in Lahore

November 01, JHANG: Six Lashkar men arrested planning to kill Syeda Abida Hussain

May 7, KARACHI: Syed Asghar Ali Zaidi killed at his tailoring shop in Baghdadi area

May 6, KARACHI: Principal of government institute Syed Zafar Mehdi Zaidi and driver killed in Malir

May 5, KARACHI: Dr Athar Husain Rizvi shot and wounded in Malir

April 25, BHAKKAR: 12 Shia women and children killed in Bhakkar bomb blast

April 23, KARACHI: Two young Shia men shot dead in Orangi Town

April 11, KARACHI: Shia manager of a restaurant and customer shot dead in PECHS

April 9, KARACHI: Isfahan Haider shot dead in his shop in North Nazimabad

April 7, KARACHI: Security guard of Imambargah Mehfil-i-Zainabia shot dead in Nazimabad

March 30, BAHAWALPUR: Imambargah Caretaker Arif Husain Bhatti and son shot dead in Bhattianwala

March 21, LAHORE: Kazim Hussain Jafri, a shopowner, shot dead in in Mehmoodabad

March 19: LAHORE: Syed Hassan Raza, custodian of Imambargah Khaima-e-Sadat, shot dead

March 18: QUETTA: Shia activist gunned down

March 18: KARACHI: Several serial killers of Shias arrested

March 11: KARACHI: Two Shia activists shot dead in Shah Faisal Colony

March 11: KARACHI: Three more Shia doctors come under attack in Defence area

March 8: MULTAN: Retired banker Syed Ghulam Panjtan Kazmi shot dead

March 7: KARACHI: Imambargah Ali Raza caretaker Sibtain Hussain Jaffery shot in Lines Area

March 6: KARACHI: Arrested confessed Killing Shaukat Mirza, Agha Gul and other Shia Doctors

March 4: KARACHI: Doctor Alay Safdar Zaidi shot dead in Defence area

February 26: RAWALPINDI: 10 Shias shot dead in mosque attack while praying

February 21: CHICHAWATNI: Five members of a Shia family shot dead

February 12: KARACHI: Dr Syed Rashid Mehdi gunned down

February 11: KARACHI: Firing on Pak-Iranian Tea Company, Shopkeeper shot dead

February 10: KARACHI: Syed Azad Husain Zaidi shot dead in his shop

February 08: KARACHI: Two injured in firing on men going to mosque

February 06: KARACHI: College principal Professor Syed Azhar Husain Zaidi, son shot, wounded

February 03: KARACHI: Sadiq Hamshieri, secretary general of Imambargah-e-Husainia Iranian shot dead in

January 29: KARACHI: One dead and other wounded when returing from Masjid-o-Imambargah Baqiatullah

January 21: FAISALABAD: Lashkar-i-Jhangvi chief Riaz Basra finally arrested

Year 2001

November 15: KARACHI: Factory GM Syed Hasan Abidi shot dead

November 12: KARACHI: Shopkeeper Syed Badar Haider Naqvi shot dead

November 10: KARACHI: Senior lawyer Ashiq Ali shot dead

October 28: BAHAWALPUR: 18 Christians killed in church attack

October 21: LAHORE: Taliban-backed terrorism claimed 479 lives in Punjab

October 10: KARACHI: Sindh Board of Technical Education Chairman Syed Hassan Zaidi gunned down

October 10: KARACHI: Four arrested for sectariankillings of Shia key figures

October 09: KARACHI: College principal Syed Gul Imam Shah shot dead

October 04: KARACHI: Seven die in Imambargah shooting

September 30: KARACHI: Four Lashkar-e-Jhangvi activists nabbed

September 13: QUETTA: Professor Atiq Hasan Naqvi hurt, son killed in Quetta

September 12: KARACHI: Pesh Imam of Defence mosque, Allama Syed Razi Hyder and two sons, shot dead

September 10: KARACHI: Capt (Retd) Altaf Hussain Bungasha, a PTCL official, killed

September 04: KARACHI: Pesh Imam of Hussainiya Sajjadiya, Maulana Hussnain Naqvi, shot dead

September 01: KARACHI: Three, including Hamid Rizvi, gunned down

August 29: QUETTA: Masked men kill civil engineer Syed Abid Abbas Naqvi

August 27: SHEIKHUPURA: Ahamdis' place of worship set on fire near Sheikhupura

August 18: KARACHI: Grenade attack on Pesh-Imam of Masjid-e-Shah-e-Khorrasan

July 30: KARACHI: Syed Zafar Hussain, Director R&D in the Ministry of Defence killed

July 30: LAHORE:Imam Masjid Syed Rizwanul Hassan killed

July 28: MULTAN: Former MPA Siddiq Kanju and friend shot dead

July 26: KARACHI: Shaukat Raza Mirza, MD of PSO, and driver shot dead

July 24: MAILSI: Religious leader Syed Ziaul Hassan Kirmani and others killed

July 15: KARACHI: Another Shia killed in Orangi Town

July 9: KARACHI: Two gunned down outside Imambargah

July 8: KARACHI: Doctor falls prey to terrorism

June 27: DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Top Shia leader gunned down

June 26: KARACHI: Doctor Raza Peerani shot dead in Soldier Bazaar

June 14: MULTAN: Two Shias shot dead

May 31: KARACHI: Doctor shot dead in Gulshan-e-Iqbal

May 18: KARACHI: Sunni Tehrik Chief, six others shot dead in Karachi

May 09: KARACHI: Two shot and wounded in Orangi Town

May 07: NOWSHERA: Ali Sarwar Sarhadi, a Shia leader fired upon

April 28: KARACHI: Sub-inspector Syed Hashim Raza shot dead

March 4: 12 killed in attacks on Shias in Sheikhupura

March 2: Tehrik-i-Jafria worker shot dead in Karachi

March 1: Riots claim 8 lives after attack on Shias in Hangu

Febuary 26: TJP activist shot dead in Vehari

Febuary 22: Lawyer dies in Gujranwala terrorist attack

Febuary 22: Ex-DSP, son shot dead; attackers arrested in Karachi

Febuary 18: Three killed in sectarian attack in Faisalabad

Febuary 7: TJP activist, another man shot dead in Tank

Febuary 6: Two TJP activists shot dead in Karachi

January 25: Tehrik Jafaria man shot dead in Multan

January 20: Iranian religious scholar shot dead in Karachi

Year 2000

December 30: TJP leader shot dead, wife injured in Karachi



December 04: Human rights activist & Former PPP MPA, Syed Zakir Hussain Shah shot in Rawalpindi

December 02: Dr. Nayyar Hussain gunned down in Orangi Town

November 24: TJP Secretary-General Anwar Ali Akhunzada shot dead in Peshawar

October 31: Dr. Altaf Husain killed in Orangi Town

October 30: Dr. Karamat Ali shot dead in Orangi Town

October 14: Death sentence awarded to killer of Aun Mohammad Rizvi (PTV)

July 17: Relatives of slain TJP leader forgive accused for killing Khurshid Anwar advocate, his daughter Ume Laila and the guard

July 02: Two Lashkar hitmen arrested, had killed several Shias

June 27: Four Lashkar-e-Jhangvi activists arrested in Karachi forkilling Dr Adib-ul-Hasan Rizvi & Dr Zafar Naqvi of Malir and others

June 14: Lashkar-e-Jhangvi activist confesses to killing 6 Shia leaders

May 16: Critically wounded brother of a local Shia leader in Hyderabad

May 15: Shot dead Advocate Syed Sardar Jafary, President of Voice of Shia Organisation in Karachi

May 15: Killer of Magistrate Syed Fida Husain, his daughter Batool and gunmanhttp, held in Gujranwala

May 3: Shot dead lawyer Malik Ibrar Hussain in Toba Tek Singh

May 2: Shot dead doctor, Syed Sibtain Hasan Dosa plus two others in Karachi

April 7: Shot dead TJP leader Syed Waqar Hussain Naqvi and his in Karachi

April 12: Killed 17 people inside Imambargah in Malohwali near Rawalpindi

April 19: Shot dead Iqbal Hussain in Multan

April 26: Killed Advocate Syed Farrukh Birjees Haider Tirmizi and another in Khanewal

April 28: Shot dead Shahbaz Hussain Shirazi in Chishtian

Feb 18: Killer of Advocate Ejaz Rasoolnagri (killed on Sept 30, 1999) captured

Year 1999

Oct 9, 1999: Oct 1, 1999: 9 Shot Dead in Malir Imambargah in Karachi

Oct 2, PESHAWAR: Assistant Inspector General of Police Farooq Haider gunned down

Sep 30, GUJRANWALA : VP of District Bar Association and TJP activist Ejaz Hussain Rasul Nagri killed

Sep 28, PESHAWAR: Central secretary-general of TJP advocate Khurshid Anwar, daughter and guard gunned down


September 22: Five shot dead in attack on Majlis near Multan

Febuary 21: Two Iranian Engineers shot dead in Karachi

January 11: 22 Shias massacred in Lahore

Year 1997

Nov 03: SIALKOT: Two brothers, Aulad Hussain Shah and Baqar Hussain Naqvi killed

July 23: MULTAN: Five Shias killed in Multan and Sheikhupura

July 23: MULTAN: TJP leader Syed Ejaz Ali Shah and his servant killed

July 9: BHAKKAR: Police nab three involved in killings of Shias

July 5: MULTAN: TJP leader Syed Ejaz Ali Shah and his servant killed

June 24: JHANG: Moazzam Husain Zaidi, his friend and a TJP activist shot dead

Feb 20: MULTAN: Seven, including Iranian diplomat, gunned down at Iranian Centre

Year 1996

Sep 12: ISLAMABAD: Court acquits two accused in Allama Yazdani murder case

August 18: VEHARI: 18 Shias killed in attack on Majlis-i-Aza in Mauza Ghallu

Year 1995

August 27: ISLAMABAD: Sipah-i-Sahaba attacked BBC office

March 31: KARACHI: Sipah-i-Sahaba terrorists held for 31 deaths

March 09: KARACHI: 10 Killed and 22 wounded in mosque attack

Februaury 25: KARACHI: 21 Killed in attack on two mosques

Year 1988

August 15: PESHAWAR: Chief of Tehrike Jafferia Pakistan Allama Arif Hussain al-Hussaini killed in Madrassa Maariful Islamia


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