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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

God does not punish...

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In a way, he is right.

We create JAHANNAM for ourselves by our own deeds.

This is the law of "what you sow in this life, you reap in the Hereafter".

This is why the new and progressive understandings of Janna and Jahannam are that they are metaphors for the state (either blissful or miserable) that a person will be in in the next life, based on how he/she lived in this life. It is God who set such a law (the law of requital).

For your information, "Jahannam" is actually derived from the Hebrew word "Ji-hinnom" (Gehennna), which was the name of a valley near JErusalem where they used to burn garbage as well as the corpses of criminals. It was a stinky, dark, hot, and dreary place (garbage dump)

The Quran is using this place as a metaphor to describe what it will be like in the Hereafter.

It is all "ghayb" of course. I guess we will find out after we die :)

And yes, you're right. One must be on crack to say something like that.

God is the reality behind this universe, and the supreme will that has set its laws. Simple as that.

He describes himself as "Rabb". The traditional translation of Rabb is LORD. This is now viewed as an innacurate translation, because it smacks of idol-worship, and implies the image of some king or ruler (tyrant).

The truth is that the word "Rabb" is untranslatable to English. It means: "ones who develops and sustains things until they achieve their full potential" . The closest single word would be "sustainer". This is why a father is refered to as

"Rabb'ul usra" (Rabb of the family), meaning one who provides and sustains the family. Not LORD of the family.

All creatures on earth have been implanted with the instinct to know what is good for them. What makes them develop to attain their full potential, They instinctively abide by the laws of nature. The sea turtle knows, by instinct, which beach it must lay its eggs on, and how to cover them with sand. Just as the bee knows which flower to pollinate. All cretures abide by instinct. to the laws of the universe to reach their full potential, except HUMANS. Humans have to understand these laws and follow them willingly, in order to develop and grow their "nafs". This is the purpose of revelation, and why God sent anbiya and messengers to us. To teach us the REALITY behind the universe.

Those who chose to rebel against these laws and cover the truth with illusions and falsehoods (KAFIRS. The word "kafir" means literally: one who covers or hides. This is why a gardener is called "kafir" because he burries the seeds and covers them with soil) Those people will not develop their "nafs" and will be in a miserable and tortured state in the hereafter. They will end up in the Garbage Dump of the Universe (Jahannam)

Yes, I'm on crack. :)

i doubt you are on crack (at least i hope not)

i have read every thing you have said nearly word for word before, but i would disagree that the language came about because of a place.

I would argue that a nation that follows monotheistic religion believe in the eternal abode of hell and named the valley that after due to similarity.

just as when you say this is hell on earth it is not consistant with earth but the idea passed down to you from prophets.

these kafir will not develop their hearts it is their hhearts that are black and dieseased constricted and not expanded with truth. (not their nafs)

but on a side note i wonder what death will mean an end to? since this 'life' i lead is not a manifestation of my belief! I just exsist! I am not living....No imam no justice what is the point in death isnt it for the 'living' if i were catholic i might think i was in purgetory and died already!

sophisticated moaning and complaining i suppose.............

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Check the following:



You will see that the name "Ja-Hinnom" (Valley of Hinnom) predates the Quran.



of course it does! does it predate the torah? and Prophet noah? who would have taught about gehenna/ (jahannem arabic)

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