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In the Name of God بسم الله

Eradicating Injustice in Society

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Guest Anam Zehra Haider

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Guest Anam Zehra Haider


Salamun Alaykum Members and Readers,

In the modern times the appearance of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems is on the rise. Some may admit it, some may deny it. Some may not even know about it. We all have depression in different forms due to the stress that is rapidly engulfing us caused by unfathomable amount of sins, injustices, and oppressions going on around us whether in our homes or in society. Talking do a psychiatrist and taking medicines creates more problems for the patient and seeking professional help may or may not be of benefit to the individual undergoing the problem.

Every family in the modern times is being affected with stress. They believe it is the test of their patience by Allah - and that only the Imam of the Modern Time will come and eradicate all injustices in the society and bring peace and harmony. When tested with a problem, instead of acting like an intelligent creation of God (Ashraful Makhlooq) they start weeping and beseeching the Imam AJTF to appear and set the 'zamana' straight. They expect the Imam AJTF to come and bring people to the doors of salvation. They expect everything from the Imam AJTF. Well, in some cases people cannot be blamed. We all have our weaknesses and to top things off rather nicely, a hidden yet powerful enemy called Shaitan. When we try to gather strength and use our aql, he Laeen n Rajeem taps us into a trance where we cannot think beyond our own daily struggles in life, we cannot think about what to do and how to solve the problems that are going on around us, in different parts of the world, yet affecting our very personal lives at the same time.


The world is rapidly filling up with injustice, there is less and less justice to be found in the world on a daily basis. Oppression and the oppressors are gaining power and the oppressed is struggling silently, hardly having the courage to point a finger and the wrongs being done right in front of them and under their noses, be it in the form of an immediate family member or a relative, or an absolute stranger altogether.

We as Muslims are shrinking in our belief and self esteem, loosing our confidence against the oppressions being shoved in our faces. The oppressor, be s/he a Muslim of name or a Non Muslim, is not being spoken against. The believer is letting him/herself get drowned in the sea of injustice. Heads of the believing persons are being cut off. The world is reaching a point where they need a savior BADLY.

However, there are certain obstacles that are delaying the arrival of the Saviors (as). The Saviors will not come at a point where every believer is being killed so that they can also be killed easily. These Saviors need some supporters who will not ''die'' for the sake of Islam, They need supporters who will first LIVE for the sake of Islam.

If Jihad is incumbent upon all Muslim men, then Ijtihad is incumbent upon Muslims of both genders. Jihad is a physical battle, against an external source of injustice or oppression, and ijtihad is the battle against your own self. If we are committing qata e rehem with our own selves (not standing up for our rights against ourselves and society) then surely we will commit the sin of qata e rehem against others in society. If we cannot speak up for ourselves, we cannot speak up for society. If we cannot speak up against someone whom we love dearly yet s/he is doing something haram openly, then we cannot expect to clean up the society in order to achieve peace and harmony. The Imam of our Time (AJTF) is watching us from behind the curtain of occultation, the Imam of Our Time is crying in sadness against our silence against oppression.

What is oppression, what is Injustice? Injustice is something that goes against the teachings of Islam through Quran and Ahadeeth, and the sayings of the Aimmah (as).

Firstly, we do injustice to ourselves by not obeying God the way we actually should. In India and Pakistan, people don't teach their children certain things that they should. They only teach them Namaz and Roza (praying and fasting), however either intentionally or unintentionally they leave out other things such as Hijab for girls (proper covering along with mental and physical distancing from na mehram men which include cousins and brothers in law) and charity. They have organized places where they only give charity to the ''mustahiq'', but if someone is dying out of financial problems they don't bother to help without expecting a return of the money lent to help the person or family.

They doubt and think many times before committing a kind act, or performing sila e rehem with their own family members or relatives and rather prefer to spend that money on purchasing the newly arriving, appealing to the eye yet utterly useless item on the market. They only think that they don't have enough, they get trapped in the net laid out by Shayateen Jinns and Humans called material, and they do not hear the cry of the one who is dying out of hunger. They think that helping the poor or a less financially stable relative or neighbor would be a great loss to their wealth. Alas, they are not aware that this world is a stage set up for a great trial for us! That everything here is temporary, everything spent in the way of Allah will be returned to us manifolds not just in this world but in the hereafter as well.

Many people are suffering from financial problems these days. They think that giving zakat and paying khums is something that they will be ''able'' to do if they just get some more money. However, they are unaware that the greatest formula to multiply one's wealth is by giving charity!

When a girl is born in a Muslim family, the parents either think they have been blessed by Allah or think they have been burdened by a member of the family who cannot earn for and feed them in the future. Regardless of their personal feelings and thoughts, they try to raise the girl as a good and pious Muslimah, teaching her how to fast and pray on time, sending her to a good school and providing a decent worldly education, so that she does not face any hardships in life. They take her to majaalis and madarsah, tell her not to make any boyfriends (depending on where they live) and allow her full freedom to make any suitable friends of the same gender and do as they please as long as they are performing their two obligations on time and gaining a decent education. They also teach or allow her to live fashionably depending on the social class system that they belong to. No one, however, BOTHERS EVEN to teach HIS daughter to actually COVER from the age of Nine. There might be some that do but they are no where to be seen, at least I have not spotted anyone in the places that I've been to. Girls take their na mehram cousins as their brothers, being fully aware that they are their na mehram and talk to them freely, laughing giggling and what not in front of them as if it's no big deal. All's well with the PARENTS and if someone thinks deep down that they should actually not indulge in such a non-Islamic way of life then fear engulfs them that if they actually make their daughter very Islamic or Pious, then people in society might make fun of them. They feel that they will be looked down upon by other families, who are likely to point fingers and say that oh, do you consider our sons irreligious that you make your daughter cover in front of him?

These questions and/or thoughts are simply hypothetical and a vice of shaitan, and merely an example and a tip of the ice berg. There are MANY a situations in our lives that we must do ijtihad in. We must struggle in our own efforts to please Allah and to gain qurbat to Him. If there is the issue of lack of knowledge due to the fact that even the translations of the Quran are not very precise, then we should make time in our lives to gain knowledge by reading and paying attention to the sayings of the Masoomeen (as) and their ahadeeth. It takes a great deal of deep thinking and reflection upon a hadeeth or a saying by the Glorious and Saluted Beings created by God - and though it sounds hard, it's not actually impossible.

Since lack of knowledge is the root of many problems, we must understand where the problem is actually coming from. The problem of ignorance being passed on from generation to generation comes from the fact that women are not given their respectable darja in life, they are looked down upon as inferior gender and told to do their basic duty of serving the family. The women are made a doormat to be stepped upon and a servant of the society as opposed to the SHAPER and TRAINER of society by having her right of HIJAB being usurped by her very own parents. The parents here become the oppressors, and the daughters become the oppressed. Here lies the first injustice, the first qata e rehem, the first problem that creates and generates other problems in society. The advent of Islam took place when the female gender was being trampled upon by the Arabs - and again the world has come to the point where women are being oppressed in many ways which forces them to dwell in ignorance and then in return, raise their kids in ignorance, thus passing on jahliyat from one generation to the next.


God has made incumbent upon a woman certain things and to start the list off, gaining knowledge is the first priority. Parents send their daughters to good schools thinking they are raising educated women who will in turn educate their families. They neglect, forget, or ignore the fact that that since their daughter will eventually affect a great number of generations to come, they must deliver such an education that meets the requirement of Islam rather then the world alone. People as parents teach their daughters that until marriage, they have to remain obedient to their fathers and after marriage, to their husbands. They WIPE OUT or ERASE the fact that their daughters SHOULD be taught that if their parents or husbands are not in line with Islam, they should find ways to refute it. By refuting the anti-Islamic actions of the parents or spouses I do not mean fighting them physically or verbally, rather I mean that one should use assertion while remaining respectful to his/her family member, be it a parent or spouse.

Fighting injustice or doing justice to yourself, standing up for Haq vs Batil starts within ourselves first. Then, it moves onto the other members of the family, neighborhood, relatives, the community, city, country, and henceforth, the whole wide world.

If you can conquer yourself, you can the world.

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1. "In the modern times the appearance of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems is on the rise."

2. "Talking do a psychiatrist and taking medicines creates more problems for the patient and seeking professional help may or may not be of benefit to the individual"

3. "The world is rapidly filling up with injustice, there is less and less justice to be found in the world on a daily basis."

4. "We as Muslims are shrinking in our belief and self esteem, loosing our confidence against the oppressions being shoved in our faces."

Interesting article Anam. Those above are some bold claims you make. Can you please cite studies supporting each of those? I remember many years ago in college, our articles and essays would not do well without a solid set of references for any claims made or facts listed.

>If you can conquer yourself, you can the world.



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