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In the Name of God بسم الله

The currupt millionaire mullah of iran! Rafsanjani

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CRI- On Tuesday, the state-run Fars news agency published a “Detailed report of the activities of the wealth and power mafia.” The report exposed parts of astronomical plunders of Hashemi Rafsanjani, former president of mullahs’ regime, and his family that were named as “the wealth and power mafia.”

The latest revelations, by the news agency that is affiliated to the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and is close to mullahs Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s faction, take place in the course of heightening internal feuding within the clerical regime in the run up to the regime’s presidential election.

The following is excerpts of the report published by Fars News Agency, June 9, 2009:

Fars News Agency, July 9, 2009:

Detailed report of the activities of the wealth and power Mafia reads as follows:

We are addressing our noble and beloved people that the 10th presidential election is a turning point and a determining moment in our beloved country, Iran.

On one hand, success of the so called the mafia (The Kargozaran-e Sazandegi Party officials and the dynasty of Mr Hashemi) can take the country backward and threaten our national interest. On the opposite, their failure can give promises of hope for a better future, particularly for the youth.

Accordingly, with a sense of duty and with an aim of protecting our national interest, we attempted to bring to your attention a revealing report, particularly on the so called power thirsty eminences and the wealth and power mafia (dynasty of Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani). We hope that we could play a small part in preventing from the creation of monopoly by notifying the people about the threat of this disgraceful and deadly tumor.

Mafia is the term used to describe highly influential groups which work hidden and acts like an octapos which controls the country's networks of finance, trade and industry.

Mafia groups incessantly intend to gain wealth. In order to gain and to hold on to the wealth, they necessarily need to have power as well. Mafia with its infinite wealth, through supporting some politicians, first, it attempts to impose its will on them. As such, the wealth network will enjoy the backing of the politicians.

If these horrific and horrendous groups do not face any obstacles on their way, they will attempt to climb the ladder of power in order to accelerate the process of gaining and preserving their wealth on one hand, and to create a multi layer impenetrable immunity for them on the other.

Mafia groups that are also described as "Shadow cabinet" will do everything to reach their targets and to obtain their objectives. Threatening and blackmail, insult and attacking people's dignity, as well as physical elimination are some methods used by Mafia in confronting with their rivals and for removing any obstacle on their way.

Iran is no exception. Over the past few years and particularly in the years following the war between Iran and Iraq, an extremely large mafia has come to existence in our country which seeks to gain wealth and expand its power through enjoying numerous governmental privileges. The so called Kargozaran-e Sazandegi Party circle and dynasty of Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani is a clear example of this mafia network. In these series of articles, we will try to introduce them and mention their activities under two separate titles of "power thirsty eminances" and "wealth and power mafia".

The "power thirsty eminances", the first article of which has been published, deals with introducing the elements of the Kargozaran-e Sazandegi Party officials as well as their mafia activities. The "Wealth and power mafia" will expose the Hashemi Rafsanjani dynasty. We hope that our loved people and particularly our young generation will like it.

Enforcing power to turn the environmental lands to Villas

In 2001, through enforcing his influence and power, Mr Mohammad Hashemi, Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani's brother, took possession of several hectares of land which belonged to the National Resources Lands, number 24, named as Lalan, located in the town of Shemiranat (In Fasham)[Northern Tehran].

1. Director of the National Resources Lands in Tehran Province, Gholam-Abas Abdi-Nejad wrote in the letter 67/11697 to the Notary Office 539 in Tehran, dated 16 July 2004, requesting them to register and confirm the transfer of 12450 square meters of the lands belonging to the National Resources Land, number 24, named as Lalan, to Mr Mohammad Hashemi, in accordance with the license 2321/5, dated 28 May 2001, issued by the Head of National Organisation of Forests and Pastures. Before the above document's transfer to Mr Mohammad Hashemi was completed, he took action to sell or to make fake contracts for transferring some parts of the land to his close relatives.

2. Prior to the above measures in item 1, Mohammad Hashemi established 'Kosar-e-Pars' Company, registered with number 202662, at the name of Hamidreza Nazari, his brother-in-law, born in 1966, birth certificate number 1342. He registered 492295 squared meters of the above lands, numbered as minor 1066 and major 24, at the name of this company.

3. The Cultural Complex of 'Revealers' which belongs to Mohammad Hashemi, sold a tract of land from the land number major 24, Lalan (In Fasham), of 562 squared meters to a lady named as Tahereh Golkar.

It is noteworthy that Mr Mohammad Hashemi has built two cottage complexes named as Fadak and Reyhaneh in a part of the lands which he took possession of. So far, around 18 units of the cottages have become ready and been sold each for 2,800,000,000 to 3,000,000,000 Rials (285,947 to 306,372 US Dollars). The agency which is responsible for Units' sale has made the following note: "At present, there are 18 separate units of Villa houses measured as 150 to 350 square meters in foundation and 400 to 2250 square meters in surface. Each unit has a separate heating centre, custodianship, two water supply pipelines, one power line and a telephone extension. The complex also has private security and a private road.

Organisation for the Improvement of the fuel Consumption and the dynasty of Mr Hashemi

Organization for the Improvement of the Fuel Consumption is totally dominated by the wealth and power mafia. In addition to earning huge incomes through this organization, the mafia exploits it as a cover up for organizing and giving financial backing to its activities and deeds.

Presently, the concession of construction, repairing, maintenance and renting of the congested natural gas (CNG) distribution centers has been granted to the members of this family through the Organization for the Improvement of the fuel consumption.

The family of Mr Hashemi uses this privilege to finance 100 local and provincial newspapers for 4,000,000 to 7,000,000 Rials and several national newspapers for 1,000,000,000 Rials in order to build up the public opinion to comply with the policies of the wealth and power Mafia.

Foundation of Special Diseases donates for the election campaign

Documents present at the Foundation of Special Diseases indicate that in 1995, a fund of 2,000,000,000 Rials from this foundation which is run by Mrs Faezeh Rafsanjani (Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani's daughter), has been donated to the election campaign of Kargozaran (Affiliated with Rafsanjani). Considering the present conditions, it is quite probable that funds of the Foundation of Special Diseases will be similarly misused in the coming election.

Conspiracy by the Hashemi family in the foreign oil contracts

A revealing letter by the resigned director of Stat-oil Company illustrates one example of bribery by the Hashemi family in oil contracts. Mr Hubart (The resigned director of Statoil) has described in a letter to the executive committee of the company that he had annually paid a commission of 1,500,000 US Dollars for ten years to Mr Mehdi Hashemi (Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani's son).

The wealth and power mafia uses its influence in municipal office

Following an application to the municipal office for sale license by Ms Farzin, owner of a tract of garden of 2270 square meters which is located adjacent to Jamshidieh Park, the license was not issued due to a joint conspiracy of Mr Ali Hashemi (Nephew of Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani) and Karbaschi (Mayor of Tehran at the time).

The excuse for not issuing the license was an expansion plan for Jamshidieh Park. The owner was pressurized, threatened and intimidated by the municipality and Ali Hashemi as the representative of the municipality purchased the garden at the name of his wife, Maryam Hashemi Nejad Kashkooyi, for a very reduced price of 90,000,000 Tomans.

Few months later, having removed the sale obstacles as well as the elements which reduced the price, he sold the garden for 1,900,000,000 Rials. Ali Hashemi paid 350,000,000 Rials bribe to Karbaschi (Mayor of Tehran at the time) to annul the magnificent plan for the expansion of Jamshidieh Park which could encompass the above garden and hence did not allow its sale, and also to cease the plan for widening of Jamshidieh Road which could encompass 500 meter of the above garden for water way.

Such wrong economical policies of the so called Construction government (Under Hashemi Rafsanjani as the president) has brought harmful consequences to the country including the class difference and the gap between the rich and the poor. Regretfully, during these years, this gap has reached 70 to 1. As such, while a rich person earned 700,000 Rial, a poor person earned 10,000 Rials.

Creation trend of wealth and power mafia

As mentioned above, a very complicated mafia has been created in Iran and the dynasty of Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani play a very important and worthy role in its leadership. In this article, we will review the trend of the creation of this Mafia network.

Emergency conditions during the war with Iraq had created a situation in which the government monopolized the economy. Thus, when the war ended and the emergency conditions ceased, privatization of the economy was brought to the attentions. The new conditions in the field of economy provided some government managers as well as families of a number of officials with economical privileges. Amongst all, dynasty of Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani was the one which, for various reasons, enjoyed the privileges most. However, this was not the end. Rather it was just the beginning. Those who enjoyed privileges in the fields of power and politics combined together and as a result, mafia network known as Kargozaran emerged.

Having spent few golden years, this party aimed at legalizing as well as maintenance of these privileges. Thus they decided, on one hand, to safeguard their active and prominent presence in the law making centers and on the other hand, to maintain Mr Hashemi as the president and they thought this would bring them more shinning days in future.

Announcement of the Kargozaran-e Sazandegi Party at the 5th run of the parliamentary elections aimed at materializing the described objectives. Failure to obtain its desires in both mentioned fields, made the wealth and power mafia bring about new conditions which did not fit their political circumstances. At present, having lost their foot hold on some privilege making centres, this mafia trend finds its existence as well as its gaining wealth and expansion of power threatened. Hence, by bringing Mr Hashemi to the scene, it aims at victimizing him in return for protecting its interests.

The free region of Kish has been exclusively given to the dynasty of Hashemi

According to the present documents, at least around 200,000 square meters of the most expensive lands in the free trade region of Kish, have been exclusively given to the relatives of and aides to Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani, and they have made enormous investments in this region. This gang recognize itself as the owner and master of Kish and has grasped its economy in a manner that all the foreigners who come to Kish for trade, have to pay a considerable amounts of commission to the children of Mr Hashemi under different pretexts like donations to charities etc.

In addition to all other activities, this mafia trend has established a landing ground for private planes in Kish through which they are able to directly import their commodities to Iran.

Giving away the public fund

According to the documents, Mr Mohammad Hashemi (Mr Hashemi Rafsanjani's brother) had annually received a part of the presidential budget in order to donate them to those he wishes. In this relation, he has delivered to the administrative financial office of the presidential institution, a list of 30 pages which consists of names of those who have supposedly received gold coins of 'Spring of Freedom' and money as gift from him in 2004. It is said that most of the names in that list are false.

Mohamamd Hashemi (Brother of Hashemi Rafsanjani) along with his family, Mehdi Hashemi and family, and also Marashi family traveled to Mecca in a private Jet on the Iranian new year's day of 1384 (March 21, 2005).

This is while the commoners have to wait for months for their turn to be able to go to Mecca for the religious rituals.

Faezeh Rafsanjani's business activities in Canada

A close contact to Faezeh Rafsanjani (daughter of Hashemi Rafsanjani) explains a few facts concerning her business activities in Canada:

"Faezeh owns the largest and well-equipped building construction companies in Canada, which is building housing units and holiday Villas in the more secluded natural resources of Canada".

She then adds; "Parallel to this, Faezeh transfers original outlines of the construction designs to Iran. In this way she receives a 2 fold profit from the designs".

"Faezeh also has an active business company involved in export and import of goods and has invested largely on working closely with the mafia groups working on export of Make-up productions to the world".

Millions in profit through Mafia groups

Mr. Mohammad Hashemi (Brother of Hashemi Rafsanjani) managed to illegally change the laws concerning his piece of land , which was categorized by the 7th article Commission supervised by Karbaschi (the Mayor at the time) in 1356 to be filed as "cultivation land bearing fruit" with the area of 2283 square meters, to be categorized as " ordinary land".

It is notable that the aforementioned piece of land is conventionally registered under the name of Hashemi's wife's name "Khadije Nazari" and their children with the reference 838/3.The address is Esfandiari, Moahmoudi Street, Martyr Bahonar Avenue.

After this change was routed, the next step was to verify and officially render the ownership of the land (to pave the way for a single ownership). This was carried out illegally by Mr. Karbaschi . The agreement with the Mayors office was to charge 400,000,000 Rials for this process. The sum was reduced to 120,000,000 as a reduction and favor to Hashemi and was never paid later.

According to experts, the value of this land has leaped to 5,000,000,000 Rials, usurped by Mr. Mohammad Hashemi.

Influence over the Mafia groups in Iranian Aeronautical industry

One other area of interest of the Hashemi clan is the Aeronautical Industry of the country.

This clan has extensive influence over most flight companies and some time has bought major stocks in various companies and has privatized them.

Apart form this, Hashemi children are controlling sales of Aeronautical Industry parts in various countries and pocket distinguished amounts of interest though brokering the sales.

Hashemi Rafsanjani's influence in Mashahd University

According to available documents, Mr. Hashemi's daughter (Brother of Hashemi Rafsanajani) transferred her files from Kerman University by paying a bribe of 40,000,000 Rials immediately after receiving her diploma expertise in that University. The so called "construction government" (referring to Khatami's governing slogan during his presidency) managed to heighten state debts to a mere 40,000,000,000 dollars by borrowing International loans. This extreme debt only inflicted more pressure on the poor sectors and the middle class.

The Mafia supremacy of wealth

Establishing absolute control over the main routs of profit of the State was one main objective of the ruling mafia clan.

This supremacy would of course force the government to play within the interests of the Mafia group and on the other hand give them the ability to paralyze and choke any defiance to their control.

According to this objective, the mafia of wealth has operated to establish major control over major infrastructure of the State.

Unfortunately, after eight years, this expansion lead Mr. Khatami's government into a position which left him no means to react to heaps of expectations mainly by the new generation.

This essay is an attempt to review the scope of infiltration by the Mafia of wealth and power in Iran.

Tehran City Hall; the monopoly of Power and Wealth Mafia

After coming to power of the "constructive government" and reaching to executive and financial posts of the power and wealth Mafia, with the selection of Gholamhossein Karbaschi as Tehran's Mayor, the influence of this band reached to the Greater Tehran and this band continued to misappropriate public funds more than before. In previous sections we referred to a small portion of this misappropriation of funds.

That includes:

1- Using city budget to advance partisan and personal benefits

2- Changing Greater Tehran's plans for personal gains

In continuation of this process, the following points are worth noting.

A) Changing the route of Niavaran highway to gain partisan benefits

In 1992, study for the continuation of Niavaran highway was placed on city's agenda and on November 30, 1992 the consulting engineers of the technical unit of Tehran's city hall approved the continuation of Niavaran highway from Shahid Seyyed Kazem Mousavi Street towards Pasdaran Street.

At the same time it becomes known that a property of 10,000 sq. meters in Pasdaran area (2nd Narenjestan) belonging to Mr. Karbaschi (under his wife's name, Kheir-o-nessa Asgarian), Abdullah Nouri (under his son's name Mohsen Nouri) and children of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani (Mehdi, Mohsen and Fatemeh) is located in the above mentioned plan.

They became aware that with the existence of this plan, they can not do anything with this property. Therefore under the order of Karbaschi on August 26, 1993, the said plan was re-routed through a non-professional and tortuous road. Following that order, an order to severe the said property (without any cost) and to change the zoning to residential, was issued and the partner owners benefited immensely from that.

Among the partners only Mohsen Hashemi built a house there. Change of plan for Niavaran highway has equally made that area one of the most accident full area of Tehran.

B) With the expropriation of part of Chitgar park to build an equestrian club for Yasser Hashemi (Hashemi Rafsanjani's son) during Karbaschi's tenure as Tehran's Mayor, he used his influence in the city hall to name 45000 sq. m of the park was used as the Equestrian federation.

Subsequently another 30,000 sq. m of the park was expropriated. This is while that no document was signed between the city and Yasser Hashemi.

Mr. Yasser Hashemi has used the property to train horses and create an equestrian club with pool, sauna and Jacuzzi for the horses.

Smuggling goods and antiques

Yasser Hashemi is very active in smuggling underground antiques and cultural assets. One of his activities in this regard is smuggling cultural assets of the city of Ghouchan. Yasser Hashemi's trips to Ghouchan and his relationship with the US antiques' smuggler(Hassan Sabet Baktash) is no secret to anyone.

Besides Yasser Hashemi's influence in customs and ports, and his huge bribes in exporting and importing goods, he works in the area of smuggling goods too.

Yasser Hashemi, with the aid of his own proxies has bought and rented few cargo boats in Imam Khomeini port and uses them to transport goods.

Monopoly of influence in the country's ports and customs by the wealth and power Mafia

One of the centers under the control of the wealth and power Mafia, is the customs and ports of Boushehr, Imam Khomeini, Chabahar and Astara. For example, besides the fact that Mr. Hashemi family's affairs in the customs are done expeditiously, evaluating personnel consider special discount for their goods and customs clearance is very fast for them.

This is while the customs is known to give hard time to ordinary people and sometimes they have to wait for months for smallest issues and have to pay huge fines.

Monopoly of trade in pistachio

Export of pistachio in Iran is the monopoly of the wealth and power Mafia. A number of Iranian merchants outside the country have said that the world's major companies who work in the pistachio field can only trade through this Mafia in Iran and others are not permitted to enter this field. This trade is the monopoly of Mr. Hashemi's family.

Effort to bring on board a high volume magazine

Mr. Mehdi Hashemi (Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani's son) has done tremendous effort to bring on board the "Green Family" (Khanevadeh Sabz) magazine. This magazine has a circulation of 500,000 and Mr. Hormoz Shojaee Mehr is its publisher. It has major influence on families.

News suggests that after Mr. Mehdi Hashemi's failure to do that, he tried to exert pressure on Mr. Hormoz Shojaee Mehr.

Surveys have concluded that the main characteristics of the Iranian youths are justice seeking, fighting injustice, principle bound, … With this in mind, do Iranian youths accept the rule of the wealth and power Mafia?

Relationship between the wealth and power Mafia and Freemasonry

Without a doubt the freemasonry is the most widespread and secretive Mafia current in the world. This huge network consisting of 25000 lodges and 5,000,000 members apparently sets its goal as fighting superstitions but its true goal is to fight religions specially Islam.

Currently this network is dominated by international Zionism and has attracted some of the political and cultural elites and media in the world to suppress local economy and culture of the countries. The wealth and power Mafia has been linked to the Masonic Mafia and practically has served for their economic, political and cultural goals.

In this article we try to highlight parts of the relationship between the wealth and power Mafia and the Masonic Mafia. That is why we introduce Mr. Hossein Sabet Baktash, Mohsen Safaian and Abdollahi as symbols of Freemasonry in today's Iran and their relationship with the wealth and power Mafia.

A) Hossein Sabet Baktash

Hossein Sabet Baktash, son of Esmail, was born in 1934 in Mashhad. He went to Germany in 1975 and graduated from Berlin University in Electrical Engineering. His wife is German and one of his brothers works in the antiques' smuggling field. He worked as a teacher in German schools after his graduation. He later was engaged in rug trade with the capital coming from an Iranian lawyer (?!) and gained huge income. He later went to Canary Island (one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world) and built a chain of nine hotels in this island. He currently manages one of the largest hotel chains in Spain.

Mr. Hossein Sabet Baktash was introduced to Mr. Yazdanpanah (former president of Kish free zone) in 1993 by the Kargozaran party (Hashemi's family). By their recommendation, a lot of 770,000 sq.m land (4000 tomans for every square meter totaling 3,080,000,000 tomans) was given to him but in the contract it was written that the agreed upon price be paid after development of the land.

Presently various plans including dolphin pool and three hotels including Grand hotel of Dariush are being built there. The above lot with its current installations has been appraised at 40,000,000 Rials per square meter totaling 3,080,000,000,000 Rials whilst the original amount has not yet been paid.

With the recommendation of Kargozaran Party members and Hashemi's family, Mr. Baktash got $5M loan to develop the land from London branch of the Sepah Bank. He also tries to expand his projects to one third of Kish Island with the backing of the wealth and power Mafia. To this end, Baktash has recently bought Helia, Tamasha, Paeez and Aryan hotels (~ 90,000,000,000 Rials) and started to build a direct, independent road from the airport to his properties.

According to obtained figures, he has so far billed 1,800,000,000,000 Rials in Kish.

It has to be noted that recently Prof. Sameei (resident of Germany) intended to build a large and public hospital in Kish named "Kish Hospital" but with the interference from Mr. Sabet – with the excuse that he has to personally do this project – and influence of the wealth and power Mafia, it was decided to give the license of this big project to Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani's daughter and it is said that Sabet Baktash would be a partner.

There are many other important points about Mr. Sabet that include:

- Relation with the ambassadors of the UK, Germany, Canada and Spain and their support for him

- Participation in the receptions of foreign embassies in Iran

- Belief in the need to have good relationship between the occupying Zionist regime and the Islamic Republic of Iran

- Special relation with Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani's children and secret meetings with them abroad including in Saudi Arabia.

- Brokering between the wealth and power Mafia in Iran and Masonic Mafia abroad.

- Close cooperation of Mr. Sabet Baktash's brother (Hassan Sabet, resident of Germany) with Yasser Hashemi (Hashemi Rafsanjani's son) in smuggling antiques

- Reciprocal support between Sabet Baktash and Hashemi's family

It was mentioned in previous revelations that the wealth and power Mafia considers itself as the owner and master of Kish Island and investors in Kish have to pay loyalties and cooperate with them.

That is why the large volume of investment (180 billion tomans) of Baktash in Kish shows his close relationship with them. On the other hand Baktash has been one of the biggest supporters of this family in large investment in countries such as Britain, Germany and Canada and is one of the brokers in their investments.

B) Mohsen Safaian

Mohsen Safaian who is linked to the Masonic Mafia is resident of the US and for 12 years has accompanied Mr. Mehdi and Mohsen Hashemi in their foreign travels as s translator. During the directorship of Mehdi Hashemi at Naval Installations Company of the Ministry of Oil, he established a company in the field of naval installations in the UK. Mehdi and Mohsen Hashemi were the stakeholders. Using Mehdi Hashemi's influence in the Ministry of Oil, Safaian arranged several contracts with this ministry.

C) Mr. Abdollahi

Before the revolution he owned several companies including Iran's Wood Industries. Due to his linkage to the Freemasonry and monarchy, he fled the country during revolution. With the help of some people within the wealth and power Mafia, he came back to Iran and managed to retake some of his properties back. Mr. Abdollahi donated a six storey building in Vali Asr Street (past Abbas Abad intersection) to Kargozaran party in 1998.

He has always supported Kargozaran party and it is said that Karbaschi has met him during his travel to Canada. The wealth and power Mafia, by empowering a team of 10 people from Freemasonry current in Hamshahri institute (during Mr. Karbaschi's tenure), created a welcoming situation for them. Also contacts between some of Hashemi's family with the office of Farah Pahlavi, Naini, Iraj Mosta-an, Iraj Jamshidi, etc. who all have linkages to Freemasonry current, can be mentioned.

Relation between the wealth and power Mafia with monopoly and totalitarianism

In previous issues it was mentioned that the wealth and power Mafia needs to climb the ladder of power in order to create more wealth. Power from their perspective can serve the following goals:

1) Reaching to bigger wealth

2) Removing limiting elements

3) Creating impunity to protect wealth and power

The above points cause the Mafia current to always follow totalitarianism and monopolist views.

The effort of Kargozaran party and Mr. Hashemi's family to capture the majority in the fifth Parliament and extension of Mr. Rafsanjani's presidency is testament of totalitarianism and monopolist behaviour of these power hungry Sirs.

Now in the new round of totalitarianism, the wealth and power Mafia has tried to not only fully control the executive power of the country, but also to add an addendum to have control over Expediency Council.

Mr. Atrianfar quoted Mohammad Hashemi as saying that first Mr. Hashemi would not lose the Expediency Council and then we would add an additional addendum and finish up the work.

It is obvious that imposition of totalitarianism and monopoly will have dire consequences:

- Annihilation of logical government-people relationship and extinction of accountability and control

- Ruling based on relationship versus merit and creation of bad phenomena of 1000 families

- Lack of using the experts in development process

- Termination of the circulation of the experts within the power structure

- Subversion of the balance of powers within the regime

- Reducing the pace of transformation and creating conservatism in the executive power

- Unbalanced distribution of wealth

- Ignoring national interests and giving priority to Mafia interests

Collusion of Mr. Hashemi's family in foreign oil contracts

We have previously written about the revealing letter of now resigned director of Stat Oil company about bribery of Mr. Hashemi's family in oil contracts and it was noted that Mr. Hobart (resigned director) in his letter to the board of directors of the company has elaborated on giving $1.5M loyalty for 10 years to Mr. Mehdi Hashemi ( Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani's son).

The intelligence service decided – based on its responsibility – to counter Mehdi Hashemi. But because of widespread influence of the wealth and power Mafia, not only this file suddenly gets closed, but also Abbas Yazdanpanah (one of the detainees in the case) who had made important confessions about Mehdi Hashemi, got a new identity card and passport and fled to the UK.

It has to be noted that he is one of the main backers of Mehdi Hashemi in foreign contracts and in this regard Mehdi Hashemi has wired him $2M to Yazdanpanah's credit card for contracts with Total, Elf and Norikway.

Expulsion of a journalist from the electoral headquarter of Mr.Hashemi

According to some one close to Mr.Mehdi Hashemi ( son of Mr.Hashemi Rafsanjani) who is active in the electoral headquarter of Mr.Hashemi, Ms.Hengameh Sh.who has been working in this office has been expelled from his post due to her refusal to give in to illicit demands from Mehdi Hashemi.

According to this source, Ms.Sh intends to make a complaint to the judiciary authorities against Mr.Hashemi's behaviour.

Seizure of power by misappropriation of public properties

Following repeated misuses of public properties by the Kargozaran Party and Mr.Hashemi's clan in order to acquire power , Mr.Mehdi Hashemi ( son of Mr.Hashemi Rafsanjani) using his own influential power, on 3/3/84 (May, 25, 2005) submits a request of 15000 piles of highest quality papers to the ministry of commerce.

A meticulous calculation of the above order which is just one example of such cases would signify some 67/5 million of sheets. That would basically mean that the Mafia of power and wealth would use at least one sheet per each Iranian for their electoral campaign!

Therefore, we must expect extreme extravagance propaganda by their Excellencies of the Kargozaran Party. That is at the time when books in the recent years have been very expensive. The low level of purchase of books from the book exhibition by the students and educated people of the society cites as an example of this situation.

Further efforts of the Mafia of power and wealth to obtain power

According to some source near to Mr.Hashemi;s family, since one year ago, this family has been active in electoral propaganda to make grounds for Mr hashemi to launch his presidential campaign. In this respect, they have made contacts with influential authorities in different ministries and governmental organizations to ensure them of their posts being reinstated. These meetings have usually been taking place in Esteghlal hotel.

This person also states that even thought the party headquarter provided all banners and bill boards for this elections, the Hashemis in each province have spent 10/000/000/000 Rials on transport, boarding and other expenditures which amounts to 300/000/000/000 Rials.

Abuse of governmental facilities in the new range of efforts to grab the power

The clan of Mr.Hashemi in their renewed efforts to over take the executive power uses its utmost influence in governmental institutions.

Some examples in this regard are as follows:

1) Taking over a seven story building that is located in Niyavaran Ave, besides foreign affaires ministry hotel for elections purposes. This has been taken place by coordination with Mr.Jasebi to exert influence over the Open University.

2) Taking control of a building situated in Abbas abad Avenue ( Mahnaz Square) belonging to the Ministry of sciences and technology,

3) Holding a building located in Jahan koodak square which is owned by Oil Ministry,

4) Making use of building, sites and facilities of the regime's Expediency Council for Mr.Hashemi's elections affaires.

5) Using the site and facilities of the regime's Centre for strategic studies (affiliates to the regime's Expediency Council) for the same purposes,

Foreign investments of the Mafia of power and wealth

The Mafia movements across the world by indulging to illegal and illicit activities such as bribery, economic collusion, money laundering, smuggling…can gather lucrative income and immense amount of capital.

They never show any interest in any investments in their own countries. They usually transfer their capita to a third country and make their investments abroad.

The Mafia in Iran too is not an exemption and pursues the same rule. Like their counterparts in other parts of the world, they too are reluctant to make any domestic investments. Understanding the crux of the matter of this phenomenon is of vital importance.

In the first place, it seems that this might be for some immunity objectives and preventive measures against confiscation of their capital. But in a deeper analysis of the matter, some other aspects will be revealed.

One of the major permanent worries of Mafia groups is the enlightenment of the public awareness with regard to their deeds and acts. The domestic investments by such groups can on the one hand expose the extent of their wide scope of economic activities and on the other hand may instigate public minds to raise doubts and demand explanations and justifications concerning the means and the ways of making such incredible investments.

Revealing the scope and bulk of such illegal activities and the origin of these illegitimate investments can result to public outrage which in turn can obviously prevent them from winning power, especially in elections fields.

Establishment of a tourism centre for foreign VIPs

After having purchased a plot of land of 100,000 square meters along side the forest in the north of Toronto', Hashemi's family has established a huge and beautiful tourism and amusement centre very well equipped with all kinds of recreation facilities even a helicopter band which is quite unique in the world. 49 percent of this park belongs to this family and the rest to Canadian tourism commission. This centre is obviously meant for highly influential authorities and very rich tourists.

Hashemi clan's Highway in Canada

Some other investments of Mr. Hashemi and his family in foreign countries are construction projects, like bridges, highways etc…. These contracts are usually drawn with the help of one of the powerful firms of those foreign countries.

One of these highly profitable projects is a 150 Km highway in Toronto. This highway enjoys a very suitable situation with various entrances and exits to all parts of the city and is known by the local people as Hashemi highway!

According to some reliable sources, Bank SBS has helped Hashemi's clan to build this highway. The tolls are a huge bulk of income derived from this highway for this family. It is ironic that according to Iranian official sources, there are more than 1000 hazardous points in roads network in Iran.

Construction of luxurious villas abroad

Members of Hashemi family have bought lots of large plots of lands besides forests in some very beautiful vicinity in Toronto and Vancouver in Canada. They have constructed several modern and fashionable large villas of 10 to 20 thousand sqm furnished with the most advanced facilities and equipments. These luxurious villas costs millions of dollars and are amongst the most beautiful ones in Canada.

Founding of oil company and construction of villas in the UK

According to above said information, Mehdi and Mohsen Hashemi (Mr.Hashemi Rafsanjani's sons) own an oil equipments company in the UK. Considering the previous positions of Mehdi Hashemi in the Oil Ministry and his influence on this ministry, his company enjoys one of the highest and most important statuses in oil tenders in Iran and Middle East.

The general manager of this company is named Mohsen Safaeian (residing in the USA) who for 10 years has been working as translator for this family in their foreign trips .He has managed to build many luxurious villas in the best locations in the UK for this family.

How has this Mafia become so rich?

Although the aforementioned cases are just the tip of ice burg of incredible extent of foreign investments of this Mafia, but they raise a simple question over the source and origin of financing these enormous investments abroad.

At the end of this article, some minor instances of sources of such credits are presented:

- Abuse of power by Mehdi Hashemi in order to import foreign made buses with special import levy concessions.

- Abuse of power by the same person in economic and political institutions in order to obtain information on the stock market, something which is described as informative rent in Iran.

- receiving high percentage commissions from the $10/000/000/000 agreements to purchase airbus planes,

- Obtaining $150/000/000 commission from $1/000/000/000 oil contract with Swiss Zuig company

- Collecting a lucrative lump sum commission from Italian company BNTI in the course of reaching agreement for executing $3/000/000/000 projects in Mobarekeh steel , chador melo and Khuzestan.

Mehdi Hashemi uses his strings and pulling in Oil Ministry to achieve the tenders and bids in very big contracts of Oil ministry with the Engineering Company to build Iran's marine sites ( owned by Hashemi clan),

Yaser Hashemi another son of Hashemi too, has collected huge commission from the director of Orland French company to buy tactical Jeep for Iran, Something that has been confessed by the French director as well.

Receiving $1,000,000 commission by Mehdi Hashemi in order to export buses to Libya,

Collecting $150,000,000 commission by Mahmoud Hashemi in the course of making contract with Iran Metro Company and Norinko Comp,

- Mostafa Davarizadeh a close relatives of Mr. Hashemi acquires some $1,500,000 as commission for the purchase of electronic and land items from Bob Green company,

In another case Mostafa Davoudzadeh received 600/000 German marks for repairing Polish tanks.

Secret dealings of wealth and power mafias

Operating in secret and working in shadows are among the significant and unique characteristics of mafia groups. This factor has a direct link to their survival, transforming these groups into highly complicated and frightening networks.

Despite this fact, however, the unavoidable comings and goings of mafia figures can be one of the most important areas for investigating and gaining knowledge about these notorious groups.

In general, and for various reasons, mafia groups have no choice but to travel to different countries. Among these reasons are:

– Establishing relations and coordinating with foreign mafia network

– Acquiring illegitimate and illegal income

– Investing outside their home country

– Recreation and leisure

The travels of the wealth and power mafia in Iran is not an exception to this rule. It can be analyzed within the confines of the aforementioned general features.

In this issue, the wealth and power mafia will be examined and analyzed with respect to foreign travels and secret relations so that other aspects of these high-flying individuals’ dark houses can be exposed. Our hope is to contribute to the enlightening of public opinion.

Mr. Hashemi’s family breaks record in foreign travel

According to one source close to Mr. Hashemi’s family, in the past several years, ten members of this family (including sons and daughters, wife, and brothers of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani) have traveled abroad on 750 separate occasions in total. Among these instances, the repeated trips of Mehdi Hashemi (close to 260 times) and Fatemeh Hashemi (about 200 times) must be looked at more closely than the others.

Evidence and experience indicate that during these recurrent trips, suspicious meetings have taken place with officials of the Pahlavi regime, people affiliated with the mafia abroad, and even elements tied to spy agencies. Some of these are alluded to below:

– Secret dealings of Mehdi Hashemi with Changiz Farnezhad, former chief of the anti-spying office of SAVAK;

– Secret relations of Mehdi Hashemi with Nakhoda Kamal Darvish, who cooperates with the British MI6 intelligence service;

– Mehdi Hashemi’s secret talks with an American diplomat on a plane during a trip to Saudi Arabia (which was pre-planned);

– Mehdi Hashemi’s negotiations with about 200 Arab entrepreneurs in Dubai;

– Secret relations of Mr. Hashemi’s family with foreign news agencies and publications for the purpose of spreading extensive propaganda in support of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani;

– Setting up a post office box in London to receive secret letters.

On this basis, if we calculate the cost of 2-way tickets alone for every trip to be (at least) $3,000, the total cost of tickets for these trips would amount to roughly $225,000. Considering the long duration of these trips and the enormous travel fees involved, the total costs would certainly be much higher.

Traveling abroad for medical check up

On October 6, 2004, Mohammad Hashemi traveled to Switzerland along with his wife and father-in-law for a medical check up. After spending 11 days there, he returned to Tehran on October 17, 2004.

It has been reported that the said individuals intended to go to Switzerland through Germany, but because of a number of issues (!?), they had a stop over at Dubai instead. For the route change, they incurred an extra cost of $2,000.

Business relations with a hated official

In the course of closing business deals, Mahmoud Hashemi (Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s brother) had extensive trades with a company manged by Colin Powell. This is while many European and other credible companies were also active in this field.

It should be mentioned that Colin Powell was a commander of the US navy warship Vincennes during the Iran-Iraq war.

On July 4, 1988, he ordered a missile attack against an Iran Air Airbus over the Persian Gulf. In this unprecedented and ruthless act, 290 of our countrymen, including innocent men, women and children were martyred.

After this vicious act, Powell received a medal of honor from the American president at the time.

Meetings with the chief Rabbi of the occupying regime in Jerusalem

Ms. Faezeh Hashemi headed an Iranian delegation to Bucharest to attend an international congress. On the sidelines of the congress, she met with “HaRav Meir Lau” (HaRav is the title of the chief rabbi of the Zionists).

The Zionist regime’s channel 2 TV confirmed the report and broadcast two pictures from this meeting, in which Ms. Faezeh Hashemi was cheerfully carrying on a warm conversation with HaRav Meir Lau.

Moreover, HaRav Meir Lau confirmed this report during an interview on the occasion of Yom Kippur (important Jewish holiday).

It is worth noting that despite the fact that the reports of the meeting were confirmed by Zionist sources, both parties refrained from talking about the content of the talks.

Scamming Arab sheikhs

As was pointed out in previous reports, Mehdi Hashemi (Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s son) has extensive relations with Arab sheikhs. During a deal with one of the sheikhs, Hassan Anani, Mehdi Hashemi did not act in accordance with the agreements, thus engaging in a multi-million fraud after receiving $3,000,000 from Anani (despite giving a promissory note to him).

Following this incident, Anani sued Hashemi. But, he passed up on the opportunity to pursue the case, fearing for the safety of his investments in Iran after Mehdi Hashemi confronted him with threats.

It is worth noting that Hassan Anani was one of the largest shareholders of the Noushab company in Iran during the time he was doing business with Mehdi Hashemi.

He said: I want to vote for the Executives of Kargozaran Party (i.e. the power grabbers and wealth and power mafia).

I asked: Why?!

He responded: They have embezzled so much that they are too content now and so they may not even take government and public funds.

I laughed and said: Incidentally, the reverse is true. Haven’t you heard the old adage, “Take from the hungry and give to the fat”? These individuals are hungrier than everybody else.

The power and wealth mafia and lack of transparency

Operating in the shadows, secret deals, acquiring illegitimate and illegal income, on the one hand, and deceitful propaganda to obtain or maintain power, on the other, have transformed mafia groups into the most opaque movements in contemporary societies.

On this basis, mafia groups engage in clandestine diplomacy and opaque deal makings, and when it comes time to grab power, they bring their lack of accountability and lack of transparency into the political fold.

The conduct of the wealth and power mafia in Iran should naturally be analyzed in the abovementioned context. These high-flying individuals were in charge for 8 years during the so-called construction period without being held accountable. They forced the nation of Iran into debt from foreign banks, left projects incomplete and created a painful gap between the rich and the poor. In addition, during the reformist government, they were placed into the central arrangements, and while upsetting the structure’s balance, they reduced Seyyed Mohammad Khatami government’s accountability to incredibly low levels.

There are speculations about the reasons for the lack of accountability and transparency of the mafia, one of which can be mentioned here.

The power-thirsty individuals work in rooms with opaque windows and try to prevent people (as judges and observers) from becoming aware of their secret and complex relationships. This is because transparency would destroy the popular acceptability of the mafia and would cut their hands from the seat of power.

In this regard, in a proposal (which points to the lack of transparency of these high-flying individuals), Mr. Atrianfar has said to one of Mr. Hashemi’s staff, that: Bring together a strong journalistic team made up of people like Shamsolvaezin, Ghouchani, Saeed Leylaz, Mahmoud Sadri, and others, so that they can form beautiful and vague expressions for Mr. Hashemi’s TV spot. In that program, he must not talk about the things we have done. He should just mention in general that we led a construction period for 8 years and now we want to work out the current challenges.

In 1990, Moussavi explained about the conduct of the Executives of Construction Party in an analysis by referring to them as “power-thirsty.”

Hashemi family’s pledge to resolve famous high-rise developer’s legal issues

Recently, Mr. Jalil Makinehchi, one of the famous high-rise developers and entrepreneurs, who has transferred his wealth from Iran to Dubai, dedicated an expensive seven-story building (with blue-tainted glass exterior) located on the Nejat Elahi Street to the election team of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Jalil Makinehchi received a permit from the Tehran municipality (when Mr. Karbaschi was mayor) to develop high-rises and destroyed a lot of gardens in violation of legal codes.

It has also been reported that the said individual has a large legal case at the Judiciary for a number of legal infringements. An individual by the name of Judge Movahed is presiding over the case.

On this basis, Mr. Rafsanjani’s family has promised Makinehchi to follow up and resolve his legal dilemmas in exchange for the latter’s financial support for Mr. Hashemi’s election campaign for future elections and victory.

It is worth noting that currently Mr. Tah Hashemi and a number of other power-thirsty people (members of the Executives of Construction Party) are based, and conduct activities, in this building as part of the “office of provincial affairs of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani.”

Using public funds at Mr. Hashemi’s campaign headquarters

According to one source close to the campaign headquarters of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mr. Hosseini (one of the officials responsible for administering the finances of the presidency, who has budgets outside the confines of laws relating to public accounting) has been appointed as the person in charge of finance and support for Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s headquarters.

It is worth noting that the budgets outside the confines of this appointment point to the misappropriation of the presidency’s resources, equipment, and budget for the benefit of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s campaign headquarters.

Moreover, as a continuation of the wealth and power mafia’s misappropriation of public resources during elections, one can point to the presence of ten female staff of the Expediency Council working at Mr. Hashemi’s campaign headquarters.

The maritime fleet of the wealth and power mafia

As mentioned previously, Mr. Hashemi’s family on the one hand enjoys extensive influence in the country’s ports and customs, while on the other hand, it has also acquired some private enterprises in the maritime industry. This has led to the friends and families of these people to expand their reach in order to form a naval fleet and get involved in building ships.

Obviously, one of the advantages of controlling ship building and forming a maritime fleet is that it makes smuggling more effortless. We can also consider the following points which are worth noting:

… shares in the “Farasahel” company belongs to Mr. Mehdi Hashemi (Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s son). The company originally operated as the builder of naval commodities and structures, beginning its work in the southwestern naval industries of Bandar Abbas. But, after a while, in view of Mehdi Hashemi’s extensive influence in the Oil Ministry (as former head of the naval facilities of the Oil Ministry and current head of the organization in charge of fuel efficiency), its operations turned into the smuggling of diesel fuel under the guise of exporting diesel oil, stone, sand, and gravel.

One of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s sons owns two units of the platform affiliated with the Sadra company. The first is beside the marine facilities of Bushehr while the second one is located in Asalouyeh, South Pars.

Mr. Hashemian (Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s nephew) owns Ferdos 1, 2, 3 of the Ferdos fleet, which owns 10 ships.

Even though the Ferdos fleet operates under the name of Sayyadi, Hashemian uses these three ships, along with the Ferdos ship, to smuggle commodities. Participating in the Sayyadi operation is considered to be a cover for this.

Dr. Fatehian, who is one of the close associates of Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s family, owns three ships called Hani, Kasra, and Setareh Jonoub.

The Kavian 2 ship belongs to a person identified as Sarrafzadeh, who is connected with and closed to Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s family.

Handing out of satellite phones by Mr. Hashemi’s campaign headquarters

Recently, Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani’s campaign headquarters (which incorporates his family and members of the Executives of Construction Party), distributed 1,000 satellite phone lines operating outside the data network of the country to its campaign staff throughout Iran.

In view of the high cost of satellite phone use ($0.55/minute) and the price of its line and device (about $1,100), this question comes into mind that (aside from the source of the money) what objectives is the mafia really pursuing?

Story 1: The Executives of Kargozaran Party election campaign headquarters cancelled campaign travels due to lack of financial resources.

Story 2: The Kargozaran Party campaign headquarters paid $30,000,000 as operational capital to its provincial offices (aside from costs of setting up offices and ad campaigns).

Story 3: The Kargozaran Party campaign headquarters paid $15,000 for a single poster of their candidate.

Mr. Hashemi's clan wealth over precious horses

Horse riding is one of the sports favored most by Rafsanjani clan, and has brought much squandering of wealth.

All members of the Rafsanjani clan have in possession expensive horses.

Yasser Rafsanjain has for example bought a very expensive horse at 3,200,000,000 Rials, now worth 5000,000,000 Rials.

Faezeh Rafsanjani also has a horse worth 2,500,000,0000 Rials.

Faezeh Rafsanjani and Karbaschi along with a couple of other officials initiated a horse riding club in Lavasan with numerous high breed horses. The locals in the area have in many occasions expressed dissatisfaction over the activities of the club and compared Faezeh Rafsanjani's luxury life with that of the former Farah and Ashraf Pahalavi (Spouse and sister of the former Shah).

Daily expenses for feeding and caring for the horses reach 10,000,000 Rials. For example the daily diet of the horses which contains fresh water melons reaches a high amount of 100,000 Tomans.

Receiving loans from the Presidential office

In 1996 Yasser Rafsanjani – head of the Horse riding Federation and advisor to Mr.Forouzesh in the Ministry of Jihad for Reconstruction- used his brother's influence in as the presidents head of office-Mohsen Rafsanjani, and managed to obtain a loan of 1,5000,000,000 Rials without going though legal procedures, from the savings interests of Jihad Ministry.

He also received a loan of 400,000 dollars on 75/5/21 (Aughust 11, 1996) (from the Ministry of Jihad for Reconstruction – still though illegal means. It is said that the sum was to cover the costs of importing horses from Russia. Later research proved that the import never occurred.

Usurping land through bullying

Some time ago, Yasser Rafsanjani tried to take over a ranch named "Sarin Darkia " in Fasham district -4,000,000 square meter.

This ranch belonged to a rancher who owned cattle (1500 sheep) with his brother, and who was very much against handing his land to Rafsanajani. In this regard, Yasser Rafsanajani while threatened this person had said: "Give up this ranch since I am resolved to get this from the government".

Sharing imports and exports with Aunty

Mrs. Faezeh Rafsanjani along with her aunty – Mrs. Bahremani- who is 70 years old bought a land 30,000,000 (equal to 3000 hectares) in FirousKooh plane to construct a horse riding club. The price of the land was 45,000,000,000 Rials.

We have to remind our readers that Mrs. Bahremani's main interest lies with petrol exports. She is a main partner to Faeze Rafsanajani.

Organization of EMDAD Tourism under Rafsanjani clan

Yasser Rafsanjani ( Rafsanjani's son) established an organization called " Emdad Jahangardi". This organization's mandate was to provide with on-road repairs as a partner to "Iran Khordo" company (A car manufacture company).

This new organization was to receive 40,000 Rials for each product of "Iran Khodro" company for its services to the company. This amount is of course apart from the projected amount due to services provided on the road.

In view of the high manufacturing rate of Iran Khodro Company – production line reaches 400 thousand cars- annual interest of this company for providing services would reach a charming figure of 400,000 (annual production rate of Iran Khodro) times 40,000 (amount received for each production ) would equal to……….

Building a Lake

Yasser Hashemi initiated a business for repair and reconstruction on the lake in Boushehr at high cost of 30,000,000,000 Rials.

It is worth noting that near the aforementioned lake there are two other repair companies at work at the moment, belonging to the Navy.

In order to prevent collision of interest, the Navy had proposed Yasser Rafsanjani, hiring the companies, which was not accepted.

Running a separate lake for repair would constitute a parallel work supervising services to ships that carry smuggled goods.


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yes there is corruption, but I am not about to go by something that NCR says --- where is the direct link to Fars - that this report is supposed to have appeared?

I don't think the Iranian government would approve of such an article to begin with. However, assuming that 5% of these allegations were true; I cannot imagine that Sheikh Rafsanjani would not know about these things.

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  • Veteran Member
The currupt millionaire mullah of iran! Rafsanjani

Didn't he express grief in some form (by resignation from some post?) over the victory of Ahmadinejad?

I'm not surprised to know that people accuse him of being corrupt and wealthy.

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Reports such as these have been circulating about Rafsanjani for the last few months even in IR backed papers, they are being pushed by Ahamdinijad. That is why there is such a strong power struggle between Ahamdinijad and Rafsanjani. Thats why Rafsanjani was the biggest backer of the Mousavi campaign.

This was one of the reasons why Ahmadinijad's numbers in the Elections were so high, people in Iran, even liberals are supporting him because he is finaly pushing to expose Rafsanjani.


Iran had been put in to a state of mass confusion after the election results and it is the work of Hashemi-Rafsanjani.

He is pushing these protestors to continue what they are doing. It has been Rafsanjani the entire time, here is a video of his wife calling on people to take to the streets:


His wife is instigating the riots:

' Iran: Rafsanjani's Wife Calls for Street Protests if Cheating Occurs in Election

unattributed article: "It seems;" Subheaded 'If Musavi does not become president, people should protest in the streets!'


Saturday, June 13,

Document Type: OSC Translated Text

While four days ago, Hashemi-Rafsanjani had indirectly threatened street riots in a letter to the Supreme Leader, after having cast her vote in a ballot box in Jamaran's Hoseynieh, Rafsanjani's wife claimed that if there is no cheating, Musavi will become president and if there is cheating, people should pour into the streets in protest.

Having cast her vote, Effat Mar'ashi addressed the people and the reporters and said: You have been witness that I wrote Mir Hoseyn Musavi in my vote and I hope that no cheating takes place, because if such a thing happens, I will not forgive them on Serat Bridge (according to Muslim belief, the bridge that people have to cross to enter heaven).

She then launched an attack against Dr Ahmadinejhad and said: I hope Ahmadinejhad and his Khavarej friends (according to the Koran, a group of traitors who betrayed Imam Ali in the Saffeyn war) receive their response from the people. Hashemi-Rafsanjani's wife referred to the president's statements during the debate with Musavi and said: Why does he talk such rubbish and accuse my children of stealing? Mar'ashi claimed that if there is no cheating, Musavi will become president, but we hope to God that they do not cheat, because if they do people will pour into the streets and will protest.

(Description of Source: Tehran Javan in Persian Tehran Javan in Persian -- strongly conservative Tehran daily believed to be close to the Revolution Guards Cor

This has all been a movement from Rafsanjani to secure more power for him self. He wants Ahamadinijad to stop the investigations/accusations against him. He is destabilizing the country to force Sayed Khamenie to come to an agreement between him self and Ahamadinijad that would force Ahamadinijad to stop his corruption allegations.

Mousavi is just a tool of Rafsanjani. Rafsanjani funded Mousavi's campaign and has been pushing him to call for a recount and enflame peoples passions to take to the streets.

Rafsanjani is just trying to secure his power. He also pushed Mousavi to put various things in to his campaign forum that were of direct benifit to Rafsanjani, such as the idea of taking away the Baseeji forces from the WF and giving them to local police and governers. As Rafsanjani has tons of corrupt politicians and officials on his payroll moving the baseej away fro WF would be just one more power under his belt.

He him self is trying to become the next WF, he knows that he can not secure the position, so he has recently been trying to push the idea that WF should be changed to a council, that way he could get on to the council.

Due to the riots that Rafsanjani has been instigating, the government was forced to shut down forms of communication such as sms text messaging, as well as slowing down interent and shutting down some phone lines, to prevent enemies of Iran and oportunists to be able to organize quickly.

No doubt that Agents of Isreal, U.s and Saudi Arabia/other gulf countries are taking advantage of the situation and stirring trouble in Iran.

The whole situation is causing mass confusion. I pray that Iran puts the whole thing under controll very quickly.

Rafsanjani is Just 1 of the unfortunatly many corrupt mullah/politicians in Iran that need to be taken out.

Mehdy Karoobi is another.

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yes there is corruption, but I am not about to go by something that NCR says --- where is the direct link to Fars - that this report is supposed to have appeared?


If I were Iranian I would have voted for Ahmadi Nejad in the recent election. But I do not agree to the character assassination campaign going on against Hashmi Rafsanjani either. If any one has solid evidence of corruption the correct method is that he should prove in a court of law. The media trial is against the norms of justice as well as Islam. Had there been any element of truth in these allegations why would Rahbar have appointed him chairman of expediency council? Isn't the act of appointing a corrupt man as a chairman itself corruption? We must understand that we can not malign Mr. Rafsajani without insulting Rahbar and if we are pointing fingers at Rahbar then we are maligning the whole system

Edited by Sayyid
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This article alleges that this whole episode is more complex than it seems.

It has typos and (as yet) unsubstantiated allegations namely:

i) The claim of there being an effort to replace the function of Rahbah with a Council;

ii) The claim of there having been a reshuffle in the IRGC command structure;

Otherwise it seems fair with regard to the IRGC takeover of the Oil Ministry.

Do debate if you agree/disagree with the author. I hope to see some Irani responses. If this is pure speculative rubbish, please refute it.

Some old references recording the IRGC's takeover of the Oil Ministry are here:





Iran’s Many Wars

June 25, 2009

by Behzad Yaghmaian


A specter is haunting Iran, the specter of a bloody civil war. Underneath the heroic movement for democracy by millions of Iranians, we are witnessing the final acts of a protracted war for the control of the Iranian economy, and the possibility of violent confrontations within the conservative block that ruled the country in the past thirty years.

June 12th was a coup d’état by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) against Hashemi Rafsanjani and his family oligarchy. The Iranian economy has been the private turf of a handful of economic and political mafias since the revolution. Hashemi Rafsanjani and his extended family were among the first groups benefiting from Iran’s crony capitalism.

Using his political influence as President of Iran, and Speaker of the Parliament, Rafsanjani created a vast family dynasty. Initiating the liberalization of the economy after the war with Iraq, Rafsanjani ushered an ambitious privatization program, allowing members of his family, and other insiders, to take possession of state property at far bellow market prices. The family made a fortune when Rafsanjani opened the oil industry to private Iranian contractors. By the end of the 1990s, the economic power of the family was unparalleled in Iran’s private sector. In recent years, however, the family dynasty has been facing fierce competition, particularly from IRGC.

Since the 1990s, IRGC slowly transformed itself from a sheer military force, to a complex military, political, and economic oligarchy in control of main arteries of the Iranian economy. It is now a large holding company with multi-billion dollar, legal and illegal, contracts in oil, water, electricity, transport, foreign trade, and other economic sectors.

In 1999, Mehdi Karrubi, then the Speaker of the Parliament, made public IRGC’s smuggling activities through sixty illegal docs. In May 2004, hours after the grand opening of Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, armed members of IRGC stormed the compound, closing it down for alleged security reasons. It was later revealed that, using the airport, IRGC had been smuggling goods to the country.

The 2005 presidential victory of Mahmood Ahmadinejad, a former Revolutionary Guard, provided IRGC with a new advantage in its economic war with competitors. Rafsanjani ran unsuccessfully against Ahmadinejad, losing the race due to widespread vote rigging. The election was a turning point in the relationship between ITGC and Rafsanjani. The economic war intensified.

Ahmadinejad vowed to fight and eliminate the “oil mafia.” Appointing veteran guardsmen to cabinet positions, he gave IRGC the control of nine ministries, including Defense, Energy, and the lucrative Ministry of Petroleum, a stronghold of Rafsanjani family, the “oil mafia.”Access to the oil industry proved instrumental for IRGC. The economic war entered a new stage. IRGC aggressively penetrated areas once dominated by the Rafsanjani family.

Since the election of Ahmadinejad in 2005, the National Oil Company of Iran awarded IRGC a no-bid contract to develop the 15th and 16th phases of South Pars Gas, and another contract to build a 600-mile “peace pipeline” from Iran to Pakistan and India. IRGC also received a large contract to build a 900-kilometer pipeline from the Persian Gulf in the south to Sistan and Baluchestan in Iran’s southeast.

Aided by the increase in oil prices, Ahmadinajad pursued populist economic policies, gaining the support of a noticeable section of the electorate. High oil revenue, for a short period, reduced tension between different oligarchies. The decline in oil prices, however, ended the period of peaceful coexistence. A showdown was inevitable. It came during the recent Presidential Elections.

Mahmood Ahamadinejad’s attack on Rafsanjani and his family during his televised debate with Mir Hossein Mousavi was a calculated move, a political maneuver paving the ground for an all out war in later weeks and months. Rafsanjani requested permission to defend himself on Iran’s state-owned television network. His request was rejected. He formally complained to Ayatollah Khamenei. He was ignored, and silenced in the days that followed. Declaring victory in the elections, Ahmadinejad promised to prosecute and bring to justice those he assaulted during his campaign.

The days following June 12th were full of unanticipated developments. Millions of the Iranians poured into the streets, protesting on daily basis. Supporters of Ahmadinejad also waged two separate rallies in Qom, and in front of the Ministry of Justice in Tehran, with slogans against Rafsanjani. Addressing his supporters during Friday prayers at Tehran University on June 19th, Ayatollah Khamenei suggested dealing with Rafsanjani’s family’s economic misconducts through legal channels, while giving full support to Mahmood Ahmadinejad, and ordering a crackdown of all protests. The IRGC coup d’état seemed to have achieved its goal.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s orders to shoot, however, failed to stop people’s fury. The day after, millions poured to the streets of Tehran in an open defiance of the Supreme Leader. Many died, more injured. Violence, however, failed to stop the popular cry for democracy. Unanticipated by IRGC and the Supreme Leader, the continuing street protests opened a new front, influencing the future of the economic war, its winners, and its loses. The powerful democracy movement became the wild card in the battle for the control of Iran, and a possible savior of Rafsanjani in his final battle for survival.

Failing to negotiate a deal, Rafsanjani traveled to Qom, lobbying high-ranking clerics, and using his influence as the head of the Assembly of Experts to create The Council of Leaders to replace Ayatollah Khamenei. Empowered by the constitution to appoint and dismiss the Supreme Leader, the Assembly of Experts is Rafsanjani’s last legal resort in his long battle with IRG and Ayatollah Khamenei.

The removal of the Supreme Leader, if approved by the Assembly of Experts, may, however, prove costly and dangerous, risking a confrontation between various military factions within the ruling elite. Anticipating such an outcome, the Supreme Leader has ordered a reshuffling of top IRGC commanders, removing those suspected of loyalty to Rafsanjani.

Not a monolithic organization, in its leadership, and among the ordinary guards, IRGC may also face possible internal rifts, fracturing in the days and weeks to come. More than one-third of IRGC’s rank and file voted for Mohammad Khatami and his reformist platform in 1997. Dissertation and refusal to shoot at demonstrators remains a possibility. The continuation of the protests may also result in rifts within the Security forces, and the army.

The fight for political reform is intertwined with an entrenched factional struggle within the regime. Unlike 1979 when Iranians fought against a single, and undivided, political and military regime, Iran’s current political elite is divided. Different armed groups back various conservative factions. The rift within the Islamic Republic may be a blessing for the democracy movement, a breathing space for regrouping, and moving forward. It may also be a recipe for an uncontrolled factional violence. The democracy movement may become collateral damage in a larger war. The future remains unclear.

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Had there been any element of truth in these allegations why would Rahbar have appointed him chairman of expediency council? Isn't the act of appointing a corrupt man as a chairman itself corruption? We must understand that we can not malign Mr. Rafsajani without insulting Rahbar and if we are pointing fingers at Rahbar then we are maligning the whole system

What a display of Socratic logic.

You are effectively saying that Rafsanajani is too innocent due to the fact that he was appointed chairman of the Expediency Council and his corruption would mean corruption of the Supreme Leader.

So because he is appointed by the Leader means that he is not corrupt.

People can derive a completely opposite conclusion from the above line of reasoning.

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If I were Iranian I would have voted for Ahmadi Nejad in the recent election. But I do not agree to the character assassination campaign going on against Hashmi Rafsanjani either. If any one has solid evidence of corruption the correct method is that he should prove in a court of law. The media trial is against the norms of justice as well as Islam. Had there been any element of truth in these allegations why would Rahbar have appointed him chairman of expediency council? Isn't the act of appointing a corrupt man as a chairman itself corruption? We must understand that we can not malign Mr. Rafsajani without insulting Rahbar and if we are pointing fingers at Rahbar then we are maligning the whole system

Is the Chairman of Expediency Council appointed?

My view was that he is elected as the Chairman just as he was in the Majlias. Can someone clarify?

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There probably are corrupt politicians in Iran. If Rafsanjani is one then probably there are many more like him. :squeez:

Why accuse him unnecessary? We probably have no way to validate these claims. :squeez:

And this is not actually breaking news...but the timing is well.... :squeez:

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And this is not actually breaking news...but the timing is well.... :squeez:


I agree it's not exactly breaking news. I came across an article by Behzad Yaghmaian posted above which claims that the whole reformist movement has effectively been reduced to pawns in a battle to control wealth between the IRGC and Rafsanjanai - in some way even Ahmadinejad is just IRGC's pawn if the article is to be believed. All other coverage of Rafsanjani tend to pit Rafsanjani vs Ahmadinejad, or even Mousavi vs Ahmadinejad.

I take the article with a pinch of salt and am hoping to see a strong refutation from an Iranian member of SC. If there is truth in it then this crisis will turn uglier and uglier.

We don't want that!

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IRGC and Rafsanjanai - in some way even Ahmadinejad is just IRGC's pawn if the article is to be believed. All other coverage of Rafsanjani tend to pit Rafsanjani vs Ahmadinejad, or even Mousavi vs Ahmadinejad.


You do know most people don't desire to become a politician/leader because they are interested to help poor people. :squeez:

And yes, i think this is just more than who is going to be the next President of Iran. This election could also be about who is going to succeed Ayat. Khamenei. I say succeed as in a natural successor and not as a hostile takeover.

There are two people who would like to succeed him; Rafsanjani and a friend of Mr AJ. But I don't think either of them will succeed Ayat. Khamenei,

This is just my personal view and I can be wrong.

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I agree it's not exactly breaking news. I came across an article by Behzad Yaghmaian posted above which claims that the whole reformist movement has effectively been reduced to pawns in a battle to control wealth between the IRGC and Rafsanjanai - in some way even Ahmadinejad is just IRGC's pawn if the article is to be believed. All other coverage of Rafsanjani tend to pit Rafsanjani vs Ahmadinejad, or even Mousavi vs Ahmadinejad.

I take the article with a pinch of salt and am hoping to see a strong refutation from an Iranian member of SC. If there is truth in it then this crisis will turn uglier and uglier.

We don't want that!

^The article's tone approaches that of reality, but in some of its evaluations and conclusions of what transpired and what may transpire, it is not accurate.

Small example: That the IRGC implemented a coup against Rafsanjani. This is a half-accurate evaluation. It is true that the IRGC has grown immensely powerful and increasingly independent lately, and that it implemented a coup. However, the coup wasn't against Rafsanjani (or Mousavi). It was against someone else. Someone who represented the establishment ... not someone in relative opposition.

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^The article's tone approaches that of reality, but in some of its evaluations and conclusions of what transpired and what may transpire, it is not accurate.

Small example: That the IRGC implemented a coup against Rafsanjani. This is a half-accurate evaluation. It is true that the IRGC has grown immensely powerful and increasingly independent lately, and that it implemented a coup. However, the coup wasn't against Rafsanjani (or Mousavi). It was against someone else. Someone who represented the establishment ... not someone in relative opposition.

Who is this someone else? Who are the leaders of this IRGC 'takeover'?

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The someone else is Ayatollah Khamenei. The elements here are the military leadership of the IRGC, AN, and the clerical elements that usually back AN, and the IRCG's considerable presence in Parliament. It really isn't a 'takeover' or a proper coup. Its more like the eventual culmination of what has been a gradual process. Ayatollah Khamenei has been steadily in decline and the IRGC has been steadily on the rise, but the scales have always been tipped in Ayatollah Khamenei's favor up until the elections which tipped them the other way.

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If I were Iranian I would have voted for Ahmadi Nejad in the recent election. But I do not agree to the character assassination campaign going on against Hashmi Rafsanjani either. If any one has solid evidence of corruption the correct method is that he should prove in a court of law. The media trial is against the norms of justice as well as Islam. Had there been any element of truth in these allegations why would Rahbar have appointed him chairman of expediency council? Isn't the act of appointing a corrupt man as a chairman itself corruption? We must understand that we can not malign Mr. Rafsajani without insulting Rahbar and if we are pointing fingers at Rahbar then we are maligning the whole system

How solid does the evidence need to be? How did all the Rafsanjanis make it into such positions of influence, and how did Mr Rafsanjani himself acquire such massive wealth, other than by virtue of his position? Which Rafsanjani was put in charge of the state oil company - and was his surname a mere coincidence?

Imam Ali (a.s.) - whom we all purport to follow!! - himself purposely lived like the poorest man in the region even though he was Caliph - please compare and contrast. It isn't character assassination if it's blindingly clear. Next you'll tell me Iran is a meritocracy!

Now because Rahbar makes a speech this is supposed to be a closed subject. Blind obedience isn't piety, my brother.

Credit to Ahmedinjad, he lives humbly. I used to think "what is the point of a humble leader who can't control inflation and does not know the meaning of diplomacy" - then I learnt that under Rafsanjani inflation went up to almost 50%. So that's 2/3 brownie points to A-Jad.

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The someone else is Ayatollah Khamenei. The elements here are the military leadership of the IRGC, AN, and the clerical elements that usually back AN, and the IRCG's considerable presence in Parliament. It really isn't a 'takeover' or a proper coup. Its more like the eventual culmination of what has been a gradual process. Ayatollah Khamenei has been steadily in decline and the IRGC has been steadily on the rise, but the scales have always been tipped in Ayatollah Khamenei's favor up until the elections which tipped them the other way.
Any one who has been following Iranian politics already knew this was coming.

(salam) both,

Thank you. I feel a bit depressed now... So it never was just an election issue.

No wonder email replies are not forthcoming or else cryptic.

Al-ajal al-ajal ya mawlay ya Sahibazzaman (as)...

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(salam) both,

Thank you. I feel a bit depressed now... So it never was just an election issue.

No wonder email replies are not forthcoming or else cryptic.

Al-ajal al-ajal ya mawlay ya Sahibazzaman (as)...

I understand that emotions are high and that these are tense times for the Islamic Republic and all those who want to see it thrive, but allow me to assert that one shouldn't be depressed over the situation. I don't want to explain in detail (yet) but what is happening right now is, in a way, quite overdue and quite inevitable, and will probably be for the better. What we are witnessing is history taking its course and catching up with Islamic Republic; a course that is convoluted in the helical clash of dialectic discourse, and just like any good part of history, it is necessarily turbulent.

Look at the bigger picture my brothers and sisters. Don't look at Iran through a 30 year old lens. Instead, consider it through a 1400 year old lens, and inform your perceptive through the past 30 years in a historical context. The Islamic Republic isn't going anywhere; instead, history is necessitating reformation upon the Islamic republic. There will be violence, there will be blood, and there will be setbacks; but out of the chaos and rubble, a better Iran will emerge and the Islamic Republic will see its spring once again.

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