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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Honouring the Prophet

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Ya Ali Madaad

Only Shias Love Prophet Mohammad

Shias brothers and sisters often get asked silly questions by muslims of other devious sects. These lost muslims have no right to ask us questions when they themselves believe in wrong things about Holy Prophet Mohammed. In fact, they even say wrong things about Allah. Here are few examples to bare in mind when talking to the fanatics.

If you ask them what is their bellief about the Holy Prophet, you will notice that to them he is a not a perfect guide. He is simply an error prone postman who delivers a holy book to humanity. Once the book is delivered, they dont need him anymore, telling him your words are not needed, book of God is sufficient. They even accuse him of sometimes losing his mind.

Their version of the Prophet is someone who is an ordinary human being like you and me. To them, he was not a Prophet until the age of 40. They claim that God made him a Prophet only when he reached 40. This makes him lower than then Jesus, who was they admit was born a Prophet.

These stray muslims also believe that Prophet could make mistakes. They assert that Muhammad was a sinner. You should go and ask them: What kind of a Prophet do you believe. How can you say God's last Holy Messenger was a sinner. How can you place him below other prophets. You believe that Jesus was perfect, Mary was perfect, while Prophet Mohammed was full of sins and errors. Tell them its very disrespectful. This is no way to honour the Holy Prophet.

From this ridiculous belief of theirs you can see why they an issue with accepting a perfect successor of Mohammad. These muslims who insult the Prophet will never be able to understand the perfect ande Infallible Imam Ali when they don’t even accept Mohammed as an Infallible Guide. Prophet had predicted that only those who take me as their Master will take Ali as their Master. Dirty hearts are worthy of neither Mohammed nor Ali. God's Light enters only the pure heart of Momins.

While our silly muslim brothers continue to assert that Prophet was mere mortal who could sin and make mistakes, then how on earth can we expect them to believe that Ali was sinless and mistakeless. Its not going to work. We should stop expecting these absurd muslims will ever be ready to understand Ali if they still refuse to have clean faith about Prophet Mohammad. For example, an Atheist will never accept Holy Quran as a book of God when he does not even believe in God. Priorities have to be set correctly. Monkeys have to be first told that there is a God who has made them. Only then can these apes become human and be shown what the Quran is.

Similarly, our astray muslim brothers and sisters, who don’t even believe perfection of Prophet Mohammed, then it is obvious that they won’t accept Ali or the 12 Imams as perfect guides to humanity. Therefore, the advice is that you should not present the Holy Imams to those who do not first accept Holiness and perfection of God’s last Messenger. Naturally, it would be a waste of time arguing with them before their basic beliefs are corrected. Until they purify the filth they believe about the Holy Prophet, their hearts will not be able to see the Light of God which He placed in Ali. Think about it.

So, when debating with the silly extremists, simply remind them to stop saying wrong things about the Prophet. Ask them not to degrade the honour of the Prophet by believing wrong things about him. In the Shahada, they do say Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; but then they go on say he was not a perfect messenger. I mean, what kind of stupid belief is this. It is very insulting to the Prophet. They need to correct their basic Aqeeda. Until they believe this sort of rubbish, they will never comprehend the height at which Imam Ali is positioned by God.

Remember, these silly muslims are desperate. That is why the things they say about Shias are complete lies. Its all propaganda against Shias. They are getting desperate. We know they can’t challenge the Shias because our belief perfect. Our Leaders are perfect. Our Holy Prophet is perfect. And our God is perfect. God bless Prophet and his holy family.

If you look at their leaders, they are all imperfect and many are former enemies of God. They should clean their own dirty house before trying to tell us what the truth is.


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Atheists insult me by saying my dad was a monkey.

I get angry at this.

God insults the disbelievers and hypocrites in his Holy Book the Quran.

Thats because they insult him.

He is also going to burn them in Hell on the Day of Judgement.

Anyone who mocks God, His Prophets, His chosen leaders,

or even true believers, God will be their Judge and He will give them a severe penatly.

If you mess with God's Friends, He will deal with you.

Ya Ali Madaad !!

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