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is it true?

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I know that wahabi have a list at 50 points when it come to shia muslims, there many of points are lie or [Edited Out]..

but i found this list on internett today, have anyone seen it before?


You have perfectly proven yourself as one thick Nasibi adherent of corwards who throughout their lvies kept running from challenges. What you have been doing uptil now was copy paste and was lioving in your own world by thinking that all of your posts have been creating nay affect in thos forum, anyhow, I have reazlied that the best way to reply to thick Nasibi heads is to do the same thing i.e. keep copy pasting things and do not argue, so have a look at this:

01. Allah tells a lie (Na'uzubillah). [Fatawa Rasheediyah' by Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi, page 237]

02. Allah cheats and mocks (Na'uzubillah). [sefat Allah by Alawi al-Saqaaf, page 89]

03. Allah is the root source of all evils (Na'uzubillah). [Musnad Abu Hanifa, page 152]

04. Allah’s leg will be in hell (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari Arabic-English Volume 6 hadith number 371 translated by Dr Muhsin Khan]

05. Allah sits on the throne in a cross legged position (Na'uzubillah). [Ebtal al-Tawilat, by Imam Abu Y'ala al-Fara, Volume 1 page 189]

06. Allah can be jealous (Na'uzubillah). [sefat Allah by Alawi al-Saqaaf, page 160]

07. Allah is exactly same as human being with the exception of only two qualities (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Qawasim min al-Awasim by Abu bakr ibn al-Arabi , page 209]

08. Allah created the angels from His arm and chest (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Sunnah by Abdullah Ibn Ahmad ibn Hanbal, page 190]

09. Allah could travel over a mosquito (Na'uzubillah). [Aqa'id al-Salaf by Imam Darami, page 443]

10. Allah has suffers from weight gain (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Sunnah by Abdullah Ibn Ahmad ibn Hanbal, page 161]

11. Allah performs jogging (Na'uzubillah). [Alawi al-Saqaaf, page 232]

12. It is permissible to write the Quran with urine (Na'uzubillah). [Fatawi Qazi Khan page 780 "Chapter al Khathur"]

13. Ibn Umar believed that most of the Quran has been lost (Na'uzubillah). [Tafsir Duure Manthur, Volume 1 page 104]

14. Tahreef has been done in Quran (Na'uzubillah). [Faiz al Bari Shrah Sahih Bukhari, Volume 3 page 395, Kitab al Shahadaat, published in India]

15. Quran was revealed according to the opinions of Umar (Na'uzubillah). [Tareekh Khulfa, page 110]

16. Mothers of believers believed that Tahreeh has taken place in Surah Baqra verse 238 (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Muslim Book 004, Number 1316]

17. Ayesha believed that some verses of Quran were eaten by goat (Na'uzubillah). [sunan Ibn Majah, Book of Suckling, Hadith No. 2020]

18. “ILAA AJALIN-MUSAMMA” has been removed from the Quran (Na’uzubillah). [Tafseer Durre Manthur, Volume 2 pages 140-141]

19. Original Quran has 40 Parahs/Juz (Na'uzubillah). [Fatah al Bari, Volume 9 page 95]

20. Ibn Abbas [ra] believed that there was a mistake in Surah Ra’ad because of the sleepy scribe (Na'uzubillah). [Fatah al Bari, Volume 8 page 373]

21. Pious Tabayeen and Sahaba believed that there was a mistake in Surah Aal e Imran verse 81 (Na'uzubillah). [Tafseer Tabari, Volume 6 page 554]

22. A word in Surah Bani Israil verse 23 got changed due to rough use of ink by the scribe (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Itqan, Volume 1 page 542]

23. Umar and some other Sahaba throughout their lives recited an incorrect word in Surah Juma verse 9 (Na'uzubillah). [Tafseer Dur e Manthur, Volume 6 page 219]

24. Sahabi Ibn Masud beleived that Tahreef took place in Surah Zukhraf verse 45 (Na'uzubillah). [Tafseer Dur al Manthur, Volume 7 page 382]

25. Ibn Abbas [ra] and Saeed bin Jubayr marked a mistake in Surah Nur verse 27 (Na'uzubillah). [Tafseer Tabari, Volume 18 page 146]

26. Ibn Abbas [ra] marked a mistake in Surah Nur, verse 35 (Na'uzubillah). [Tafseer Ibn Abi Hatim, Volume 8 page 2595]

27. Ayesha rejected the authenticity of the Quran by pointintg out four mistakes in it (Na'uzubillah). [Tafseer Thalabi, Volume 6 page 250]

28. Uthman testified that some Quranic words were incorrectly transcribed Na'uzubillah). [Tafseer Ma'alam al Tanzeel, Volume 3 page 361]

29. Uthman intentionally or inadvertently made some changes in Quran (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Ahkam fe usul Al-Ahkam, Volume 1 page 528]

30. Salaf used to deny & change Quranic verses (Na'uzubillah). [Majmua al-Fatawa Volume 12 page 492]

31. Prophet committed Tahrif of the Quran by coming under the influence of Shaitan (Na'uzubillah). [Tafseer Dur al Manthur, Vol 4 page 367]

32. Prophet remained an idol worshiper for 40 years Na'uzubillah). [Fakhruddin al Razi, Volume 8 page 424]

33. Holy Prophet was unaware of the correct religion and guidance (Na'uzubillah). [Aysar al-Tafasir by Abu Bakr al-Jazaeri, volume 5 page 2070]

34. Prophet (s) entered the Mosque to lead Salat in an impure state (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari, Book of Ghusl Volume 1, Book 5, Number 274]

35. Prophet (s) would urinate standing up (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Muslim, Book of purification Book 002, Number 0523]

36. Prophet (s) prioritized searching for a necklace over Salat (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari, Book of Tayamum Volume 1, Book 7, Number 330]

37. The shrine of Holy Prophet should be bulldozed (Na'uzubillah). [Tuhfat al-Mujib by Muqbel al-Wadei, page 406]

38. Holy Prophet contemplated adultery (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Ibn Habban, Volume 14 page 169]

39. Prophet was busy in intercourse even in the moments preceding his death (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 144]

40. Prophet tried to make romance with his wife in front of strangers (Na'uzubillah). [usud al-Ghaba by Imam Ibn Athir, Volume 1 page 56]

41. Holy Prophet consumed alcohol (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Muajam al-Kabir, Volume 2 page 14 Tradition 1177]

42. Prophetic Hadith should be rubbed with pig’s tale (Na'uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 401]

43. Abu Hainfa’s edicts were better than Prophet’s knowledge (Na'uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 401]

44. Holy Prophet had his eye on someone else’s wife (Na'uzubillah). [Tafsir Fatah al-Qadir, Volume 4 page 404]

45. Rasulallah (s) would give sex advice sessions to the Sahaba in the presence of Ayesha (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Muslim Book Haid 003, Number 0685]

46. Rasulullah (s) would read the Quran using Ayesha's lap whilst she was menstruating (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 6, Number 295]

47. Rasulullah (s) would discuss matters relating to male genitalia with a non-mahram woman (Na'uzubillah). [Muatta of Imam Malik, Book 2, Number 2.16.60]

48. Shaytan can take the form of the Prophet (s) (Na'uzubillah). [Al Waseela, by Ibn Tamiyah, translated into Urdu by Ehsan Ali Zaheer page 41, (Idara Tarjamun ul Sunna - Sheeysh Muhall)]

49. Shaytan fears Umar and not the Holy Prophet (s) (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Tirmidhi, Volume 3 page 206 Hadith 2913]

50. Sahaba accused Prophet of talking nonsense (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari, Volume 9 hadith number 468 and Volume 4 hadith 393]

51. If for example Prophet is born after the Prophet (s), it still does not affect his position as the Seal of all Prophets (Na'uzubillah). [Tahzeer ul Naas, page 25]

52. The traits of Shakhayn (Abu Bakar and Umar) resemble to the traits of prophets (Na'uzubillah). [Maktubaat Imam Rabbani, Volume 1 page 425 Letter 251]

53. A Deobandi Maulana saved Rasulullah (s) from falling in to Hell (Na'uzubillah). [al Balagha Ahraan, by Maulana Hussain Ali Bujruwee, page 8]

54. Rasulullah (s) was taught Urdu by the Deobandies (Na'uzubillah). [Al Baraheyn ul Qatiya, by Rashid Ahmad Gangohi, page 26 (published in Kutubkhana Imdaadeyaa, Deoband, Uttar Pradesh)]

55. The knowledge held by Prophet was also held by epileptics and the insane, the animals and the beasts (Na'uzubillah). [Hifzul Iman, by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thavi, page 8]

56. The Deobandi substitution of the Kalima with the name of one of their Ulema (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Imdad, issue for the month of Safar, by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi 1336 A.H., circa 1918, page 35]

57. Sayyida Fatima (as) embraces a Deobandi Scholar (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Ifaazaatul Yaumiyah, Volume 6 page 37]

58. Sayyida Fatima (as) dressed a Deobandi mullah (Na'uzubillah). [siraat e Mustaqeem, page 315]

59. Imam Hussain [as] was justly killed by Yazeed (Na'uzubillah). [-Jame al-Saghir, Volume 1 page 365]

60. Imam Hussain [as] made a mistake by doing a 'rebellion' (Na'uzubillah). [Muhadrat fi Tarikh al-Umam al-Islamyia, Volumne 2 page 129]

61. Lady Ayesha performed Ghusl before men (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Muslim, Book 003, Number 0626]

62. Ayesha was not sure if Holy Prophet would tell truth (Na'uzubillah). [ihya Ulum-id-din by Imam Ghazzali, Volume 2 page 36]

63. Ayesha and Hafsa tried to create rift between Prophet and his wife Zainab by attributing a lie to Him (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 434]

64. Ayesha tried to incite Prophet's wife Malika against Him (Na'uzubillah). [Tabaqat Ibn Saad, Volume 8 page 148]

65. Ayesha would give sex advice to the Sahaba (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Muslim Book 3, Number 0684]

66. Some of the Sahabah were adulterers and drunkards (Na'uzubillah). [sharh al-Aqyda al-Tahawyia, Volume1 page 284]

67. Some of the Sahaba were Kaafirs (Na'uzubillah). [Risala Kashf al-Shubahat, page 33]

68. The Prophet cited the existence of twelve hypocrites in the shape of the Sahaba (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Muslim, Book 038, Number 6688]

69. Majority of the Sahaba and Tabayeen became hypocrites and Kafirs by opposing Ali bin Abi Talib (Na'uzubillah). [Minhaj al Sunnah, Volume 7, page 137-138]

70. Some of the Sahabah went astray and became Fasiq (Na'uzubillah). [sharh al-Maqasid Volume 2 page 306]

71. Some of the Sahaba issued takfeer against one another (Na'uzubillah). [Marifat al-Ruwah, page 4]

72. The Sahaba alleged that the Holy Prophet was a thief (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Dur al-Manthur, Volume 2 page 361]

73. The Sahaba utilized the Mosque to enable female voyeurism (Na'uzubillah). [silsila Sahiha, Volume 5 page 608]

74. Sahaba abandoned the Prophet during his sermon so as to attend a caravan (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Muslim Book 004, Number 1877]

75. Sahaba became apostate after Prophet’s death (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari, Volume 8 Hadith 587]

76. Abu Bakar and Iblis were equal in faith (Na'uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 376]

77. Abu Bakar, Umar and Uthman tried to assassinate the Prophet during the expedition of Tabuk (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Muhala, Volume 11 page 224]

78. Sahabi Mughira opened the door of bribery in Islam (Na'uzubillah). [Tarikh Dimashq, Volume 60 pafe 40]

79. Abu Hurairah was a corrupt governor that lived off Haram earnings (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Iqd al-Farid, Volume 1 page 13]

80. Sahabi Abu Talha would ate ice whilst fasting (Na'uzubillah). [silsila Zaefa, Volume 1 page 140]

81. Sahabi Ubada bin al-Saamit used to attribute lies to the Holy Prophet (Na'uzubillah). [Musnaf Ibn Abi Sheybah, Volume 5 page 297 Tradition 363]

82. Umar and Ibn Umar would busy themselves with killing lice whilst praying (Na'uzubillah). [Kanzl al-Umal, Volume 8 page 216]

83. Umar consumed alcohol (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Mustatraf, Volume 2 page 499]

84. Umar threatened to burn Fatima Zahra [sa] alive along with other people in the house (Na'uzubillah). [ibn Abi Shebah, Volume 7 page 432 Tradition 37045]

85. Sahabi Qudama bin Madhou'n consumed alcohol (Na'uzubillah). [al-Tamheed wa'l Bayan fi Maqtal al Shaheed Uthman, page 186]

86. Sahabi Samra bin Jandab used to sell alcohol and Umar cursed him for that (Na'uzubillah). [Musnad Ahmed bin Hanbal, Volume 1 page 25 Tradition 170]

87. Umar deemed the Sahabi Ruwaished al-Thaqafi a Fasiq for selling alcohol (Na'uzubillah). [Tahdir al-Sajid, page 57]

88. Sahabi Talha prevented water to be given to Uthman before his murder (Na'uzubillah). [Ansab al-Ashraf, Volume 2 pages 292-293]

89. Sahabi Zubair killed Uthman and cunningly sought to avenge his murder (Na'uzubillah). [History of al-Tabari, English Edition, Volume 16 pages 125-126]

90. Sahabi Amro bin Badil al-Khazai struck Uthman with a word and killed him (Na'uzubillah). [Tarikh Madina, Volume 4 page 1303]

91. The Sahaba used to masturbate (Na'uzubillah). [bada'i al-Fuwa'id, Volume 4 page 129]

92. Muawiyah tolerated a person praising his mother’s genitalia (Na'uzubillah). [Rawudh al-Akhbar al-Muntakhab min Rabee al-Abrar, pages 220-221]

93. Umar bin Khattab performed intercourse with a slave girl during her menses (Na'uzubillah). [sunan Behaqqi, Volume 1 page 316]

94. Sahabi Umar married a woman against her will and then raped her (Na'uzubillah). [Tabaqat Ibn Saad, Volume 8 page 265]

95. Sahabi Khawat bin Jubair Ansari raped a girl (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Wafei bil Wafyat, Volume 13 page 266]

96. Sahabi Umro bin Hamza performed Zina (Na'uzubillah). [usud al-Ghaba, Volume 1 page 846]

97. Sahabi Heet was homosexual (Na'uzubillah). [usad al-Ghaba, Volume 1 page 1319]

98. Sahabi Hakam bin al-Aas was homosexual (Na'uzubillah). [Hayat al-Haywan, Volume 2 page 247]

99. Abu Huraira was called a pig (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 59, Number 544]

100. Abu Bakar asked Urwa bin Masud Thaqafi to suck the vagina of Laat (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari, Kitab al Sharut, Chapter: al-Sharut fil Jihad, Hadith 2770]

101. Prophet Musa & Isa [as] were unsuccessful because they didn’t have qualities of Imam Abu Hanifa (Na'uzubillah). [Dur al-Mukhtar, Volume 1 page 57]

102. Abu Hanifa is superior to all prophets including Prophet Muhammad Na'uzubillah). [al-Dur al-Mukhtar, Volume 1 page 56]

103. Prophet Isa will rule as per the Madhab of Imam Abu Hanifa (Na'uzubillah). [imam e Aazam) published by M.H.Saeed Co. Karachi]

104. Prophet Ibrahim [as] lied three times (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Number 577]

105. Prophet Sulayman had sex with ninety nine women in one night (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 74]

106. Prophet Musa (as) bathed naked in the presence of his people (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari, Chapter 39, Number 5849]

107. Yazeed was sixth caliphs of Ahle Sunnah (Na'uzubillah). [sharah Fiqah Akbar, Page 70]

108. Sixth Sunni Caliph Yazeed was a homosexual (Na'uzubillah). [Tareekh Islam, Volume 1 page 634]

109. Sunni Caliph Waleed was a homosexual (Na'uzubillah). [Tarikh al-Islam, Volume 8 page 294]

110. Sunnies abandoned some Sunnah just because Shia practices them (Na'uzubillah). [Minhaj al-Sunnah, Volume 4 page 76]

111. Having sex with one's mother and murdering one's father does not lessens one's faith (Na'uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 378]

112. It is permissible to wprship a shoe (Na'uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 15 page 509]

113. If someone is not sure that Kaaba which is situated in Makka is true, he is still a Momin (Na'uzubillah). [Tarikh Baghdad, Volume 13 page 372]

114. Masturbation is Halal (Na'uzubillah). [bada'i al-Fuwa'id of Ibn Qayyim, page 129]

115. Use of a Dildoe (female sex toys) is permissible (Na'uzubillah). [bada'i al-Fuwa'id of Ibn Qayyim, page 129]

116. Having Sex with watermelons is permissible (Na'uzubillah). [bada'i al-Fuwa'id of Ibn Qayyim, page 129]

117. Imam Malik performed sodomy (Na'uzubillah). [Tafseer Durre Manthur Volume 1 page 111, Ayat Hars]

118. It is permissible for a Sunni woman to suckle a man with a beard (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Muslim Hadith Number 3426]

119. Bestiality can be performed during Hajj (Na'uzubillah). [badaye al-Sanae, Volume 2 page 216]

120. Paedophilia, Bestiality and necrophilia can be performed whilst one is Fasting (Na'uzubillah). [bada'i al-Fuwa'id of Ibn Qayyim, page 603]

121. Permissibility to pay a woman for sex, without fear of Islamic punishment Na'uzubillah). [Dur al-Mukhtar, Volume 2, Page 474]

122. No Islamic penalty to be awarded to those who perform sex with one’s mother, sister and other Mahram (Na'uzubillah). [Fatawa Qadhi Khan, Volume 4, Page 821]

123. Mu'awiyah legitimized the Adultery of his Father (Na'uzubillah). [Tareekh ul Khulafa page 175]

124. A child born our of fornication is the one with complete birth (Na'uzubillah). [Al Muhazraat, Volume 1 page 356]

125. Umar placed his hand in a camel's anus (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Tabaqat Al Kubra by Ibn Sa'd, Part 3, Page 286]

126. Umar would ask questions pertaining to sex from his own daughter (Na'uzubillah). [History of the Khalifas who took the right way, page 142]

127. Use drops of breast milk on man’s palm in order to know the gender of the unborn (Na'uzubillah). [Hayat al Hewan, Volume 2 page 567]

128. You can see and touch the body parts of an unprocessed slave-girl (Na'uzubillah). [Musnaf Abdur Razak, Volume 7 page 287 Tradition 13207]

129. Ibn Umar jumped on a girl and began kissing her in the market (Na'uzubillah). [Masail al-Imam Ahmad, page 281]

130. Muawiyah demonstrated a naked slave-girl in his court and then supplied her to men in that same condition (Na'uzubillah). [Al Badayah wal Niahayh (Urdu), Vol 8 page 992 'Wives and sons of Muawyah' published by Nafees Academy Karachi.]

131. Umar used to present his slave-girls before his guests with their hair and breasts uncovered (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Sunnan al-Kubra, Volume 2 page 227]

132. Ibn Umar would examine slave-girls by touching their private parts before buying them (Na'uzubillah). [sunnan Al-Kubra, Volume 5 page 329]

133. A Nasibi woman can perform the prayers naked her male colleagues shall abandon their work in order to stare her body (Na'uzubillah). [Al-Muhala, Kitab al-Rizaa, Volume 10 page 23]

134. A man can marry his daughter who was the result of an adulterous relationship (Na'uzubillah). [Tafseer Qurtubi, Surah 25 verse 54]

135. Muawiya’s (alleged) father Abu Sufiyan performed sex with a prostitute in front of others producing his ******* son Ziyad (Na'uzubillah). [Tareekh Kamil, Volume 3 page 301]

136. Man and woman rubbing each other’s private parts is an act of earning reward Fatwa Alamgiri, Volume 9 page 42 (Na'uzubillah). []

137. If a man cohabits with his wife, the reward of producing a child is written for him (Na'uzubillah). [ihyah Uloom al-Deen, Volume 2 page 44]

138. Some saints are superior to prophets (Na'uzubillah). [Fazaail-e-Aamaal, Virtues of Hajj, (English Translation), Chapter 9, Story no. 9, p.171, (New Edition 1982, Published by Dini Book Depot - Delhi).]

139. Prophet Muhammad was not superior to Prophet Isa [as] (Na'uzubillah). [sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 41, Number 594]

140. Hanafi Imam Mohiuddin ibn Mustafa (d. 950 A.H) was able to read Loh al-Mehfooz (Na'uzubillah). [shadraat al-Dhahab fi Akhbaar min Dhahab, Volume 8, page 286]

141. Abu Bakr foretold the gender of a child in the womb and knew when he would die (Na'uzubillah). [Karamaat e Sahabah by Shaikh ul Hadith Maulana Abdul Mustufa Aazmi, page 46, published by Mushtaq Book Corner, Urdu Bazar, Lahore]

142. Umar was able to foresee a calamity hidden behind a mountain (Na'uzubillah). [The criterion by Ibn Taymiyya, page 145]

143. All the trees and all the animals used to recognize a Sunni scholar and saluted him (Na'uzubillah). [Arwaah e Thalasah, page 121]

144. Sahabi Imran bin Hussain was visited by angels (Na'uzubillah). [Tabaqat Ibn Sa`ad (Urdu), Volume 2 Page 637 published by Daarul Ishaat, Karachi]

145. Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani was given more authority over deaths than the angel of death (Na'uzubillah). [Tafreeh al-Khatir fi Manaqib-al-Sheikh Abdul Qadir, Volume 5, page 12, published in Egypt in 1339 A.H]

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[Edited - just noticed this is a copy/paste list of data with reference to sunni sources]

We don't encourage copy paste material on this forum so topic closed.


Edited by inshaAllah

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