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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Hi im new

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Who is Shia here? What kind of Shiachat is that where there is majority is non-shia. I did not see a single post by a Shia here (except me).

How do you know you are a Shia?

You are mistaken. Shia lived in the past. They don't exist today.

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OHHHHH. I should have posted the above message before posting the below in that thread. Okay - My mistake :squeez:

Actually, it was the last impulse. I'd better copy/paste my disclaimer in here too: :blush:


NOTE: Folks I am out of my cynic mode. lol. I apologise if I sounded rude to anyone for that was not my intention. Well, it was but not really. biggrin.gif

Cheerio 4 now.

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(salam) and Welcome Qasim jii n hope yu gain much mre knwoledge thn yu hav alredy InshAllah.. :D

EXACTLY the reason why mines set to private coz i dnt hava clue wats wat n all.. i think i wud relly prefer jus SHIA ISLAM... :rolleyes:

Allow me freetext and I'd put Islam or even Shia Islam.

The site forces me to choose from Usoolism and non-Usoolism. Pure stupidity. Who made that distinction?

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^How does it feel knowing your gonna ride the merry go around in juhanam with abu bakr, umar and uthman?

This body will burn in the hellfire, but me I can't burn. Nor can I die, nor can I be killed. Nor can I be harmed.

As a matter of fact its burning right now.

Btw, your an interesting 'guy' :!!!:

Edited by Aboo Fatimah
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