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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Holding onto Light

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(bismillah) (salam)

Holding onto Light

Looking into the darkness

Hoping for light

I sank deeper in sorrow

With no freedom or flight

I looked deep inside me

To find myself again

To free me from this suffering

To get rid of the pain

I felt so far from myself

Yet I felt pain in my chest

My soul wanted to be free

It had been left oppressed

My body smiled and it laughed

But my tears flowed as I cried

What kept me going still ticked

But a massive part of me died

But this ticking was blurred

My beating heart seemed dark

As my soul left me for dead

It left a poisonous mark

And the gash that was there

No one else could see

Yet its presence overwhelmed

And took over me

It killed me slowly

I was being deceived

Showing darkness as light

Lies as truth I believed

Now I lived for this world

I forgot what life is

The unseen mattered not

I saw matter exists

This matter corrupted me

Blurring the truth

I could not think for myself

Turned me old in my youth

Once when I was down

I looked for darkness again

Looked again for fake freedom

But I felt a new pain

This pain left me breathless

Struck me deep in my heart

Struck me a crippling blow

And started to tear me apart

The first pain that I felt

Took my dying soul

This new pain took the world

Its love took my control

Neglecting my soul

I already left it behind

Ignorance covered my thought

And controlled my mind

I was losing that which I thought

Would always keep me free

But just like I left my soul

This world left me

How could I have been so blind

Leaving the truth

Thank God truth called back

And I went back to my youth

And that is when I realized

It is when you feel secure

You start to forget Allah

Because you stand on a floor

But it is when that ground

Is gone from under your feet

You remember true hope

The one that makes you complete

I remember again how I left Allah

But He never left me

I locked myself in a prison

Yet He was there with the key

Through the air that I breathed

And the food that I ate

All his blessings were there

Yet I could not think straight

From now where I stand

Fourteen beacons I see

Helping me stay strong

Their stories keeping me free

Their stories keeping me standing

Their stories giving me light

My life seemed dark to me

Now even the night shines bright

Once someone close to me said

Rays from the sun keep the world alive

Now I say to you dear friend

These pure rays let you thrive


Feel free to comment :)

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Asalam Alaikum....MashAllah wah. Very good man. This amazing. I can relate to so much in this poem(if that is what you are calling it). I myself was very distant from the religion and now I am so close that I started writing poetry as well. Nothing as big or amazing as this. Plus its in like Roman Urdu.

Anyways. You keep it up Brother. Amazing. :yaali:

Allah Hafiz.

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