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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Islamic wrestling

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Good! Can You tell me more? Or give links?

There are quite a few Western wrestlers who go to India to stay with and train in the wrestling akharas, to study 'pehlwani' as it's known in India. It's very inexpensive for westerners to do this. The Islamic link is chiefly through its origins in Iran, although this style of wrestling and gymnastic exercise did exist in pre-Islamic Iran before it became a part of the institution of Shia Islam under the Safavids. It's a very traditional form of wrestling incorporating gymnastic and dietary practices. To train in this style of wrestling outside Iran and India, you would have to find the Iranian expat community and find out if they hold a zoorkhaneh in your location. People normally go to these and train intensively once a week. Interestingly, many of the gymnastic exercises used to develop strength in the zoorkhaneh are based on ancient battlefield martial arts using weapons and armour.

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Alsalamu aleykum!

I want to know - are there any traditional muslim wrestlings or other war technics without weapon. As i know there are "sijal" in Jordan....

;lolDo You know anything???

:lol: @ Islamic wrestling.

I wanna see hijabis wearing mantos in action. :D

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silat mubai is based on shia fighting styles, from what i remember there was a book or manual or something surviving that some dude wrote who was taught by maula ali (as) or one of his people that somehow homeboy in the vids found and developed into the style.

although i notice a heavy penchak silat/ escrima influence in a lot of the moves, so it could just be a gimmick/ PR stunt. krav maga (the bona fide israeli army fighting style) is just unmatchable im afraid. those darned israelis

mate stick to muay thai. you know it makes sense B)

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