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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Shias attacked in Hangu

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It says here: A Sunni brother mentioned that: If Imam Ali disaproved Uthman, then why did he risk the lives of his beloved sons, al-Hassan and al-Hussain, trying to protect the life of his adversary

I did quote it but not highlight it, which explains the reason that even IF it is true. . I don't see where he says that Imam Ali (a) sent his sons to protect him. From what I understand, the scholar,

Well, Imam Ali (a) sending his sons is a contested issue. So a credible evidence would be appreciated rather than speculation. What I really find strange is that Imam Ali (a) mediated between an oppr

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Found a video:


Been hearing about a miracle there in Parachinar during burial of the shuhada of Hangu, found it on YouTube. Whatever that is which passes. They also gave armed salute to them.

Taliban and their supporters have been crying a lot after Hangu clashes because their 'leaders' died. They are now coming on media and blaming shias of all around NWFP that they came to help shias in Hangu. If taliban can come from all tribal areas for a fight against shias then shias can go anywhere to help their brothers too.

They are now sitting with as we call it "filled hearts" and are venting their anger in other cowardly ways like kidnapping shias in surrounding cities.

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How about you stop asking Imam to help them and you go help them instead? Imam (ajf) has enough on his plate as it is. He doesn't need us asking to go helping everyone. We're supposed to be helping HIM, not the other way around. It's as if the people of Kufa asking Imam Hussain (as) to help them when they should have been helping HIM in Karbala. The only reason He (ajf) hasn't re-appeared yet is because the Shia are too lazy, sitting on their behinds being inactive, complaining about their condition and doing nothing about it.

Mashallah, now you think The-help-of-Allah needs your help.

[61:13] And another (blessing He will give you) which you love - help from Allah and an early victory

Ali bin Ibrahim qummi (ar) narrated in his book of Tafseer from Imam Sadiq (as) - This verse refers to the "victory" of Qaim (ajf) in this world.

To you slow ones, shia will be given an opportunity to serve Imam by supporting his revolt and not the opposite.

And as for helping shias instead of nasibis: If they are true shia then upon them is the mercy of Allah at all times and they don't need help from nasibi-sympathising imposters.

Mr. Ya Aba 3abdillah, Choose your words when you're talking about our Imam al-Qaim (ajf) from now on.

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