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In the Name of God بسم الله

Bush: “We don’t torture people”

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Torture, like crimes and terrorism - which is practiced in United States with world’s largest jail population (2.1%) - but denied. It’s interesting to note that while “Israel’s security” and the “failed economy (thanks to Zionist controlled Wall Street)” - the state-torture never became an issue in the US election.

The BBC Poll of 27,0407 people in 25 different countries in October, 2006 - showed that majority of people in 19 countries are against torture even if its purpose is to elicit information that could save innocent lives from terrorism. The United States stood at the bottom of ‘civilized’ countries in which majority is against torture - from top down, Italy, France, Australia, Canada, Britain, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Poland, Chile, Brazil, United States, Philippines, Iraq, Ukraine, Kenya, and Indonesia.

In Israel (43-48), Nigeria (39-49), Russia (37-43), China (37-49), India (32-23), and Mexico (24-50) - there was no clear majority for or against torture.

There are close to 10,000 Arab prisoners in Israeli jails without due legal process. These prisoners are tortured worse than the Nazis used to torture their prisoners. Israelis are also considered as expert in torture technique and used as consultant by US Armed Forces for training their personnel.

For more, read here

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