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Sheikh Haron nonsense

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Asalamu alaykum ya ummah,
Alot has been heard about a character called sheikh haron, this so called sheikh keeps issueing stupid fatwas and creating hatred for muslims. The sheikh is fake, the girls in the youtube videos who all share the same black burqa are not muslims, they are just some australian [edited] trying to cause problems for muslims. No one has ever met this sheikh haron because he doesnt exist, the whole thing is a very expensive joke/entrapment/image denting/a way to demonise the muslim ummah and make it take blame for anything bad that happens.

I was on the sheikh haron site for a while and i realised its all fake, these people are not muslims, sheikh haron doesnt exist, hes a fictitious charecter. Inshaallah, these pathetic clowns would be punished one day.

Just take a look at the following.
On the website, http://www.sheikhharon.com/about-us.php they claim sheikh haron is Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi. Carefully read the biography there.

then take a look at the biography of Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayatollah_Moh...emini_Borujerdi

Isnt it clear that these sheikh haron clowns hijacked the above to create the elusive retarded sheikh haron?

Notice all the long stories about seperating religion from state?

As if that wasnt enough, they went hahead to claim sheikh haron idiot was the authour of the book "Daroon va Baroon"

Now take a look at this:

These SHW clowns claim Daroon and Baroon is a book published by boogey man sheikh haron

Nonesense, the book was actually published by one Hassan Mohammed manteghi.
http://shopping.ketab.com/addprod.asp?id=6...+mohammad+taghi!227824~!0&booklistformat= :// :// ://
Now we know how sheikh haron got the manteghi middle name. so Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi + Hassan Mohammed manteghi = sheikh haron. Hope you are convinced.

I'll post more info later


Edited by Muhammed Ali

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when i asked if sheikh haron was related to Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, they all came out panicing and trying to deny any link between the two, but note how they could not give an answer about the identity of the idiotic fake sheikh

heres a link to the thread http://www.sheikhharon.com/forums.php

And this is the real Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi


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LOL @ the forums.

Look at their sections! This is funny brother :lol:

"Hizbullah Africa"

Any topic about Hizbullah (Allah's Party) in the continent of Africa can be placed here.

"Hizbullah America"

Any topic about Hizbullah (Allah's Party) in the continent of America can be placed here.

"Hizbullah Pacific Oceania"

Any topic about Hizbullah (Allah's Party) in the continent of Pacific Oceania can be placed here.

"Imam Osama Bin Laden"

Any topic about Imam Osama Bin Laden can be placed here.

Ya Allah, seriously this is too funny :!!!:

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These fools take advantage of any major world event linked to muslims, they use it to fuel hatred, blame and anger.

Immediately after the bali bombers were executed, they go ahead and post this stupid video on their youtube site.


Then after the mumbai attacks, we see this


Then now the apostacy fatwa against obama?

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This man is another example of Iran's unjust and corrupt punishment of the scholars. Read the wikipedia article -- poor guy was sentenced to death just for stating his views that Islam and Politics do not not mix -- is this the real Islam Iran preaches? Wow 11 years oppressed in prison? Where are the Islamic rulings?

The truth is that Khameni and his slave Ahmedinejad are not following the true Islam.

Well, there are many different opinions as to what the 'true Islam' is.

Interpretations and sects distort what that is.

My Iraqi room mate is a shia, and what he says greatly differs from what the sunni Imam down the street or what the next guy in Islam thinks.

I still think this guy is a big fraud and his site should be shut down, I still get this 'weird' feeling!

I'm not officially Muslim but I do believe in Allah, lord of the worlds, creator of all. I'm sure he's looking down at all this violence between muslims and is getting more upset and very angry as violence and corruption ensues between people that are supposed to be brothers.

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The truth is that Khameni and his slave Ahmedinejad are not following the true Islam.


You have the same claim as the Murtad Egyptian ex-president Sadaat did. He too claimed that Imam Khomaini wasn't following the true Islam.

Yea, whenever an Islamic State gets authorization from Tel Aviv, then it must be a good and a true Islamic country. :D

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Who cares about Salafi Egypt. Get it right, I said Khameni NOT Khomeni. Don't be ridiculous there is corruption everywere, especially in Iran.

What Salafi? There is no Salafi government. It is a secular puppet secular state. That is the kind of government you are providing, a secular butcher state like Egypt.

I know what you said, Khamenei or Khomeini is not the point. Your point is to separate Islam, secularize the country and then enslave it to outsider powers.

Yes, corruptions exist everywhere, but that does not give you the license to separate 'State affairs and religion'.

If some mulla kills then Islam should be out of the government? what if a secular official is corrupt? then do you close the doors of secularist governments? No, then only the person is tried, not the system. You can not fool people anymore based on these stupid low level arguments to find excuses to oppose an Islamic governs. I assure you that you will be failed to bring an example of 'secular government' any time, from East to West, from communists to capitalists to give an alternative to Islamic government. And tell us that corruption does not exist in where you are feeling is a good government or true Islamic or whatever you have in mind. Do not talk under the cover, stop being a hypocrite, attacking others religion while you don't believe in any type of it. Only you want to see some Mullahs who could create chaos as a good tool to fool a few Muslim youths on the streets of different countries to give the local population the alternative to Islamic laws where to legitimize the bans on Islamic rules and regulations to eventually make them surrender to your will. Other than that I don't think you have any love for any of the so called religious folks or Ayatollah, both those who believe in Islam within state laws or without it.

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Four hours ago the police stormed the Sydney cafe. Three hours ago there were news reports in the US that said the extremist was killed. Authorities in Sydney, Australia, have accounted for 17 hostages -- including two who died, some who escaped, and some who were injured. 

Edited by hameedeh

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Bismehe Ta3ala,

Assalam Alikum brother Muhammad Ali,

What a good idea. Whenever there is a hot news item, you bump old threads. I open this thread and see 73 users reading.

M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah

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What an useless terrorist. I feel sorry for him that he was a Shia, but then became a rejector of the truth, and thus allowing himself to enter the punishment of God, indeed, he is a maloon man. Lahnatullah over him.



By the way, the headline of this thread must be edited, because he is not a sheikh, but a terrorist.

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Shabbir Hassanally:


A Few Notes on the Sydney Siege and the Deranged Person "Harun Monis"

In His Name, the Most High


These are notes, my notes, they will be repetitive, but they may prove useful to someone - they are not proofed, and they are not necessarily grammatically and syntactically correct - they are just a dump of thoughts on the subject.  Keep this in mind when reading.


"Harun Monis" (aka Mohammad Hassan Manteghi) is a person who fled Iran in 1995 (1374 Solar Hijri Calender as used in Iran) after committing fraud and being persued by the Iranian authorities and police.  He was granted "political asylum" and accepted as a "political refugee" by the Austrlian government, despite the fact taht Iranian authorities - through Interpol - attempted to capture him.  


He was in essence protected and given safe haven by the Australian government.


Despite having been indicted for murder recently, and more recently - in the last few weeks - having publically announced his allegience to the so-called #DAESH (#ISIL) "caliph" Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri (aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) in the last few weeks and months, was alowed to roam freely in the streets of Sydney - much like individual such as Anjem Choudhary and his ilk who have also professed their allegience to #DAESH (#ISIL) roam freely in the streets of London.


He also faced numerous charges relating to his time working as a “spiritual healer” – including 22 counts of aggravated sexual assault and 14 counts of aggravated indecent assault – and had been bailed for allegedly being an accessory to the killing of his former wife.


When Monis appeared in court in October over the sex assault allegations, police charged him with 40 additional offences. 


It was alleged that he had advised a 27-year-old woman to visit him at his business in Wentworthville in 2002 after she contacted him through a “Spiritual Consultation” ad in a community newspaper.


He was charged last year with being an accessory to the murder of his 30-year-old former wife Noleen Hayson Pal, a mother-of-two who was allegedly stabbed to death and set alight in April 2013.


This is an individual who was allowed to roam free on the streets of Sydney by the Australian government.  If nothing else he should have been sectioned and put inside, for being a deranged person, and a danger to both himself and others.

What is very interesting in the coverage of this unfortunate incident in Sydney where innocents were harmed and from the current information two of the hostages taken by this insane person "Monis" were murdered, is the constant repeating of two things by the Main Stream Media:


1/ The Iranian "status" of this person - even though he was granted full asylum by the Austrlian government, and a categoric refusal to return him to Iran by way of Interpol for crimes he had committed Iran and following which he fled to Australia.


2/ The constant showing of this person as a "Shia" Scholar.  Showing him wearing the clothes commonly associated with Scholars from the Shia School of thought.  Constantly suggesting that this person was an "Ayatullah" who had studied in the seminaries of Qum and Tehran.


All items of information that are not based in any reality.


He had himself on his website - declared that he had "left the Shia" and become a "Muslim" - when he gave his allegiance to the wanted criminal Awwad Ibrahim aka "caliph" Baghadi of #DAESH (#ISIL).


Anyone who watches videos of this pathetic individual "Harun Monis", anyone who reads stories about this person can see clearly that he had psychological problems, had all but been indicted of committing the murder of his own wife, and had been in court in October for crimes related to "Spiritual Healing" fraud and for around 40 sex related offences..


Apparently on the 24th of Muharram this year, this person, for reasons best known to him (and possibly his handlers), announced his "conversion" to the corrupt Takfiri ideology of #DAESH (#ISIL), and his blanket allegience to the so-called "caliph" Awwad Ibrahim al-Badri (aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi).


The most interesting thing with regard to this, is that even after his very public announcement - no action was taken against him as an "official" member of the terrorist entity known as #DAESH (#ISIL).  This by itself is very strange.


If we try to remove any suspician, and follow an optimistic analysis on this, we can suggest that during this period 24 Muharram to 22 Safar (about a month), the government of Australia and speifically of Sydney (New South Wales), had him under observation and were watching him with a view to taking some sort of action on him.


Given all of this, without any doubt, "Harun Monis" would have been without a shadow of doubt a "person of interest" to the Australian authorities.


Recently, the international community has witnessed a few important events in the Australian domestic arena.  The American Senete's report on the attrocities committed by the  US Government and it's covert terrorist wing known as the CIA, which named Australia as but one of the countries actively involved in the "extraordinary renditions" perpetrated by the CIA under the guidance of the US State Department and the White House.


Another important event is the death - some would say assasination - of the Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati and about the Australian Governments involvement in this crime.


It should also be noted that the Iranian government had time and time again, notified the Australian government of the psychological deranged nature of this person "Harun Monis".


These are thoughts and loose translation - with modifications and not entire by any means - of an article in FarsNews - http://www.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=13930924001579


To conclude, what event will do, in Australia, and outside is more than likely the following:


1/ Increased surveillance,

2/ Increased Iranophobia - lets not forget the release of the film "Rosewater" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosewater_(film)) in the last few days

3/ Increased Islamophobia

4/ Increased confusion

5/ Furthering sectarianism and insanity.


This is the reality of these type of situation.  In any situation like this one must always reflect on who benefits - lets also not forget the important discussions regarding Palestinian Statehood that were happening today - all of which were completely forgotten in light of the madness of Mr Monis.


This style of "media controlling" events - that take over all the rolling news channels from the MSM, Twitter, Facebook, etc - hide real news thats happening, that effects the lives of all people of the world.  A similar event was used to hide the signing into law of the Patriot Act in America - it wouldn't be surprising if something like this was the case again.


Again, look at who benefits?  Certainly not the Muslims.  Work out who benefits and you have the criminal; and to be honest, it doesn't take a rocket scientist.  If you can't work it out - then you need to reflect some more.  Understand the reality around and you and all will become clear - you might also want to stop blinding yourself by being taken in by the drama/entertainment channels that profess to be news channels - such as CNN, BBC, Fox, CNBC, etc - and educate yourself by viewing real news such as that from Press TV, RT, al-Alam, a-Manar, and many others.


There is more I could write, but I will stop for the moment.



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