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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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First of all, with due respect, perhaps sister you should go through the netiquette guide. One of the rules is that writing in CAPS LOCK constitutes as shouting and that's a rude way of asking a question.

As for your question, the Imam (atf) will reappear at Mecca [at the Kaaba].

Go through this: http://www.maaref-foundation.com/english/l...am_mahdi/28.htm

Imām al-Bāqir (‘a) also said in this regard: “Hadrat al-Mahdī (‘atfs) will appear in Mecca during the ‘Ishā’ (night) prayer. Having with him the banner and shirt of the Prophet and having performed the ‘Ishā’ prayer, he will raise his voice, saying: ‘O people! I remind you to remember God and your standing before God (on the Day of Resurrection) while He has completed His proof (in the world) on you, commissioned the prophets, and sent down the Qur’an. God commands you not to associate partners with Him and be obedient to Him and His prophets. Revive that which has been enjoined by the Qur’an to revive, and extinguish that which has been urged by the Qur’an to be extinguished. Be the votaries of the path of guidance and have piety and virtue because the annihilation and doom of the world has come and the trumpet of farewell has already been blown.

‘I invite you toward God and His Messenger, the implementation of His Book, the annihilation of falsehood, and the revival and restoration of the life conduct [sīrah] of the Prophet (ṣ).’ Then, he will appear in the midst of his three hundred and thirteen companions.

- bn Ḥammād, Fitan, p. 95; ‘Aqd ad-Durar, p. 145; Safārīnī, Lawā’iḥ, vol. 2, p. 11; Ibn Tāwūs, Mulaḥim, p. 64; Ṣirāṭ al-Mustaqīm, vol. 2, p. 262.

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okay I will go to nettiquette

Lol, I've posted the link. :)

will his companions have women in them?

Yes. According to traditions, there will be 50 women in his army:

Ja‘far al-Ju‘afī narrates from al-Imam al-Bāqir (a): “The Mahdī will rise up…along with 313 men and fifty women without any previous arrangement among themselves, like separate clouds clustering in the sky, one after another. This is the meaning of the verse where God says, ‘Wherever you may be, God will gather you together. God is capable of all things.’ (Quran, 2:128). They will pledge their allegiance to the Mahdī between the Black Stone and the Station of Abraham, and the Mahdī will rise up with them from Mecca.â€�

-Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 52, Page 223

Imām al-Bāqir (‘a) said: “By God, three thousand or so will come and there will be also fifty women from among them.

-‘Ayyāshī, Tafsīr ‘Ayyāshī, vol. 1, p. 65; Nu‘mānī, Ghaybah, p. 279.

.although there are discrepancies in the traditions regarding the number of women. But yes, women will be there in the army of the Imam (atf).

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DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE the imam will re appear?

ofcourse i know it will be somewhere in the middle east but WHERE EXACTLY??????????


Exactly in the HOUSE of AHMADINEJAD.

All hadiths about his arrival in Mecca are false. Imam Mahdi (as) can't come in a country where you can find NAJIS WAHABIS, I guess.

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They might be najas now but who knows by the time imam zaman(AS) arrives they may be better muslims. I think this cause i cant see wahabis give baya to Mahdi (as). ive been told a sefiani (dictator) from damascus will send his army to attack mahdi (as).

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Anyway, it's not as if Wahhabis are the only ones who reside in Mecca. There are Shi'is and other sects/faiths as well. .and it is not only the Meccans who will give their allegiance. People from all over the world will give their allegiance to him [the initial number being 313].

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^^^ How is it possible? Are you putting limitations on Allah's swt power and will?

Besides, it won't only be 313. Those are the first inital followers, commanders for the Imam ajf. They are entrusted by him, they are basically like his commanders.

Imam (as) will have thousands upon thousands of followers.

And why do you use such huge font? Please use one easier on the eyes please...

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