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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Saudi/sudanese Writers Warn Of 'shi'ite Octopus

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Omar al Bashir, that as*h*le, is a billionaire. How the h*ll does a President become a billionaire? On top of it he presided over that genocide over in the Darfur region many years ago against the Nilotic Black Africans. Most youth, young people of the Sudan see right through him. When he was in South Africa for an African Union summit a couple years ago the ICC had issued a warrant of arrest for him and since South Africa is signatory of the Rome Statute our courts issued a writ of arrest however our government let him fly out immediately. We should have arrested that black Arab jack a**. Oh Sudan needs Shia Islam irrespective what those fake Muslims who pretend to be conservative think. That government in the Khartoum presided over a genocide and mass killings against Black Africans both in the Darfur and in the South. Most young people HATE Omar-al Bashir, just like young people in Iran hate the Ayatollahs. anyway the Sudan needs Shia Islam, those Arabs there are incapable of thought. They cannot think. They are worse than animals, atleast animals have an excuse, they are animals! But that Omar-Al-Bashir is a piece of pure COW DUNG. Im surprised that the government of Iran would have anything to do with these stupid black arabs. He's no different to Rigi for Gods sake!

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terrorist attack by unrecognized Group (probably Al - Shabab) in Mogadishu with one dead & 6 injured people




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Octopus is Israel and its hands are Saudi, UAE, etc. 

Be aware. Tensions in Middle East are not Sunni/Shia tensions. This is what media broadcast. Iran is Shiite, and Syria is Sunni, but they are friends. Iran has good relationship with Sunni Muslims in Iraq. Tensions in Middle East are حق and باطل tensions.

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