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Flax Seed Oil Capsules


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(salam) ,

About a month ago, I purchased Flax seed oil capsules. I had heard good things about flax seed oil and how it has omega-3s and it really helps your skin and joints and brain, etc. [haha ok i am also reading off the bottle's label :P]

But i have been using this for a month and i am not really feeling any difference after taking this pill. I do take this pill once a day at night after dinner.

should i take it more often? i'm not really too sure if it is helping my skin because it still looks the same to me., do i need to wait longer to see results?

Has anyone tried or know anything about these capsules?


Nadia :)

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Can you please elaborate more to what are you looking for from consuming flax seed oil capsules? Flax seeds area a great source of nutrients (check out the thread made by maula dha malang for me and Dr. Akbar to answer). I would say eating itself is more beneficial then consuming the capsules (in order to make their shelf life longer, chemical preservatives are added and you also lose the solid matrix full of goodys!). Anyways, in general it is true for any natural product therapy, give it few months before it starts kicking its effects!

Also as Bro Macissac said adding it into foods is good, I add it in my tea, Ummmmmmmmm Yummy! ^_^

Good luck :)

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Salaamunulaykum wr wb.

I take whole ground flaxseed meal from Bob's Red Mill. I add about 1 tablespoon to my milk shakes. I noticed it helps with regularity since it's high in fiber. Either that or it's the fibers from all the other fruits I put in my shakes/smoothies. I also had read that the lignans in the flaxseed are good for prevention of breast cancers.

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