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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

The Daily Routine Of A Non-working Mother

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I was just wondering, what does a non-working typical housewife mother do on a daily basis when her husband is at work? Her children may or may not be at child-care or school. What kind of things does she get up to and what is her average routine for the day?

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This is what I have pieced together from personal observation: Get up and make breakfast for everyone, do dishes. If someone is running late, facilitate their exit from the house by handing them their stuff. Cook. Do dishes. Take a mid-morning nap if you woke up really early to make breakfast. Clean the house-- bathrooms, the carpet, etc. Eat. Pray. Read Quran. Call a friend. Take an afternoon nap. Run some errands like grocery shopping, go to the post office, take your mother-in-law to the dentist/doctor. Call a friend. Greet husband/children as they come in and prepare snacks for them. Spend time with family, help children with homework and make sure they get it done. Prepare dinner. Eat dinner. Pray. Do dishes.

I'm sure I'm missing things. Not every housewife follows the same routine. I've heard some watch TV too although my mother doesn't really.

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Although I work part time I will give you my routine of the days I don't work.

Pray Fajar and get straight back to bed. My son (2 1/2) wakes me up at 8:30 am. I give him a cup of milk, change nappy and then he watches Cbeebis for some time while he makes little reuqests. Husband wakes up at 9:30 am prepare brakfast ,get him ready for work , do the dishes hovering, bath my son and clean the house a bit. Play with my son for a while or take him to local Library, bank or for a little walk. Pray Zohar watch a bit of TV , Give my son Lunch and start preparing for the dinner. Make sure house is clean and myself and son are clean, Greet hubby, make after noon tea, Watch 6 o clock news. Hubby makes a trip to suppermarket sometimes I join him but mostly stay at home and make a phone call to my mum in Pakistan. Hubby comes back, take care of all the shopping, set the table for dinner , have dinner and then hubby either do the dishes or make tea after dinner which is so sweet. have tea , tidy kitchen and make Asr prayer in between, Put my son to bed , read him bed time stories and some duas which we recite( Snuggle with my son and I am shattered at that time and just want to sleep but not yet), pray maghrib, Make tea for hubby if he wants, get myself ready for work next day ,pack a bag for my son for nursary. pray isha and recite Quran usually surat Waqia and surat yaseen but sometimes I miss surat yaseen if I am too tired and (some times both which is a shame) brush my teeth once again do dishes, if there is anything left to do in the kitchen and then Watch my regular TV soap between 11:30 pm till 12.00. Go to bed , make sure alarm is set for fajar and at 7:15 next day if I am working next day other wise same routine.

During the day look after my toddler, regular nappy changing, feeds, snaks, teach him Islamic manners, put up with his tanturams etc. My hubby is quite independent and help quite a lot in the house at the weekends but it is if and when he feels like it . I am gratefull to Allah that he gives me energy and strenght to manage house work and office work the days I work.

The days I work, evenings are a bit hectic but I manage Alhamdulillah like most of other women.

Week ends are slightly busier usually.

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I'm not female, but wow. May Allah bless all mothers, I am always so impressed how anyone can do all this. If it had been us males, we would've vanished long time ago.

thankyou for at least realizing. Few men realize how tough , physically it is, to be a housewife.

When i work, its actualy my relaxing time, compared to when i m home.

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