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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Can Iran Recognize Abkhazia And South Ossetia ?

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It would be wise for Iran to recognize both of these nations in the coming weeks. The most important reason is that both of the people's of these nations consider themselves just that, nations, who want to exist within a family of nations. It's simply a matter of justice to recognize this reality and fact. This doesn't mean that Iran needs to take on the cause of both nations directly - vis-a-vis the most immediate Georgian military actions with South Osssetia. Georgia, which is being influenced directly by outside powers, is as much a victim in all of this and Iran should make it clear that the independence of these two nations does not invalidate or threaten the Georgian people.

Of course, Iran knows full well that this action of recognition threatens the US, NATO, and Israel who all in concert have their own designs for dismantling and ruling the region for their own purposes of bleeding it dry. With this in mind, recognition should proceed over the course of the next week or so after having deep discussions with both Abkhazia and South Ossetia - as well as Russia - having understood how to best present this to not only the Iranian people - but to the Georgian people, as well - not to mention the rest of us. Afterall, it's ultimately the Georgian people themselves that are going to feel the most immediate impact of having been manipulated by the US, NATO, and Israel.

The main concern, from Iran's perspective, is how might recognition impact Iraq and the separatist tendencies of the Kurds who want their own Kurdistan? The fact that the Kurds were also given alot of training and arms from the Israelis in order to destabilize the region and, basically, to set up the Kurds themselves to be taken out, might be enough to demonstrate that the course the Kurds took to address their living arrangements was an error for not only themselves - but everyone else around them. Ironically, this same lesson, though reversed in terms of action, is what the Georgian people will have to learn by their being duped by the same manipulators. At any rate, this would be one of the main reasons that Iran wouldn't recognize these areas right now, as I see it. This would allow more time to stabilize the situation in Iraq without causing more chaos close to home - or so it would be hoped it wouldn't cause more chaos. Either way, recognition or not, things are quite volatile and alot of tension is building. It would seem best to release that tension sooner rather than later - when more damage typically arises. The longer the tension is allowed to build, the more we approach a region-wide break down with bloodshed on a scale not seen yet...which is exactly what the US and its allies want in order to justify their own claims for being in the area in the first place. What the US and Britain did to manipulate Pakistan is a classic example of keeping the 'lid on' until it blows off and total chaos sets in.

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I think the Iranian's should play the hand Syria has played which I believe to be recognition of Georgian agression against the breakaway regions. As far as recognizing them as sovereign countries gets a bit sticky. Potential to create too close of a relationship between Iran and Russia. Either way they need to openly support the Russians in order to secure advanced missle technology.

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