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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

To Iran : How To Save Lebanon From Israel ?

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Iran is good at defensive type of warfare. They had proven that during 8 years war with Iraq. To save Lebonan is make Hezbollah or the people of Lebonan very good and effective in defensive warfare...for example, having thousand of misiles that can strike the heart of Israel. Muslims don't need weapons for offensive warfare. We don't create trouble and try to be superpowers and to make other countries as stooges.

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To Iran : How to save lebanon from Israel ?

stop getting involved in affairs that only heighten sunni animosity to shia, as we see sunni Arabs growing more and more resentful of Iranian influence in the middle-east

come to some sort of compromise with Israel that will spare southern lebanon

and to stop sending 500 million per year to an anti-shia population that is only prolonging the conflict and preventing resolutions from coming forth; instead to use that money to aid the global shia community who are desperate and dying, and to further dawah to spread shia islam.

with the way things are going there won't be an Iran much less a shia ummah left for the Imam (pbuh) to return to. unless Iran changes its strategy we are all doomed

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This is Declaration of war Ya brother koro .

I was not declaring war on Israel

I was simply stating what Iran/Hezbollah have in mind, believing the delusion that if they continue to endlessly fight Israel, it will bring about some sort of unity with Ahlul-Sunnah. It won't.

In fact I am frightened by what would happen if Israel didn't exist and didn't take the greater majority of the wrath of sunni arabs. If Israel didn't exist there is no doubt in my mind that Sunni Arabs would attack Iran, Southern Lebanon and any other shiite power.

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1- That won't happen if Iran and her neibours are democratic countries .

2- Don't make from Iran as a lamb in the region .

3- Arab sunnis are not one state but they are different states and different regimes .

In history Iran invaded Sham ( syria,palestine ,Jurdon , Lebanon ) , Greece and Egypt but she was also invaded by arab muslims . Caliph Al ma'moon was ruling islamic world from Mash had .

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How to save the free people of Lebanon from the jews is to maintain a presence in Syria : 

It seems to many that the Russians desire and more to begin their disengagement in Syria and there is good fear that racist Fascist Donald Trump and his regime shall move into Syria against the Syrian people more and more.

The biblicalists could well have their satan man in President Trump assembling an army of devils and persons who are enemies of the chosen people of God in northern Syria and marching all the way across Baghdad to Tehran.

The people of Lebanon are best served with Iran, in the Islamic Republic, maintaining a footprint in Bashar Assad's Syria as the Russians may very well begin to pull out.

If Satan is allowed to establish a sunni puppet regime in Raqqa answerable only to the American White people, Lebanon would wind up thoroughly oppressed by the global White racist Euro American oppressor.




(*     (*         (*               (*

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