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In the Name of God بسم الله


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Don't waste my time


It doesn't cost a dime

But what if I want to voice my opinion?

I don't care

That's how it always is

It's unfair


Building up inside

What does it matter?

I've got nowhere to hide

Tears suppressed

What am I to do?

Not going to lose hope

God, I'll have my 1-on-1 with You

So difficult

Just to be me,

Like I just don't fit in

To this society

But I'll make it

I'll make it to the top

Will just have to keep striving

And promise not to stop

Let society do

What it wants to do

I'll rise above it all

I just have to be true...

To myself...

...and to my Lord

But it's difficult!

For me to be me

I feel like I am caged

I just want my soul to be free!

Just be true...

true to yourself

and true to Me...your Lord.

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