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In the Name of God بسم الله

Male Breast Milk

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  • 4 years later...

^^^You love lactating men? Jheez, what the heck is this thread? Great of you to revive it... What did you even type in the search query to come across this?

maybe it was a mistake and she was in google, and was typing in

"Male Ti tties"

or maybe she was typing in

"saw a man drink his own milk , is this true ? I heard it was from dell, and related to oxford dictionary. Very powerful stuff, especially when dirt is mixed with honey, water, and a few trimmings from chuck norris's beard"

Ok im really bored and going to bed

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But to think of it... What's the use of nipples on males? Why are they there?

Hmmm... Maybe that was the prime cause of the fitnah between Noah107 and John...

Men have nipples because while we were in the womb, our bodies develop exactly like our mother, nipples and all for i dont know how many weeks, then your gender kicks in whether your a male or female, if your a female, you get the full package and if your a male, well your stuck with useless nipples !!!!

I have a book full of weird facts called "why do men have nipples" and DONT ASK how that topic came up or why it was given to me as a gift lol

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