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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Dropshipping Online

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salams and ya ali madat all

ive bought membership of this website that lists just about every wholesaler/ manufacturer/ dropshipper there is, i mean here are the categories:

UK Directories

UK Wholesalers

UK Dropshippers

UK Manufacturers

UK Importers

UK Distributors

UK Wholesale Brands

UK Special Offers

UK Wholesale Products

UK Dropship Products

UK Manufacturers Products

UK Importers Products

UK Distributors Products

UK Auctions

UK Carboot Sales

UK Fairs

UK Markets

UK Property Auctions

Other Directories

USA Wholesalers

France Wholesalers

Hong Kong Wholesalers

International Dropshippers

International Dropship Products

Product Sourcing

basically i have access to any wholesale product anywhere in the world.

ive been interested in getting started with dropshipping for a while, for those who dont know its when you advertise a product online on a website like ebay or ur own domain, for example lets say you are advertising a new PS3, when someone buys it from you, you use the money they send you to pay the supplier (keeping ur own mark up) and get the supplier to post it to them by standard postage such as royal mail etc.

the benefits are, its cheap, its easy and you dont have to worry about buying stock in bulk and trying to shift it.

i wanted to know, has anyone tried it? does anyone have any suggestions as to what i could sell online? im keen to test the waters so to speak, and would like to hear from maybe anyone thats done it, or has any advice? i was thinking electrical goods like sony LCD tvs (the markup is astronomical - a tv i can get for about 400 pounds is sold to close to 1000), diamond jewllery or games consoles like ps3 or xbox 360 etc

*edit* i also over the years have built up a good working relationship with an outbound sales call expert who is keen to work with me, so potentially i could sell products directly to customers, its more expensive (i will need about 10k up front) but the returns are much greater, what would you sell, if you could sell anything, to anyone?!?!


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The teeny weeny masla in this is getting people to come to your website and hanging out long enough to place an order.

Ebay, I guess the issue is that you have quadzillions of people doing the same thing - unless of course you come up with a niche...

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The teeny weeny masla in this is getting people to come to your website and hanging out long enough to place an order.

Ebay, I guess the issue is that you have quadzillions of people doing the same thing - unless of course you come up with a niche...

yeah i wasnt really planning on starting my own website for that very reason, im looking for a nice little sideline on top of everything else im doing so i want to keep overheads (and hassle!) to a minimum, you know? something i can do part time but keep things ticking over.

you are right about ebay as well....a lot of the products are second hand and sold for less than the wholesale price! its trying to establish a niche thats the tricky bit. researching around i found that selling radio controlled cars is a pretty good bet, but the margins are pretty slim and you dont really shift massive numbers to make it worthwhile.

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Bro MDm


I am not really a fan of dropshipping business but if you are interested in it, I would suggest the following:

1) If you want to create your own online marketplace, you will need to invest time and money in a solid marketing strategy and get some professional help. Also, for a start, provide free and useful services to gain ongoing traffic e.t.c

2) If you want to sell on e-bay, you will have to do a bit of homework on the prices and quality of your products and compare them with your competitors who are already Best sellers and have a good reputation at ebay. Start with one or two products and test them. For examples, upcoming new games are a good idea if you can beat the market price. Toys sell good, especially cz many kool items in asian countries are not available in local markets of European countries, US , Canada and Australia... Think creative and look for other such products available at the website you registered.

A caution: Many websites who are providing such wholesaler services, and asking for your membership, while they take care of orders, shipping, customer service are a fake and scam. Google to confirm that the website you registered at, is not one of them. Just type " Scam 'website address' " or " review 'website address' " to see if there has been any complaints about this website on scam alert websites...


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Salaams Bro

I think you have a fabulous idea but you lack market strategies. If you are thinking of selling to your own markets, then Bro Haji is right cos you dont stand a probable chance. 10K budget is not a sufficient enough to create a storm in market awareness.

I suggest you use the same online service to sell to unknown third world markets with local partners (preferably shia) with a profit sharing scheme in mind. For instance I am in food distribution and I work closely with a couple big chain supermarkets who would love to lap up your service as a value added to their customers. In this way you could sell anything from remote control cars to books to clothes etc. All the supermarket does is point their customers to your website.

In this way, you only invest in the technology but the goods will be ordered by the end user. I can also sort you out with a Hounslow based freight agent who can then deliver to the Kenya. The local agent will then deliver the products to the supermarket chain which in turn will do the needful for its internal distribution.

Why would this work?

Quite simply, third world countries like mine dont have local recourse for online purchases that go awry. But the moment you put into play a local agent, then the Kenyan customer will be able to gain recourse as well as pay in local currency without necessitating the credit card hassle. The local agent will then take the local currency and convert it into foreign currency of your choice and wire you the money as and when the transactions take place.

We could talk more about the nitty gritty if the concept interests you. Here's a plus.....you would be the first to enter the market I assure you that.

In the meantime, just find out if your database has Egyptian suppliers for oats and cornflakes in bulk i.e. per container load and we would do our own packing. I would be darned interested. If that works, then I will give you a list of other products that I may need.


PS Feel free to PM me if you are interested. That said, I am also traveling inshallah soon and not intending to post on SC but will respond to PM's if any.

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