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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Iran Arrests National Bahá'í Leaders

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Before any of you open your mouth again to condemn the only righteous government currently on Earth, I dare you to look up the history of the Baha'i faith. Some have presented some facts here about the deviants. But I ask you to yourself look it up. In fact, I dare you to read "The Kitáb-i-Aqdas" and then come back here and post. Until then, stop condemning the IRI.

Hasan Sajjad


A lot of Wahabis consider Shias to be deviants, does that make it okay for Sunni governments to oppress Shi'as then? :rolleyes:

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I'm impressed the Ahl-e Haqq are respected by Iran; they're not even Ahlu l-Kitab but actual, honest-to-goodness pagans. Monotheists for sure, but still: para-Zoroastrian Iranian pagans (i.e. Western Persians who didn't undergo the spiritual movement of Zoroastrian reforms but underwent their own internal transitions).

I mean, I got nothing against them personally. In fact, I'm fascinated by indigenous Kurdish religious movements and I think they deserve respect. But still: I find it remarkable they get respect.

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Bahadur Ali, it would be helpful to this discussion for you to name the Jewish, Christian and Zoroastrian members in the Iranian parliament. A link to this information would also be useful as you are providing information I am not aware of.

Bro no offense but if you dont' know these basic things then why are you speaking about this subject? This is like common knowledge.

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Question: What will be your attitude towards religious minorities in the Islamic State? Muslims minorities such as the Sunnis, the Sufis, the assyrians, the christians, the armenians, the jews and the baha'is ?Will Women be able to take part in military service ?

Answer : Firstly the Sunni brethren are never a religious minority and we have repeatedly said that our attitude towards religious minorities shall be very good. Islam considers them respectable. We shal grant them all of their rights, They have the right to have their representatives to the parliament. they will be allowed to carry out their social and political activities freely and perform their religious obligations withouit restriction. they are iranians and like all other iranians will have a completely secured life under the umbrella of the Islamic Government. in military affairs , like other matters, women will be able to take up the jobs. in the early days of islam, Women went to the battlefield and matters regarding the wounded were entrusted to them.

Question: Will there be political and religious freedom for the baha'is in the future government ?

Answer : No freedom will be granted to people who are harmfull to the state.

Question : Will permission be accorded to their religious ceremonies

Answer : NO....

Imam khomeyni interview with dr Jim kokkar Reft a professor in rotkerz University ofAmerica on 7.10.1357 SH ( december 28, 1978). [ this interview was published in detail in the persian daily kayhan dated 24th farwardin, 1359 SH ( April 14, 1980) and subsequent issues

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Any cult under the Islamic Republic is dealt with harshly. No such movements will ever be allowed to develop in Iran.

Moreover, Bahai started out, and still is, a political movement - not a religious one.

America has a miscontrued view of freedom. In the USA, 2023852358972857 new cults appear every day on the scene, all using the garb of religion to cover their clear wrongdoings and most ironically, they get away with it too (not to mention most of which are either financially or sexually orientated).

If you are of a true religious minority, then Iran will cater for your every need - even if that means making an exception to rules, such as on the prohibition of alcohol (for Christians, for example). As aforementioned, the IRI goes even one step further, by guaranteeing every religious minority a seat in parliament (i.e. there numbers out of the entire population are so low, that they would never have been elected in properly).

It's very simple: You try start creating a heretical cult in Iran: You get bashed, big time. Try creating one that fabricates many lies about many noble personalities in Islam ? You get bashed even harder. Try creating one that tries to overpower the regime ? You get bashed even harder.

Furthermore, Bahai's being one of the cults which fabricate many lies against Allah [sWT], the Prophet [sAWS] & his noble Household [AS], why on earth are you sympathising with them ?! Did you not know this was a grave sin ? What do you think Imam Ali [AS] would have done during his governance if someone came and said: "I am Mahdi [AJTF]", then "I am a Prophet [sAWS]", and then "I am Allah" (na'oudhu'billah) ? (Let's not imagine that the person used to be a Muslim as well, so we can exclude the apostacy laws).

How about the Cult of Islam ??? You do realize that is how we view it. No prophert of god would have nine year old wives and blood on his hands. We believe the entire religion is a fabrication created in the pretext of Arab conquest of Arabia and North Africa.

That also how the Jews feel about Christians.

apostacy laws LMFAO.

It didn't know how man become a supreme being , being able to pass judgement. Is there somekind of secret phone in Terhan where the mullahs have a direct line to the big guy himself.

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