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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Who's Your Marjaa

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i myself do tab'eedh i mean combination in taqleed between makarem shirazi and fadlullah

i used to follow fadlullah alone but some of his views are too sunni for me i guess :)

also shirazi i disagree with some of his views regarding wilayat takweenyat etc

so i chose them both so that i get two opinions instead of one

regarding aqeedah issues i rely on myself for that

what about you : who is your marja and why ???

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My marja any Shia Narrotor of Ahadeeth.

Leader and allegiance only to Imam Mahdi a.s ajf.

Volume One: Chapter 28, Tradition 28-6 Uyun Akhbar al-Reza a.s.:

Muhammad Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Ishaq- May Allah swt be pleased with him - narrated that Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-Hamdani Quoted on the authority of Ali ibn Al Hassan Ibn Ali Ibn Fadhdhal, on the authority of his father that Abil Hassan Ali Ibne Musa Al-Reza a.s. said:

I see my followerswhen they will not find the third from my progeny. They will be looking for someone to take charge of their affair, but they will find no one to do so. " I asked, "O son of Prophet of Allah swt! Why?

The Imam a.s. said: That is because their Divine Leader will be in Ghaibat. I asked Why?

The Imam a.s said "That is because he a.s. rises with the sword, no one's pledge of allegiance is binding upon him ajf"

Ya Ali Madad

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I also do tab'eedh between 5 marja's, Nasir Makarim, Saanei, Fadlullah and Jannati and Sistani.






Here is a quote from Jannati about following the most knowledgeable marja'.

In fact Muhammad Shirazi and Fadlullah have the same point of view. I could not

find any refutation so I have no choice but to do tab'eedh. It is the natural way and

the easy way.

It is not necessary that a Mojtahed who is followed be the most learned and the most eligible. Eligibility in its well known sense i.e. being more qualified for inferring and finding out divine injunctions, can not be illustrated and imagined between two Mojtaheds neither in the apparent and external stage nor can it be illustrated in the inner and actual stage. However, being more learned - as I have mentioned in my writings on (Orwatol Wothqa) - means that one of the two Mojtaheds commits less mistakes than the other in referring new sub issues to basic principles. This is imaginable but it is certainly very difficult to determine which one of them commits less mistake to be labeled as (a'alam) (the most learned) and which one of them commits more mistakes to be less learned and less qualified for Taqlid.

My point is when the Ahlul-Khibra (specialists) could not tell who is the most knowledgeable Marja' then how can a layperson tell? The Ahlul-Khibra are not unanymous as to who is the most knowledgeable marja'. This is a great mercy in a way because it opens the doors of Tab'eedh for the Ummah until the advent of the 12th Imam (aj).

I wish everyone would do tab'eedh until the Zuhoor. It would make life so much easier for everyone, especially the converts.

It seems that most people enjoy making things hard for themselves.

When you show people an easier way which is also 100% valid they don't want it.

Why is that? I guess it is just ignorance.

Thanks for the great thread. More people need to know about Tab'eedh.

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