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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Nasrallah Once Again Ruined 3yrs Of Arab & Zionist Plot

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Al Manar 10/05/2008 The former head of Israel's intelligence Aaron Zeevi Farkash said that he had warned Washington against relying on its allies in Lebanon. "We advised the CIA not to rely on Walid Jumblatt or Saad Hariri because we tested them in 2006 and they proved helpless in the face of Hezbollah."

In an interview with Filkka-Israel site on the internet, Zeevi stressed "Israel has given Lebanese Forces (of Samir Geagea) men the best training and they will appear in any future confrontation. Lebanese Forces fighters will hold on much longer in Hezbollah's faces, but eventually they will be defeated."

The former intelligence chief said Tel Aviv and Washington are in a dilemma because "no force in Lebanon can strike Hezbollah and we are not ready yet to take this step. All the Americans can do is send some guards to the dwellings of Saniora, Jumblatt and Hariri."

When asked if the Americans are going to embark in Lebanon, Zeevi said that "this is what Condi told Saniora. He was collapsed and accused Jumblatt of cowardice and fleeing from the battle. So she promised Saniora to get a presidential decree to send the Marines to central Beirut only to protect his headquarters."

The reporter asked Zeevi about the reason behind the failure of the assassination plot against Hezbollah's chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on the 25th of April. "I don't know why, but killing Nasrallah was not impossible with the presence of thousands of Lebanese informers working with the Americans. Everything is lost now. Three years of intelligence efforts by international and Arab sides have gone overnight. Most intelligence agents have left Beirut and the Lebanese are no longer able to move under the cover of their daily mission, each according to his rank in some security services. The west has lost a lot after Nasrallah surprised their allies," Zeevi said.

On the assassination of top resistance commander martyr Imad Moghniyeh, Zeevi revealed that a "Lebanese side had provided Israel with the picture of Moghniyeh showing his real face. Only one person knew who (Hajj Radwan) was. He is a Lebanese leader whose security body was trained by Moghniyeh."

When the reporter asked: Is he Jumblatt?

Zeevi said: No comment.

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