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End Of An Era?

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Maulana Syed Waris Hassan naqvi died at his house in the early hours of Sunday 11th may 2008, Waris Hassan naqvi held a doctorate from Edinburgh university, Scotland. He was popularly known amongst English academics as an outstanding scholar in English and Arabic. Ex principal at Shia College Lucknow he made important strides for the shia community throughout his lifetime. Kalbe Sadiq cousin of Waris Hassan read the majlis at Gulfran-e-mav Imambargha in Lucknow,

Maulana Waris Hassan naqvi was the son of the renowned cleric Sibta Hassan Naqvi whom held the title �Shamsa Ulema� translating as �the Sun of scholars� awarded by Iraqi clergy under the British Raj, Sibta Hassan was responsible for the modern day majlis amongst the South Asian Shia community. He introduced an academic structured approach in oration, with the Qazi recital at the end of the majlis, as opposed to the Iranian style of Qazi recital of majlis� throughout. It was this radical dynamism which pedaled the acceptance of Shia Islam in the region as well as being a reason for the title awarded to him, sadly the dynamism brought to the Islamic world and especially to the region was too far reaching for contemporary Qazi recitalists of the time. Sibta Hassan was poisoned with a sweet offering from a local Qazi. His burial place is in Gufran imambargha, and it is there where Syed Waris Hassan Naqvi is also buried.

He leaves three sons, two daughters and three grandchildren. his daughter wafsia hassan and granson aun abidi attended the majlis.

The sibta Hassan foundation has been set up to remember the strides made by sibta Hassan, his two brothers Kamal Hussain and Zafar Mehndi (first translator of nahjul-balagah into urdu), and waris Hassan for the shia community in india and the region.

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The world is left poorer when a really learned person dies. And the venerable Doctor was a learned man.

Inna lillahe wa inna 'ilaihe raaj'eoon

We share the grief and sorrow of the family and friends of Dr. Waris Hasan and offer them our sincere sympathies on this parting.

May the Doctor be raised with Those he served and loved in this life.

Ilaahee aameen.

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