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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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An Artical And A Poem...

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I hardly know anyone on this forum but then so many of u have consoled me wid ur kind wordz and have sent me duas etc for my daughter and her shifa , I ll never be able to repay anyone of u ,

I thought of sharing this trivial creation of mine that i wrote a couple of dayz back when she got really ill suddenly .......

janae kaise kar paye ga dil bayan vo manzar

Khuaf tere chehre ka sehmi vo nazar

vo ansoun ki bebas laree ka bikharna

nidhaal vajud ka meri aghosh men simatna

reh reh ke nazuk badan ka yun tarapna

Tera alam e ghashi men vo sisakna

kya kahon kaisi ye ghatna ghat gayee

is taur barha hai andhera

betarhaa mein dar gayee

Zindagi apne mehvar se phir hut gayee

phir aj thora sa mein mar gayee


Here s an artical written by my daughter 3 yrs ago when she wz only 12 yrs old.........She often writes and sketches to overcome her depressions n foes , It surely is a good catharsis for her ,

Here is an artical by Hira that I post here widout any editions , Its her originol work, Revealing her inner fears and wat she s going through since the past few yrs......

An Earthquake occurs in a girl's life ........ , from the Earth she drifts away .......... and transforms , into an Island , abandonded away and summoned from reality ..........her life has been set to a pause, nothings moving ........her senses are nummed ,

The trees grown on this deserted island............... are bending day by day, even they have lost all hope ....... every night this island dreams of freedom to somehow be a part of the World............. and be a part of the the universe ......................dreaming of a life when re-aquainted with the reality again ..............this dream can only come true ......... only by the will of GOD ................but even when re-rejoined with the World the fear of Earthquakes will always tremble her he


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Salam, I am very sorry to read about your daughter though I do not know that from which disease she is suffering. May Allah give her health.

She is a child, but by Allah’s grace she writes uncommonly good - please encourage her to keep it up - surely writing is also a good outlet.

Despite her limitations writing a very cheerful article, in my humble view, would not only be encouraging for others - but it would also be joyous for her. You can send it to any newspaper/magazine if you wish. Has she ever tried writing such a thing? She might enjoy it.

I am sorry if I wrote anything wrong.

With deep respect

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Thanx hazaroun gulistan for all ur wordz here ,

Yes she is Mashallah very talented and is able to express her thoughts really well even at this tender age ,

I m glad it touched u and u liked her trail of thoughts she randomly put on paper ,

I appreciate ur prayers for her and hope u ll continue to do so ,

Due Respects,


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Something I missed. This is a pretty old topic. Give the girl a kiss and a hug from me.

Thanx hazaroun gulistan for acknowledging the post ,

a kiss n a hug on its way for sure ........

may i share it



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Naaraaz kyoun?

naraz to nai



sara haq to nai na le rahe the hum

ite biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug mein se thora sa share to he le rahe the vo bhi nai diya :(

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