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In the Name of God بسم الله

Why Are You Smiling Sir?

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Why are you smiling Sir?

"Why are you smiling Sir" he asks me

What can I tell this child?

"You are a lonely man on the streets" he tells me

He will never understand.

My family has been robbed from me

My house and wealth is gone.

But my heart is not yet broken

I'm holding on so strong.

It's the faith in God that keeps me going

It's the faith that helps me survive

It is trusting my Master that's gotten me here

It's my Creator that's keeping me alive.

My wealth can go, so can my house,

that's not Heaven's admission fee

nobody can steal my faith from me

believe in Him, just listen to me...

Make faith and belief your priority

let the rest of it all be

have faith in Him Who Created you

your life will prosper, you'll see

I'm a man who has been on the streets

for eleven months and a day

you'll never hear me utter a complain

this is the way it's meant to stay

My heart is soaring to reach success

believing in my Master,

then let the world do what it wants

let it all be a disaster.

Prepare yourself for the final Guide

don't worry about those around you

you are answerable for none other

be true to yourself and do what you have to do.

Watch God open doors you never imagined

watch Him walk you through

the path of life you found so difficult

watch Him help you.

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