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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Location Of A Nikkah/aqd

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Well i'm not sure about your area, but in my area this month seems to be wedding season :P..haha

odd that it would be now since its so cold outside! but meh, its the month of zillhajj soon, and what better month to get married in than this one! especially with all the Eids and the wedding anniversary of Lady Fatima [as] and Imam Ali [as] :wub:

Anyways, I've noticed that a lot of people are getting their nikkah/aqd done at halls instead of masjids. Is this ok to do?, what do you think about it?

I guess a lot of people opt for halls because there is more room and people can sit on chairs instead of on the ground, and the hall owners set up the whole place for you and what not.

At both a hall and at a masjid, seperatation can be done easily [if you rent two rooms of course].

I've heard that doing it at a masjid is better because it is the sunnah of the Prophet [saws], and your nikkah is better blessed at a masjid. does this mean if you get married at a hall your nikkah will not be so blessed?

just wondering what your 2 cents are.... ^_^

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you can even get your nikkah done in mcdonalds if you want. It doesn't matter where although I'm sure you'll get more blessings if its done in a mosque innit!

Yeah so back to mcdonalds, after the mawlana recites and all that and you say QABOOL or watever one has to say......can't really remember even though i've done it so many times!! GOSH must be gettin old........yeh so anyway just imagine everyone all happy in mcdonalds, an you can give everyone a happy meal innit!!! that would be heavy blud ya get me!!!

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I don’t know when but whenever my nikah will inshAllah take place it will be in the Haram e Imam Reza alehsalm , mashad

Location: the hall, you enter from kafshdari 16

this hall is reserved, no not reserved but it looks like reserved for nikah. throughout the day u can see couples coming with their a few relatives and then nikah takes place and then both of them offer namaz ( salat ) . .. . ..

if u have been to mashad e moqadas , u should be aware of it, i have a few pics of that hall but i am not going to put them here :!!!:

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