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In the Name of God بسم الله

Calling All Artists!

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Salaams, I hope this is in the correct forum. I am calling all artists for a huge favor!

I am currently working with a VERY good friend in making a children's book about Kerbala,

Alhamdulillah she has completed the text, it has been edited and nearly ready for print, however we are missing one thing! Illustrations....

We requested for some illustrations and were not fully satisfied with the results we received

I am asking you to help me re-illustrate these images - I will provide the first set of images, then you may either redraw more creatively but as close to those images as you can, or you may digitally re-create them or scan them and use photoshop to perfect these images! Whatever it is you want to do, I just want to perfect them.

I am looking for someone who will do this for the Love of Imam Hussain (a.s.)!

Each image is related to the incident of Kerbala and is 8.5" x 9" - Once again, a set of images will be provided for you to work off of.

Note: there is not much freedom in what you draw because we will tell you what we need images of and show you examples, just need you to use your artistic abilities to make them look amazing for the book!


1) I will ask for you to show me previous artwork, before I agree for you to re-illustrate the whole set of images, as I will put you through all that hard work if I am not satisfied with the artwork for print, as it will be a waste of your time and mine.

2) the images can be: HAND DRAWN or DIGITALLY CREATED

3) there are 40-45 images that need to be completed within two weeks - my deadline for these images is the 15th of December.


please PM me! (i'm Rumina) - I do not get a chance to check the Forums everyday so it is important that if you are seriously interested that you PM me

and provide the following information:

1) A personal e-mail I can contact you to send you the files, or discuss further details with you

2) a sample or two of previous drawings, hand drawn or digital

3) any other questions, comments, concerns you have.

I am looking for the BEST artwork possible - as this book means the world to both my friend and I!

Please also note that I may edit these images using computer effects if they are drawn by hand to give it the effects I would like.

You will receive a COMPLIMENTARY COPY of the book once published and YOUR NAME will be mentioned in the book!

100% of the money collected from the sales of this book will be donated to help the children of Iraq

please respond ASAP!

Thank You!

I believe every skilled man and woman should be credited and rewarded for their hard work.

For this cause however, we are young people not making any money, so we are looking for someone who is willing to do this for the Love of Imam Hussain (a.s.)., and may their reward be from Allah (s.w.t.)

We are also looking for donations for this book....

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Im interested too im quite experienced in this topic i have drawn and painted pictures to do with karbala for 5 years so Ill get show you a few of them

im definatley interested im only young myself but this is for a great caus ewell done guys!

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