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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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dont flip out guys,

im just as excited as u are.

anywayz see y'all there.

if u haven't heard him, here's a preview of what all the excitements about..


i work night shifts 3 times a week. but stuff that, itd b a pleasure getting fired so i can listen to hassanain.

anywayz chow now and hold on to ur seats!!


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So yesterday I thought there was a mix-up with the dates, because the poster I received via E-mail said the 26th of October with Thursday in brackets. Whereas the above poster says the 26th, but with Friday in brackets.

It's probably Thursday, since that's when Dua Kumail is recited, but that means they will need to fix up the dates and re-confirm when the lectures will be held.

Here's the other poster circulating around:


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I've spoken to some organisers and the correct day at the mosque is actually Friday.


Sis, I received an E-mail yesterday from Al-Emaan, it was to correct the days and dates, and the poster that was attached to the E-mail was the same as the one I attached above (with Thursday in brackets). I don't think they realise they've got the incorrect dates.

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^ Yeah actually I was told today that it is on Thursday. Either way they'll announce it at Hurstville.

They announced yesterday that the lecture would be at Al-Zahra Mosque on Thursday. I received another E-mail too, and they actually had the correct dates and days. ^_^

For those interested to know what the main theme will be, he did mention Tawheed. He also said he will touch on the topic of Imam Mahdi (as), and what we can do to prepare for his advent. I got there about 8 p.m, so I'm not too sure if he mentioned something else before that.

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Just wanted to say that his lectures are still on for those who weren't aware (but in diff locations now)....he will be lecturing at the Jaffaria centre in Kogarah tomorrow night and I think in Imam Mahdi (as) mosque in campbelltown on saturday night.


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Br. Hassanain is still holding lectures at various Mosque's and Centres around Sydney:

Hajj Hassanain Rajabali in Sydney

Brother Hassanain will be speaking at the following locations:

Thursday 1st Nov ( 8:30pm )

Al-Jaafaria Society

60A Gray Street Kogarah

Friday 2nd Nov ( 8pm )

Muhammadi Welfare Association

419 Blackcell Rd, S.Granville

(cnr Rawson St)

Saturday 3rd Nov ( After Salah )

Al-Mahdi Mosque/Islamic Centre

9 Watsford Rd, Campbeltown

Sunday 4th Nov ( 8pm )

Bellfield College (Fundrasing Dinner)

Visit http://www.bellfield.nsw.edu.au to order your ticket

Forwarded by Al-Emaan Australian Community

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