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Fast bowler says he's apologised, vows quick comeback

'I'm human, I made a mistake' - Shoaib

Cricinfo staff

September 7, 2007

Shoaib Akthar said he made a mistake 'in the heat of the moment" when he hit Mohammad Asif and has apologised to him and his Pakistan teammates for the dressing-room scuffle that saw him being sent home from South Africa. He vowed to make a comeback and said he was hopeful of playing in next month's home series against South Africa.

"I'm human and made a mistake in the heat of the moment," Shoaib told NDTV, an Indian news channel. "Asif said something to me that made me lose my temper. I apologised to him, but I was very upset."

He asked the media not to paint him as a villain and said, "I'm feeling bad that two minutes of temper have ruined my comeback. Sometime you do things in a fit of temper. I will explain the situation to everyone and apologise. I will address a press conference and apologise for my actions. I will try and make it back for the series against South Africa next month." :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:

He likened the incident to the headbutt by the French footballer, Zinedine Zidane, in the final of the World Cup in Germany last year and said what happened was not intentional.

© Cricinfo


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Shoaib Akhtar finds himself in a spot of bother once again. In a major blow to the pacemen, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to ban the Pakistani bowler from the Twenty20 World Championships after he hit his friend and fellow pacer -- Moahmmed Asif – in a fit of rage.

Shoaib Akhtar's run-up sends shivers down the spine of batsmen across the world. He terrorises the breed of willow-wielders (shots of his bouncers), rattles theirs stumps, destroys them with sheer pace, he's the champion. but controversies like chucking, doping, and indiscipline complete the jigsaw puzzle that Shoaib Akhtar is. He is the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of cricket.

And in the latest episode that adds to his infamy, Shoaib has hit his teammate Mohammad Asif with a bat injuring him in the leg in the dressing room at Centurion Park, Johannesburg. And all this after a pompous Shoaib comment made Asif laugh.

Highly placed sources within the Pakistan team have told TIMES NOW that the real story of what happened between Akhtar and Asif.

Why Shoaib hit Asif?

TIMES NOW comes to know from Pakistani Team members that comment made by Shoaib likening himself to Imran triggered the fight between Shoaib and Afridi. Afridi told Asif who laughed at Akhtar angering him. Shoaib smacked Asif with bat for laughing at his remark. Shoaib apologied to Asif but he was in no mood to listen. Asif complained to team manager who recommended action.

According to a Pakistani team member who witnessed the incident, Shoaib bragged to Shahid Afridi that now that all the senior players had quit the team, he was the senior-most and his position was like that of Imran Khan

Afridi laughed off Shoaib's remark and repeated statement to Asif. Afridi laughed the remark off and repeated Shoaib's statement to Mohammad Asif. Asif also laughed at Akhtar's remark, which made Shoaib very angry. And moments later he smacked Asif with a bat. Realising his mistake, Shoaib apologised to Asif who refused to accept the apology. Asif then complained to the manager of the team.

The incident certainly didn't please Shoaib's bosses at the Pakistan Cricket Board. An enquiry was initiated by the team management after which the PCB decided to call him back from the Twenty20 World Championship squad.

The future of Shoaib looks bleak as the PCB hasn't ruled out further punishment once he lands in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, PCB Chief Nasim Ashraf slammed Shoaib Akhtar's behaviour and stood by the decision taken by the tour management committee. Ashraf said that he had not expected the senior players in the squad to behave in a rowdy manner and felt that the incident has damaged the image of Pakistan Cricket. He quoted, "The decision to recall him has been taken after an immediate action by the tour management committee. We don't expect our senior players to behave in this rowdy manner. This incident has badly damaged the image of Pakistan cricket." He also accused Akhtar of blackmailing PCB.

Other senior players also slammed Akhtar for his misbehaviour. Speaking to TIMES NOW, former Pakistan captain Moin Khan said that the PCB has made the right decision by calling Shoaib Akhtar back.

While Javed Miandad, former Pak cricketer says, "It's sad to hear this. Some people are like that, they want to be in the news. A disciplinary action needs to be taken against Shoaib. PCB needs to be stronger and control players.

Shoaib Akhtar's brother Shahid Akhtar however defended his brother, he held Shahid Afridi responsible for the spat. Speaking to TIMES NOW he said, "Afridi is responsible for spat between Shoaib and Asif. Afridi manipulating things in Pakistan dressing room. Afridi is doing this to become captain of Pakistan Team." :!!!: :!!!:

While, PCB spokesman Ahsan Malik said: “There was an incident between Shoaib and Asif in the dressing room.Asif has a bruise on his left thigh but he has had X-rays and has been cleared. The team management is carrying out an investigation into the matter and the results are expected soon."


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If they do allow him to come back, I hope they burn Nasim Ashraf's and his effigies all over the country lol What a cheap ass loser this dude is. First, he hits someone like Mohammed Asif, who is such a humble and soft person. Then he has the audacity to say what he did was similar to what Zidane did. (GET A LIFE LOSER. YOU ARE NO ZIDANE) It seems he tries to copy other major sports personalities like how he mentioned (after he was caught taking drugs) some tennis player who got away with taking drugs.

He always picks on the weaker ones. Asif, Paul Adams, Ganguly,Dravid etc. You would never see him mess around with Afridi, Gilchrist or any other aggressive player.

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I was watching on GEO, and even Naseem Ashraf was doing his baizati. This guy has badnammed the whole mulk once again. That Kamran host guy asked if this is the end of patience that PCB has put up with him since he came on the team, I hope it is. He gets sent back and still says he wants to make a come back against South Africa. His career is filled with injuries and these scandals.

Asif's thigh, Shoaib's end?


When will Shoaib Akhtar get the point? © Getty Images

Shoaib Akhtar hit Mohammad Asif in the thigh but he shot himself in the foot. There can be no excuse for striking anybody let alone with a cricket bat. That you would attack a colleague under the glare of the international media is an extreme misjudgment, the behaviour of an individual who is incapable of self-control, unwilling to accept the bounds of common decency, and delusional about his own importance.

One reason why Shoaib continues to transgress, of course, is that he keeps getting away with it. He has rescued his career repeatedly. Hyperextension, unprofessional behaviour, dismal fitness, and performance enhancing drugs have failed to halt him. Whenever he returns it is with a surprising arrogance, blind to any of his weaknesses and the blame placed on others.

Shoaib has always mustered support. His extreme speed and attacking approach is an exhilarating spectacle. Like many others I have believed his madness could be harnessed into a valuable role for Pakistan cricket. But perhaps I and many others must now accept that we got it wrong. Shoaib has become uncontrollable and there is no success in sport without discipline, not even for wild men.

Shoaib will grovel, apologise, make some feeble excuses for his behaviour--and there may have been some diabolical provocation--but nothing predicts behaviour like behaviour, and when it comes to Shoaib we all must have run out of patience at the ongoing damage to Pakistan cricket.


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A tale of intrigue, injuries and incidents

If you wanted to write about Shoaib Akhtar, going by his figures would be among the worst ways to do it. Nine years, 43 Tests, 169 wickets, 133 ODIs, 208 wickets; it's not even a tenth of the story. A few seasons on from his finest performance over a full series, his knees and one ankle were crocked, chit-chat about his action continued, he faced a two-year lay-off after failing a random drugs test (he was later acquitted) but missed the Champions Trophy in 2006 and the World Cup in 2007. Cricinfo casts a glance at the troubles, travails, intrigues, injuries, incidents, controversies and scandals of the Rawalpindi Express

1996 Dropped from the Pakistan squad for the Sahara Cup against India on grounds of indiscipline and poor attitude. His international debut is thus delayed by over a year.

1997 Tours England with Pakistan `A' and makes an impact on and off the field; is cited for indiscipline by the Pakistan manager in the end of tour report. Finally makes his international debut in November in the second Test against West Indies in Rawalpindi.

1998 February brings his first major impact; 5 for 43 in Pakistan's first Test win in South Africa.

1999 The breakthrough year; starts with those two balls in Kolkata and continues through the World Cup, where he ends not only as one of the leading wicket-takers, but also its leading star. Soon after, he signs a contract to play for Nottinghamshire. He ends the year by being called for the first time in his career in Australia by umpires Peter Willey and Darrell Hair and John Reid, the match referee; a pattern for highs followed inevitably and immediately by lows is set.

2000 Bowling action is cleared early in the year but a rib injury forces him to miss the start of the county season. A side strain then forces him out for the rest of the season and then a shoulder injury rules him out of England's visit to Pakistan in the winter. Knee and ankle injuries are also added to the catalogue before the year is out.

2001 Returns in March for his first international outing in ten months against New Zealand. Five wickets suggests he is back but breaks down with a hamstring injury nine balls into the next game...and is called again by umpires Steve Dunne and Doug Cowie. A report from the University of Western Australia concludes his action is the result of "unique physical characteristics." Pakistani officials say the report `clears him'. Misses much of England summer tour due to injury and poor health and is called again in November in Sharjah. Again, he is `cleared' by the University in December.

2002 Hit by a brick from the Dhaka crowd in January, forcing him to miss end of tour. Recovers to destroy New Zealand twice at home, in the process bowling the first-ever 100 mph delivery. Blitzes Australia twice later in the year but is banned for an ODI after throwing a bottle into the crowds in Zimbabwe. Caught ball tampering in first Test, though he escapes punishment. A knee injury rules him out of the Test series against South Africa.

2003 Axed from Pakistan team after a poor World Cup and told by PCB chief Tauqir Zia to clean up his act or be removed from team forever. Recalled in May for a triangular in Sri Lanka and promptly becomes the second player ever to be banned for ball tampering. Appointed vice-captain for Test against South Africa and is served up a lawsuit by a Pakistani citizen for attending a fashion show on a night of religious significance. Banned for one Test and two ODIs for abusing Paul Adams in the first Test. Misses Test in New Zealand with calf and groin injuries but is photographed one day before enjoying a jet-ski ride, much to his management's chagrin. Typically, returns for second Test, helps Pakistan win with a stupendous seven-wicket burst (11 in the match) and gets injured again in the ODI series.

2004 A disappointing series against India ends with a back injury in the final Test. Unable to bowl for the rest of the match, he comes out to bat later, freely smacking boundaries in a 14-ball 28. Inzamam publicly questions the authenticity of the injury. Amid disquiet over his commitment and attitude, Shoaib is called before a medical inquiry which eventually finds his injury to be a genuine one. Returns to the squad where on the tour to Australia at the year's end his true Jekyll and Hyde nature comes out. He fights a lone battle against Australian batsmen in the first two Tests, but in the process is disciplined by match referees (for sending Matthew Hayden on his way) and injures his shoulder at Perth. By the time of the last Test in Sydney, looks physically spent and rumours of disciplinary breaches and problems with the team management emerge.

2005 Starts the year with a hamstring injury and misses most of the VB Series. Hamstring keeps him out of the India tour and fitness problems preclude his inclusion for the tour to the Carribean. On the bright side, he is offered a Bollywood role. Relationship with both Inzamam and Bob Woolmer erodes steadily and his stock is at its lowest ebb when he is verbally maligned by Worcestershire chairman John Elliott for being a disruptive influence. Comes back for the series against England after proving his fitness in a training camp, finishes with 17 wickets, and silences any number of critics with a rehabilitated performance. Ankle injury surfaces in the last Test at Lahore.

2006 Questions are raised about his action again, this time, by Greg Chappell after the Faisalabad Test against India. Ankle injury becomes a stress fracture and rules him out of the ODI series. All the while rumours fly about ICC concern over his action although no official action is taken or statement made. Injury forces him to miss the Sri Lanka tour and doctors discover soon after a degenerative knee condition which threatens to end his career. Is due to undergo surgery, the results of which will determine whether or not he can continue playing but speculation about whether it is his action or his injury which have forced him out intensifies.

2006 Banned for two years after testing positive for the banned substance Nandrolone, Shoaib was sent back to Pakistan and missed the Champions Trophy. The verdict, however, was overturned by a three-man tribunal a month later.

2007 Things look bright for the bowler as he is named in a 30-man squad for the World Cup. After not initially being picked for fitness reasons, the selectors have a change of heart and recall him. He makes a successful return against South Africa in the second Test, taking four wickets in the first innings. But a hamstring injury forces him to miss not only the second innings, but also the rest of the tour. A televised spat with Bob Woolmer results in Shoaib being fined by the board. Later, after much deliberation, Shoaib is declared unfit to take part in the World Cup due to injury at the very last minute. Speculation has it that his exclusion was from fear of being dope-tested by the ICC, and that traces of Nandrolone were still present in his body.

2007 A fit-again Shoaib is named in the Asia XI squad to take on an Africa XI but is withdrawn by the Pakistan board after declaring himself unavailable for Pakistan's tour of Abu Dhabi. Shoaib is included in the squad for Scotland and later named in the team for the inaugural ICC World Twenty20. He leaves a training camp in Karachi without permission and is fined at a disciplinary hearing. On appeal, a second hearing suspends the fine and charges and puts Shoaib on a six-week probationary period. A dressing room spat with Mohammad Asif in South Africa results in Shoaib being sent back home prior to the event.


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^ I hope the next Pepsi ad shows him smashing the fans' cameras, as he recently did (in some other african country). This loser has been put on the pedestal way too high by both Pakistani and Indian media. Don't know why bad boys get away with so much.

Ian Botham once likened Pakistani team to a team of '11 girls who never stop fighting' (or something similar to that). He must have felt vindicated over and over all these decades...

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He's blaming Afridi now :lol:

Back home, Shoaib blames Afridi

Afridi denies provocation

It should have stayed in the dressing room - Shoaib

Shoaib Akhtar has blamed Pakistan allrounder Shahid Afridi for the spat that led to him hitting fast bowler Mohammad Asif with a bat during Pakistan's build-up to the ICC World Twenty20 in South Africa. On his return home today after being thrown out of the squad, Shoaib apologised for his actions and said the matter should have stayed in the dressing room.

Shoaib, who has been handed an indefinite ban for the scuffle two days ago, said he didn't mean to hit Asif, whom he described as a younger brother. "I apologised to Asif and he forgave me but another team-mate, Afridi, took the matter further and it forced the management to send me back," Akhtar said.

"The incident began with a verbal spat between me and Afridi, who used foul language," Akhtar said, "and Asif intervened and in anger I hit Asif with a bat."

"Afridi said things about my family which I could not tolerate. He made comments that cannot be called jokes. I am sorry for what happened and it should not have happened. I request the authorities not to ban me for a lengthy period. I want to play for my country and talk of a life ban or lengthy ban is worrying."

Afridi, however, denied that he had provoked Shoaib and was surprised at the accusations.

"I can't say much because I am bound by the central contract," Afridi told PTI. "But it is fact that Shoaib has been facing one problem or the other in the last two years and he is frustrated. I have had a good relationship with him so I don't know why he has targeted me. But he is lying and it would be better if everyone asked Asif what happened. I know Asif could have suffered more injuries if I had not stepped in."

Akhtar also criticised the media for blowing the incident out of proportion and making him a "villain". "The matter got blown up. The media has contributed to the whole controversy. There is a lobby which has always been trying to malign me by selling negative news about me. I request you all to stop doing that. Stop spreading false propaganda against me, stop selling my name in the name of news."

The main theme, though, was contrition. "If Pakistan lose [in the ICC World Twenty20] because of bowling, I will never be able to forgive myself." Shoaib also reiterated his commitment for the Pakistan team and said, "I have played with passion for Pakistan. It means something to me. I have turned down a lucrative contract with the ICL [indian Cricket League]."

However, Pakistan board official Shafqat Naghmi said Akhtar would face a disciplinary committee hearing very soon. "Akhtar is suspended indefinitely until a disciplinary committee meeting. He is also issued a notice to explain his comments against a doping tribunal."

Pakistan's president, General Pervez Musharraf, who is also the PCB's patron-in-chief, reportedly directed the board to take strict action against Akhtar. "President Musharraf directed PCB chairman Nasim Ashraf to take strict action against Akhtar as the quarrel between him and Asif gave a bad name to Pakistan," private channel Geo reported.

Pakistan have asked the ICC to approve the uncapped allrounder Sohail Tanveer as the replacement for Akhtar. Their first game of the ICC World Twenty20 is against Scotland on Wednesday.

© Cricinfo


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B) He will make his COME BACK against Jnoobi Afreeka B)

He can only come back against the Antartican Eleven now.lets see if penguins could survive if he hits them with the bat.

Musharraf has taken notice of this incident and he has advised PCB to keep " Zero tolerance " policy towards such happenings.

Btw why am i feeling that akhtar has just begun to lose your precious support?

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How many overs can a good bowler bowl without getting his hamstring pulled?

Shows how hard working he is to get those wickets :P.

There is no way you can deny the fact that when he bowls he can be a match-winner. I'm assuming this will most likely be the end of him, too bad such good talent has gone to waste. Maybe if PCB had taken some stricter measures early in his career this wouldn't have happened today. He got away with pretty much every thing.

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waisay shouldn't he be thrown in jail for assault?

Pakistan is still running on the Indian act 1935 even today.there are too many flaws in our laws to keep him in jail for too long.we need a combined team,not the big names to flourish at the international level.he should have been kicked out long ago.

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in my opinion he should be barred from playing for ICL at any rate also. He has lost all possible rights to be a professional players in any league. Plus the ICL guys should themselves review their offer. This guy is so nasty he makes us miss the antics of Wasim and Waqar..

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Attack not accidental - Asif

Shoaib Akhtar seems to have slipped into further trouble with the Pakistan Cricket Board after Mohammad Asif, who was injured in a dressing room altercation involving Shoaib, rejected his version of the story about the event being accidental. Shoaib, who was sent back from South Africa following the spat which left Asif with an injured thigh, had accused Shahid Afridi for provoking him.

"Afridi had nothing to do with the fight. The fact is that Shoaib did strike me with the bat over a little issue and got enraged for no valid reason," Asif told the Express, an Urdu daily. "He [shoaib] has not apologised to me. In fact he should apologise first to the entire nation for what he has done."

Narrating his version of the events, Asif said: "Afridi was trying to make Shoaib understand that he needs to change his attitude towards junior players and communicate more with them. He told Shoaib that juniors were wary of him. At this point I also came out of the washroom and Shahid asked to me to tell Shoaib what the junior players feel about him. I just smiled and he then hit me with the bat. It was Shahid who intervened and separated us."

Shoaib, in a press conference organised after his arrival in Lahore, had apologised for his actions after claiming that Afridi's use of foul language against his family had led to him hitting Asif by accident. Afridi had denied Shoaib's claims.

The PCB, in its initial inquiry, held Shoaib responsible and decided to send him back to Pakistan as well as placing an indefinite ban on him until the team returned from South Africa and a proper inquiry took place.

© Cricinfo


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More trouble awaits Shoaib

By Our Sports Reporter

KARACHI, Sept 9: Disgraced Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar faces the possibility of not only being slapped with a life ban, but also his name put on the exit control list (ECL), Dawn learnt from reliable sources on Sunday.

President Pervez Musharraf, who is the patron of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has directed the PCB chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf that the controversial speedster should not be shown any leniency over his latest tantrum in South Africa where he hit fellow paceman Mohammad Asif with a bat.

Taking serious notice of the incident, which took place on Thursday during a training session at the Centurion Park, the president instructed the PCB high command to take strict action against Shoaib, who has a habit of tarnishing Pakistan’s image.

According to sources, the government is also in the process of putting Shoaib on the ECL in a move to prevent him from going abroad. By his own admission, the maverick fast bowler has been linked with the breakaway Indian Cricket League (ICL) for a series of Twenty20 matches. In the wake of the latest fiasco, Shoaib is now almost a certainty for the ICL.

The ICL, which is neither recognized by the game’s governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC) nor the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) as well as the PCB, has reportedly offered the 32-year-old Shoaib a hefty sum to sign for it.

Shoaib’s compatriots Mohammad Yousuf, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Abdul Razzaq and Imran Farhat are already contracted to play in the controversial league.

The PCB’s policy of zero tolerance towards acts of indiscipline is now almost certainly going to put an end to the colourful Shoaib’s chequered international career that has tragically seen more lows than highs ever since it began in 1996.

His playing future hinges on the result of yet another inquiry.



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